Breast Lift with Implants Videos

Why Are They Called "Gummy Bear" Implants?

Dr. Shapiro explains that (similar to a gummy bear) the gummy bear breast implant keeps its shape and provides a firmer feel. This implant is special because it's made with a thicker silicone gel than other silicone implants. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implants Above the Muscle: Do the Benefts Outweigh the Risks?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro discusses the difference between placing breast implants above the muscle (subglandular placement) or beneath the muscle (submuscular placement), and who are the candidates that can have these operations done. VIEW NOW

Breast Asymmetry Following Surgery Might Be Easily Addressed

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer discusses the fact that no two breasts are alike, both before or after breast augmentation, but if serious asymmetries are lasting long after surgery, there are a few things your doctor can do about it. VIEW NOW

What Kind of Bra Should I Wear After Breast Surgery?

Dr. Mel Ortega talks about what supplies you'll need before a breast lift, including the type of bra you should have ready. VIEW NOW


What Is the Definition of a Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mel Ortega defines the breast augmentation surgery, explaining in laymen's terms what a patient can expect going into such a procedure. VIEW NOW

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When Is a Breast Lift Necessary?

Dr. Mel Ortega explains how a surgeon assesses whether a patient will be happy with just a breast augmentation or whether a breast lift is also necessary to achieve their desired results. VIEW NOW

What Is the Difference Between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants?

Dr. Mel Ortega explains the difference between saline and silicone implants, as well as which he would recommend for certain patients and why. VIEW NOW

Life After Massive Weight Loss: Is an Upper Body Lift Right For You?

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how beneficial an upper body lift can be, both physically and psychologically. VIEW NOW

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Pain Following Breast Augmentation? It Could Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer discusses the connection between breast pain and capsular contracture after breast augmentation with breast implants. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Post-Op: Exercises For a Better Recovery

Dr. Mitchell Brown, with the help of one of his patients, demonstrates two exercises that will help patients recover quickly from breast augmentation surgery. VIEW NOW


What Is the Keller Funnel Technique Used in Breast Implant Procedures?

Dr. Mitchell Brown introduces and demonstrates the Keller Funnel technique used in breast implant procedures. VIEW NOW


When Is It Safe to Go to the Water Park After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Shaun Parson answers another RealSelf user who is asking about when is it safe to go to a water park following breast augmentation surgery. VIEW NOW

Loss of Nipple Sensation After Breast Augmentation: How Long Will It Last?

Dr. Shaun Parson answers another RealSelf user who is asking about nipple sensation loss following breast augmentation surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Risks: What Is Capsular Contracture?

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses capsular contractures and which implants may carry a better track record of avoiding them. VIEW NOW

What's the Right Breast Implant Size For Me?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains the process he uses to determine which breast implant size would be best for each patient. VIEW NOW