Breast Lift with Implants Videos

What Is a Breast Augmentation? This Doctor Does More Than 100 a Year

Dr. Richard P. Rand does more than 100 breast augmentations a year. Have him describe the procedure. VIEW NOW

How to Alleviate Pain After a Mommy Makeover

Dr. William Bruno talks about recovery following a mommy makeover. VIEW NOW


How Do I Tell My Partner About My Surgery?

Dr. Heather J. Furnas talks about the importance of telling your partner about your upcoming surgery. VIEW NOW

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What Scars Can You Expect From a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Francisco Canales discusses new treatment methods that can be used to minimize scars after a mommy makeover. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Removal: It's On the Rise, Says This Doctor

Learn about breast implant removal, as explained by Dr. Christa Clark. VIEW NOW

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4 Things a Breast Lift Does — See the Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Vincent N. Zubowicz explains what a breast lift is and shares footage from the OR. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Breast Lifts in 21 Seconds

What makes a breast lift a breast lift? Dr. Khashayar Mohebali has the answer. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: What Are My Choices?

Overwhelmed by your breast implant options? Dr. Khashayar Mohebali explains the similarities and differences. VIEW NOW

After Breastfeeding, This Young Mother Got a Breast Augmentation — Hear Her Story

This mother shares how a breast augmentation changed her life. Learn about pain level and recovery. VIEW NOW


Round vs. Shaped Breast Implants: 5 Tips to Help You Pick Between the Two

What shape breast implant should you get? Dr. Max Gouverne offers his opinion on round implants. VIEW NOW

To Lift or Not to Lift? The Doctor Offers These Thoughts

Should you get a lift along with your breast augmentation? Here are Dr. Max Gouverne's top five reasons why you should. VIEW NOW

Saline Breast Implants: Are They Right For Me?

Are saline breast implants right for you? Dr. Max Gouverne shares his top five reasons to pick this option. VIEW NOW

Recovering From Breast Augmentation? Make Your Life Easier With These Tips

Long recovery times from breast augmentations are a thing of the past, says Dr. Max Gouverne. Hear his tips. VIEW NOW

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Why Should I Choose Silicone Gel Breast Implants? This Doctor Offers His Thoughts

Dr. Max Gouverne explains why silicone breast implants might be your best option. VIEW NOW

Why Are My Breast Implants Not Dropping? The Doctor's Top 5 Reasons

Dr. Max Gouverne explains why your breast implants may not be dropping the way you expected. VIEW NOW