Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.

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Hey guys! I'm 29 years old. Don't have any kids and I started going to the gym and lost 50lbs be for my wedding last year. And now I have been consistently going to the gym lifting weights and getting toned and now my breasts have lost 3 cup sizes! 36DD to a 34C. Getting a lift and 350CC... READ MORE

I want all my curvy girls out there to have a post to reference. I am 5'9" tall and 180lbs. I have what I would consider an athletic but curvy build. I am a mother of two children, both breastfed. I had my children early in life and I can't even remember what my pre-baby boobs look like. I am... READ MORE

Ive had saggy boobs for as long as I can remember, nice big juicy boobs but saggy. This saggyness got move and more advanced following years of yoyo dieting. University was spent eating and drinking to excess which caused by boobs to grow to enormous proportions 36F (as well as the rest of my... READ MORE

I don't even have kids. I just am genetically predisposed to sagging. It started fairly young. Plus I'm very athletic. I do triathlons etc. I don't like having so much movement when I run. And above all things I hate hate HATE boob sweat. I push my shirt up under my boobs (at home not in public... READ MORE

So after much thought, I've decided to go ahead and do this! This site has been so vital to me in helping make the decision so I'm hoping someone will be able to get help from my review! I'm 27 years old, had 3 kids in 3 years, put on a ton of weight, and recently lost about 40lbs. This puts me... READ MORE

Hello all. I am 26 years old with two awesome children. I breastfed both of my children. I have droopy breasts now and measure at a 32 dd. (Although they look like a big b/small c to me) I will be having my breasts lifted as well as implants placed. I'm not quite sure on the size of implants yet... READ MORE

I had my surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. I had been researching for about 4 years. I'm SO happy I made the decision I did. My PS was very experienced and guided me to make the right decision. I originally wanted 450cc, I was already a 12D and wanting to be as 'big and fake' as I could in fear that... READ MORE

I had my consultation July 7, pre op July 21 and physical bloodwork July 22. All my work was cleared, all my medicines are filled and everything is paid for. It is 5 days until my surgery and it is constantly on my mind. I'm so sick of wearing push up bras and camisoles to have the lift I want.... READ MORE

Great Communication with Dr. Obaid. He's very kind and took his time with me. I had 2 consultations. My surgery is scheduled for 7/29/15. So excited ;) I'm getting Saline implants, bc I feel they are safer, but thats just me! I can't lie i'm so nervous! I hope I can connect with some ladies here... READ MORE

I was a natural 36E before having kids. After nursing my 2 kids and returning to pre-baby weight I decided to get fit...again. I lost another 20 pounds and definitely need a lift. I'm 5'6 140. Having a lift with implants on Aug 6, 2015 with Dr. Tenley Lawton in Newport Beach. Chose 550cc high... READ MORE

Can I say how great this site is? It is nice to have such a great support system that provide lots of tips, advice, support and encouragement. I have always been a busty girl (natural 36F) throughout my life. After having my baby, my bust became A SUPER BUST : 38H/I. Wow talk about crazy boob... READ MORE

I have my surgery next Thursday with Dr Seckel in Concord. I am very excited that it's almost time! I am on birth control which I think I didn't mention to the dr the first time we met at my consultation. He said unders, gummy bear silicone , 350 cc and I agreed! I changed my mind to 400 cc... READ MORE

I always wanted the big round fake breast look since probably my early teen years. So last year I decided to go ahead with it. I found Dr.Hunsaker online and traveled from New England to FL to see him. I told him I wanted the largest implants possible. I was extremely happy at first, but after... READ MORE

I have Mild Tubular Breast Deformity. I never knew what Tuberous breasts were until I went to an OBGYN appointment as a teen and during a breast exam the term was mentioned to me. I went home and looked it up and saw others with the same breast shape and felt at ease to know I wasn't alone but... READ MORE

I am 30 yrs old, 5'6", 110 lbs. Im a cop, and work out pretty hard to stay fit and in shape. I have had 4 children, all of whom were exclusively breastfed. I went from a perfect, perky 36DD to horribly saggy, deflated 36C (A cup tissue wise) pankcake boobies. They were SO embarrassing, and made... READ MORE

Well... I am in the early stages of my BA journey. After giving birth to my daughter 2 years ago, my body is finally starting to look the way it did before I had my baby. The stretch marks aren't going away but my weight is closer to where I want it to bed. Right now I am happy but my breast are... READ MORE

Waited 3 hrs for my consult, girls at front desk forgot about me even after I asked twice about my appointment ETA. I finally got upset and that's when they took me out back. My coordinator Vivian seems really nice.. Dr. Ortega walked in and explained what I needed.. labour we couldn't go over... READ MORE

Welcome! Hope that my story can help you and others. First and foremost do your research. I did 10 yrs of research, was a former pageant girl and didn't just want boobs for pageant competitions, but for me. I figured if I won, I'd definitely get them to increase my chances (ha ha no pun... READ MORE

I am undergoing a breast lift (lollipop) with 550 cc silicone implants in around 2.5 weeks.. I am super nervous. Prior to pregnancy I was a very perky full 34C/32D. After pregnancy, I wore a 32G and slowly lost all volume. 3 years later, (35 months of breastfeeding), I am a empty 32 C. I saw two... READ MORE

I'm really happy to have found this site Realself I've been reading many wonderful stories of everyone's journey I'm just at the beginning of mine currently still looking for a doctor I did have a friend that had hers done last year by Dr. Peter Sommer so I'm thinking I may go to him as well as... READ MORE

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