Breast Lift with Implants Videos

3 Concepts of Breast Augmentation That, When Ignored, Could Lead to Revision Surgery

Dr. Karen Vaniver discusses what she says are the three main concepts of breast surgery that also apply to breast reconstructive surgery and that can lead to possible revision work down the road if ignored initially. VIEW NOW

I Still Look Pregnant But I'm Not -- Is a Mommy Makeover For Me?

Dr. Robert Rothfield talks about the Mommy Makeover and how the combo procedure addresses several different issues about a woman's post-baby body in one surgical appointment and why doing more than one procedure at a time is actually safer. VIEW NOW

Truth or Myth: I Won't Need to Wear a Bra After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz clears up a common question among breast augmentation patients: Do I have to wear a bra after my surgery? VIEW NOW

Want Your Breasts and Tummy Done? There's One Procedure For That!

Dr. Brian Reedy briefly explains the Mommy Makeover and what areas of the body are targeted in this single procedure to rejuvenate a woman's body. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeovers: Expect to Be Back to Normal Within Two Weeks, Says This Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the components of a Mommy Makeover and the areas that are treated. The recovery time from a Mommy Makeover and reason for combining the procedures is also discussed. VIEW NOW

Weight Loss, Pregnancy, and Age Take Huge Tolls on Your Breasts

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the causes of breast ptosis, or saggy breasts, and the options for breast lifts to correct this. VIEW NOW

Combining a Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures: "I Do It All the Time"

Dr. Christine Rodgers advises that if the patient could benefit from a tummy tuck or liposuction in addition to new breasts, she should go for it! VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: One Size Does Not Fit All

When considering breast augmentation, Dr. Christine Rodgers stresses that a customized approach is the only approach, as each woman's body is different. VIEW NOW

"Moms Just Want Their Bodies Back:" The Beauty of the Mommy Makeover

Dr. Laurie Casas explains how a Mommy Makeover can give moms their bodies back and restore the confidence they once had. VIEW NOW

What To Look For When Reviewing Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Dr. Michael Law explains what you should look for when viewing your potential surgeon's before & after photo gallery. Above all, you want to make sure that your aesthetic sensibility is the same as your surgeon's. VIEW NOW

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While the Breast Lift Scar Might Seem Important, That's Not the Most Important Part

Dr. Michael Law describes the differences between the three main breast lift (mastopexy) approaches and resulting scars but he stresses that's not the most important part of this surgery. VIEW NOW


Does a "Donut Breast Lift" Really Do What It Promises?

Dr. Michael Law explains why he believes a circumareolar mastopexy is not a true mastopexy, including some of the unfavorable results that can occur from such an approach. VIEW NOW

Why Are My Breasts Hard: Capsular Contracture Demonstration

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan explains what a capsule is and how it is formed after a breast augmentation. She further explains how a capsular contracture is formed, what happens to your body when you have one, and how it can be corrected. VIEW NOW

Those Sientra Breast Implants Reveal Something Special About Your Surgeon

Dr. VIctor Perez says that Sientra has an interesting way of ensuring the best customer experience with their implants -- Watch to find out what it is! VIEW NOW

What Are the Benefits of the Form Stable Implants?

Everyone is talking about the new gummy bear implant, but what exactly is so amazing about them? Dr. Victor Perez explains. VIEW NOW