Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.

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I have wanted a breast argumentation since I was a teenager. Yesterday it finally happened!!! I have always been small, a 34B. I chose 375cc round silicone gel implants and I am hoping the end results will be a full C to a small D. I was not proportioned evenly so a lift was done as well. ... READ MORE

I want all my curvy girls out there to have a post to reference. I am 5'9" tall and 180lbs. I have what I would consider an athletic but curvy build. I am a mother of two children, both breastfed. I had my children early in life and I can't even remember what my pre-baby boobs look like. I am... READ MORE

I am getting really nervous and anxious about my procedure in two weeks. Periareolar lifts with implants are so vastly different in each case vrs. Just a regular breast augmentation where you basically always know what you are getting and what to expect if you go to a respectable doctor. I know... READ MORE

I had my consultation July 7, pre op July 21 and physical bloodwork July 22. All my work was cleared, all my medicines are filled and everything is paid for. It is 5 days until my surgery and it is constantly on my mind. I'm so sick of wearing push up bras and camisoles to have the lift I want.... READ MORE

I've always wanted to have my breasts fixed. I was heavier as an adolescent so it set the tone for my saggy boobs throughout my life, especially when I lost off my childish fat. Now that I'm older, married and mother of two adorable kids -I'm ready. I've had a hard time justifying this purchase,... READ MORE

I have always been small breasted but they were pretty and feminine...but not anymore. The aging process has gotten to them and they have zero volume, lay flat on my chest and frankly, are a total turn-off! I am hoping for reasonable sized, classy, gorgeous breasts. I am very fit and I worry... READ MORE

Hi everyone! My name is Amber. I'm a 23 year old mother of 2 who just moved to Jacksonville, FL from Seattle, WA. I'm scheduled to have my lift/augmentation on April 17th. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, and chose 450cc. I'm also getting an areola/nipple reduction. I chose to get this... READ MORE

I have had mom boobs since before I had my kid. They are large, droopy, and uneven. I have wanted to get a breast lift since I was 18. I just turned 29 and I KNOW it is finally time! I have 1 child and I'm not planning on having anymore. I found a lump on my breast a few months ago and had an... READ MORE

3 days post op and feeling good about the new look. Sure, I am still feeling a little blue from the pain, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. I've waited to have this done for 12 years and SO excited to finally have it all done!!! Brighter days are ahead! I can't wait to see my final... READ MORE

Day 1 post op, was a 34b prior, i got a lollipop lift and 450 cc moderate plus implants, i wasnt sure between 500 and 450 cc, my doctor ended up using 450 because 500 would not fit. I did have slight ptosis, so at my first consultation my doc said i could do a bellini/dougnut/preareolar lift. I... READ MORE

I was thinking about the breast augmentation for a while, I have 6 year old daughter and after breastfeeding her for almost 2 years, my breasts lost the shape and fullness. I compared and read about few surgeons in Sydney and decided to go with Dr Amira Sanki and I think I could not have made a... READ MORE

I am active in the gym, and can change almost everything I want with diet & exercise... Except my breasts. They will keep Shrinking. As a single mom I decided to do something for me. So happy with the results so far. I went with 375 silicone under the muscle. I was very nervous at first seeing I... READ MORE

Surgery date is 8/12/15. I've always had small boobs and always dreamed of big ones. I originally opted for 450cc's, however during my pre op apt changed my mind and opted for 500cc's. All of my friends who had them done all told me if you go under the muscle, you will loose some CC's. I didn't... READ MORE

Hi All! Thank you for sharing your stories, it's been so helpful to see others experiences here. My breast lift (nipple lift and reduction) and BA is on Monday (2 days!!) and I am still deciding which implant size. During pre-op I liked 350 UHP - the dtr ordered 350-450 for surgery day. Now I'm... READ MORE

Can I say how great this site is? It is nice to have such a great support system that provide lots of tips, advice, support and encouragement. I have always been a busty girl (natural 36F) throughout my life. After having my baby, my bust became A SUPER BUST : 38H/I. Wow talk about crazy boob... READ MORE

I've always had what I considered to be small breasts for my body type. After losing 148 lbs I have even less. This was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. I had my augmentation and lift on August 3rd 2015. I had a lollipop lift and 600 CC's in both sides. I'm anxious for the... READ MORE

Alrighty. So. I've decided to start writing about my journey! Let me start from the very beginning. When I was 18 years old I got pregnant with my daughter. My breasts were a size 32AA (Literally nothing!) and from the time I got pregnant to the time I began nursing, I went all the way up to a... READ MORE

Hey everyone! Been lurking for the past couple weeks since locking in my surgery date. I will be getting a Breast Lift with an implant on 08/27/14. My PS and staff have suggested between 400cc and 450cc (closer to the 450 end), below the muscle, silicone to get my desired look. I would... READ MORE

I will be having a breast life with implants tomorrow and I am nervous to say the least lol. I will be doing my surgery with Dr. Osak Omulepu in the Encore Hialeah location. The staff was nice just a bit all over the place but overall great to me. Dr. O is fairly quick in the consultation and we... READ MORE

I couldn't be more happier!!!! Great experience for a first timer of any body modification. Office staff was very informative, and able to answer any questions I or my mom had. VERY PROFESSIONAL STAFF & DOCTORS! I will return if I want any other procedures in the near future. Looking forward to... READ MORE

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