Breast Lift with Implants Videos

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? Are They Safe?

When considering breast implants, you may be wondering how long they last and if they're safe to start with. Dr. Moises Salama has the answers. VIEW NOW


Will I Get a Scar From Breast Implant Surgery?

You can't help scars when it comes to surgery but you can help how bad scarring is. Dr. Moises Salama explains. VIEW NOW


How Dangerous Is Getting Breast Implants?

Any surgery carries risk but getting breast implants is low on the danger list, says Dr. Robert Cohen. Get the details. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW


10,000 Silicone Breast Implants in 25 Years: What This Doctor Looks For

Dr. Grant Stevens lists the most common complications associated with breast implant surgery. Better grab a pen and paper. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Breast Augmentation

All choices are important in surgery but one in particular tops the list, says Dr. Grant Stevens. What's his advice? Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

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What Breast Implant Size Should I Pick?

It's easier than ever to pick what size breast implant to pick. See the computer imaging tools Dr. Grant Stevens uses. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW


Breasts Aren't Water Balloons — Avoid Saline Implants, Says This Doctor

Everyone wants to feel natural after surgery, says Dr. Grant Stevens. Hear his tips. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

How Do Breast Implants Keep Their Shape? It's All About Material

Ever wondered how breast implants keep their shape? Dr. Grant Stevens explains with a focus on gummy bear implants. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

What's Shape Got to Do With It? Picking Your Perfect Breast Implant

We've had round breast implants for years so what's the deal with the new shaped option? Dr. Grant Stevens has the answer. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant Surfaces: See the Difference For Yourself

Textured breast implants are gaining in popularity, says Dr. Grant Stevens. Curious as to why? Hear his answer. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

Saline or Silicone Breast Implants? 2 Reasons to Pick One Over the Other

Saline or silicone? One's better than others when it comes to breast implants, says Dr. Grant Stevens. Get his opinion. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

How Many Plastic Surgeons Should You Visit? We've Got a Number

Dr. Melinda Haws says her patients typically visit several different surgeons before making a final choice. How many? Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

What Can Happen Right After Surgery: Ways to Avoid These Complications

Here's what you need to watch out for right after surgery, as explained by Dr. Melinda Haws. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

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Why Your Friend's Breast Size Might Not Be Right For You

As great as your friend's breasts might look, her cup size might not be the right fit for you. Dr. Melinda Haws gives us a surgeon's point of view. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

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Why Should I Pay More For Silicone Breast Implants?

"Is it worth $1,000 not to get the implant you want?" asks Dr. Melinda Haws. Consider these factors when picking a price. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW