Breast Lift with Implants Videos

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Why Board Certification Matters

Dr. Farbod Esmailian explains breast augmentation, including how to pick a size, what to expect during recovery, and why board certification matters. VIEW NOW

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants: Which Is Best?

Dr. Johnny Franco uses real saline and silicone breast implants to explain the pros and cons of each. VIEW NOW


My Surgeon Recommended 550cc Silicone Breast Implants Above the Muscle — Is That the Right Choice?

This woman's plastic surgeon recommended placing 550cc silicone breast implants above the muscle. Is that the right choice? Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu offers his opinion. VIEW NOW

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I'm Petite and Want 350cc Submuscular Silicone Implants — Good Idea?

Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu offers his opinion on this woman's choice for breast implant size. Learn what tools he uses to help his patients make their picks. VIEW NOW

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Why You Don't Need to Worry About Silicone Breast Implants Leaking

Don't worry about your silicone breast implants leaking, says Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu. Hear his explanation. VIEW NOW


Breast Implant Lateral Displacement: Why It Happens and What You Can Do

Experiencing lateral displacement with your breast implants? Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu explains why it happens and what you can do about it. VIEW NOW


How to Make Sure Your Breast Implants Don't Look Fake

Whether or not your breast implants look "fake" really depends on what you're starting off with, says Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu. Get advice on making your pick. VIEW NOW


Working Out After Breast Implants: When Can I Get Back to the Gym?

Worried a breast augmentation will throw off your fitness schedule? Dr. David B. Reath reveals when you can return to the gym after surgery. Learn more about Dr. Reath: VIEW NOW

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Watch a Gel Breast Implant Inserted With the Keller Funnel (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Shahram Salemy inserts a cohesive gel breast implant using a Keller Funnel. See the technique for yourself. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift Results: See These Before and After Photos

Dr. Ramon Navarro shares before and after photos from his breast lift patients. VIEW NOW

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? Are They Safe?

When considering breast implants, you may be wondering how long they last and if they're safe to start with. Dr. Moises Salama has the answers. VIEW NOW


Will I Get a Scar From Breast Implant Surgery?

You can't help scars when it comes to surgery but you can help how bad scarring is. Dr. Moises Salama explains. VIEW NOW


How Dangerous Is Getting Breast Implants?

Any surgery carries risk but getting breast implants is low on the danger list, says Dr. Robert Cohen. Get the details. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW


10,000 Silicone Breast Implants in 25 Years: What This Doctor Looks For

Dr. Grant Stevens lists the most common complications associated with breast implant surgery. Better grab a pen and paper. Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Breast Augmentation

All choices are important in surgery but one in particular tops the list, says Dr. Grant Stevens. What's his advice? Powered by Sientra. VIEW NOW

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