Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.
Average Price: $8,700

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I've been waiting for my chance to make this post for years! I literally JUST got off of the phone with my coordinator and booked my surgery. I am barely 20, but I have dealt with body image problems for a long time. I honestly don't even remember a time when my boobs weren't a saggy mess :(.... READ MORE

Have always wanted an augmenting but after giving birth to twins as well as a single birth, everything in the breast area went south. Kids are a little older now and it's the perfect timing! I met with 4 surgeons and Dr Tehrani was by far the most personable and made me feel the most... READ MORE

Ok, so I've thought about sorting my boobs out for the past 4/5 years however was always too scared to actually go through with it. I used to have nice full perky boobs which were about a large C, small D but breastfeeding two kids sucked the life out of them. My kids are 10 and 8 now and I... READ MORE

I had my 3rd consultation with my doctor today. On my second consultation we were discussing to go with a 350 moderate profile implant. After breast-feeding three children I am going to have to get a lift as well. Today we discussed into greater detail of implants and I am now choosing to go... READ MORE

I have been wanting larger breast before I embarked on becoming a mother. Then I was blessed with three. All three I have breast fed and that coupled with gravity has left my breast saggy and deflated. So with the mutual decision between my husband and I, I set the surgery date. I have tried... READ MORE

Time to start my review. Lost nearly 100#. Tummy Tuck in 2013. Now on to boobs. Getting arms lifted in same procedure, but separate review for that part. Cost tied to this review is estimated portion for tits; total is ~$17k, but that includes some lipo, arm lift, and breast lift/ augment. Trust... READ MORE

Hello RealSelfies :-) What a godsend this site is! Thanks so much for all of the support you all show. It's been so helpful in making the decision to move forward with this 10yr+ decision I've been torn with. I have a lollipop lift with BA w/ gummibear implants scheduled for 24 June with Dr.... READ MORE

As you can see my bust is quiet disproportionate to the rest of my body. This is my last night as an A cup. I am very nervous- not about the procedure but about the judgement from conservative acquaintances, workplace and colleagues. I hope my augmentation balances me, not makes me look thick... READ MORE

I have natural 34DD breasta. Unfortunately they have always been hanging and sagging even in my teen years. I've always wanted to do something about that. Yesterday I did it! Cross your fingers for a smooth recovery for me! Day one after the surgery leaves me sore and tired but not overly so.... READ MORE

Ive been following this site since my first BA back in 2010, now 1 baby later & I'm ready for an upgrade! Ive chased dr. brian peterson from Kelowna as i wasn't thrilled with my first plastic surgeon in vancouver. I currently have 525 HP natrelle style 68 implants under the muscle that are... READ MORE

Always wanted them since my 20's. After children lost upper pole fullness and always had to wear bras to look good in clothes. Children are all grown and decided to pamper myself. Was afraid of surgeries since I've never had surgery before. Took the plunge and had them done yesterday!... READ MORE

I'm not getting it done until January 2016... Saving money now.... Here are my initial befores and wish pics... I've wanted breast implants for awhile now and recently just discovered that I will have to have a lift to achieve the look I desire for my breasts. I will update this review as my... READ MORE

Well... I am in the early stages of my BA journey. After giving birth to my daughter 2 years ago, my body is finally starting to look the way it did before I had my baby. The stretch marks aren't going away but my weight is closer to where I want it to bed. Right now I am happy but my breast are... READ MORE

Surgery is only 5 days away! I'm starting to get more excited but still a little nervous. I am starting out at a VS 34b and hoping for a 34d or 34dd. I'm getting 400 or 425 hp round silicone implants w/lift. The doctor said he'd make the final decision during surgery based on what he thinks... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have so enjoyed following so many of you and am getting so excited to document this journey, a long time in the making. My breast aug with anchor lift surgery is scheduled for June 30. I am already getting anxious and excited at the same time. I am currently 5'6'' 145 lbs. My... READ MORE

So I have read a bunch of stories on here and decided I would post mine as well in case it helps anyone. I had seen 2 PS in my area (Knoxville, TN) prior to seeing the surgeon I have chosen to do my procedure. The one I wanted had the longest wait for a consultation (June 1st) and happened to... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Hall-Findlay and her team in December and made a commitment to myself that if I lost 20 lbs I was going to book a BL and BA. The time has come! Less than 2 weeks away and I have to admit I haven't been obsessing about this at all. I am very confident about the Hall-Findlay team... READ MORE

I went to several Dr.'s for consultations and they were are great but Dr. Kim was the BEST all around that I met! Hes so wonderful with explaining everything to you and being there for any questions or concerns you have at anytime. I had a full breast lift with a silicone implant under the... READ MORE

I have lost 105 lbs with the help of gastric sleeve surgery now I desperately need a lift. I love my new body with the exception of these sad, sad breasts. I have seen three PS and I think I've made my decision. I will decide after a follow up consult on Friday, May 15th. I'm excited and... READ MORE

I'm having a Breast lift with implants - I'm hoping for a natural result. I am booked in at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Apart from some initial communication issues in emails my dealings to date are positive. I'm booked in for my procedure 17/6/2015. I friend has had breast surgery with Dr... READ MORE

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