Breast Lift with Implants

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Breast lifts are done in conjunction with implants when your sagging is more significant or if you want larger, perkier breasts. In addition to placing an implant, the plastic surgeon typically removes excess skin and repositions the nipple and areola.
Average Price: $8,300

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Through VSG, therapy, diet and exercise I have managed to lose ~215 lbs. Of course, with this amount of weight loss on my resume, this left me looking like a deflated mess that nothing but surgery will fix. There is rib cage and skin where the tops of my boobs should be and my nipples seem to... READ MORE

I was completely happy with my full, C cup breasts. After my two wonderful children, they were saggy and deflated in the upper pole. When I was 25lbs heavier, I wore a D cup and it didn't look too big. I wanted to end up as a small DD. I went w/ a lift and 425 CC's silicone implants under the... READ MORE

I'm 5foot 3 inches and weigh 139, I'm going in for a Breast Lift and 325 ccs silicon moderate profile. The dr recommended a lollipop lift, i'm ok with but I'm terrified that I wont like them or get sick. Although I like the weight of my current breasts, I HATE the look. I'm 38 and have one child... READ MORE

Duran Doll coming soon... I have been on this site since February 2014 a quickly wanted to fix some things on my body that have fell victim to gravity. I'm 31 year old mom of one- 5'3" 120 lbs. trying to get my grown and sexy on. I am going to the DR 07/31/2014 to meet with Dra. Duran to perform... READ MORE

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger and EVEN left is a whole size larger than my right so I am a 36B on the L and 36A on the R but have to wear a bra to accommodate the larger size and I hate it!!!! So finally I am able to get my over due BA! I had my consult and we... READ MORE

I'm a 32 year old mummy of two girls, both breast fed. I have struggled for years with putting weight on! I eat and live a very healthy lifestyle and unfortunately after breast feeding and having my small breasts inflate to DD's, I've now been left with empty, uneven sacks. I'm very self... READ MORE

I have wanted to have this procedure ever since I finished nursing my last baby, he is now 6 and I nursed him for 19 months. I had 3 consults before I found my PS. I love the one I chose!! He will be doing a donut lift, with 375cc under the muscle silicone implants on July 28th and I can't... READ MORE

Hello ! I'm Trish. Been married to the best husband ever for 30 years, and have two grown sons. I've never been happy with my breast bc they have sagged since they arrived. I Never BF, but lost about 80 pounds after the 2nd child and the sagging worsened. It wasn't till early this year I... READ MORE

My hubby's friends wives all had their BA and my sister had a BL and BA. All younger than me and they look and feel great! Yeah, I'm ready! Consults on Thursday and another the first week of June. Excited but so nervous too! I hope to make a decision on dr right after my second appt so I... READ MORE

I am a 24 year old student, no children or weight fluctuations, who has been saving for this for years. I've been the same size and shape since I was 14 (34C), and the asymmetry and large areola size have been extremely upsetting for me. I'm supposed to be in the prime of my life, and I've never... READ MORE

Well, I've finally scheduled my consultation! And lorrrrrd, am i more impatient than ever before! In fact, I may call the office tomorrow and push for an earlier date if possible. BA/BL is something I've known I've wanted/needed since even before baby. I have always suffered from ptosis as... READ MORE

I'm a 36 year old wife with two girls, 10 and 7. My weight has gone up and down ever since I had my children. Last year I started my body transformation and signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Since starting in September 2013 I've lost a surprising 20 kgs!! I feel so fit and healthy... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants for years! I have always had breasts but droopy, not perky at all. Small C cup. I have 3 kids. My weight has been up and down all my life until now. Especially when I'm pregnant and then I lose it. I am 5'3, 120 lbs. I typically wear 34C bras. I had my consultation... READ MORE

I'm currently 145 lbs. I breastfed 2 kids for several years and lost a lot if weight (50-60 lbs) . I'm getting a anchor lift and BA on 7/23/14. My PS was thinking about going 400-425cc's. My boobs are really droopy . Pre surgery size 34-c. Any advice:) I plan in going back to work 5 days post... READ MORE

Hello everyone!!!!!! I'm so excited for my surgery in mid- August. I'm looking for feedback from women that have had this procedure done and if they scarred at all. I'm afraid of scarring. Not sure if I should go larger or smaller? I'm 5'4 , 150 lbs medium build. I'll add some photos soon :) I... READ MORE

I'm new to this site need some help and opinion. I have always wanted to do BA w/a lift had saggy boobs. So I took this big step I did a B/A with a lift not that happy I see them still saggy just bigger I had 475cc moderate profile gummy bear .. I will post some after and now pic so you can give... READ MORE

I gained nearly forty pounds after having two kids. I got back into the gym once my youngest child started preschool and lost the weight I had gained. I breastfed both of my children. The weight loss and breastfeeding left me with deflated breast. This is my reason for wanting these procedures... READ MORE

These reviews have been so helpful for me that I've decided to jump in and make my own. I'm a 28 year old mother of two. I am 5'2, 123 lbs, and I wear a 34 D bra. After pregnancy and nursing my boys for 2 years each, my breasts are very saggy and deflated. They've never really been perky, and... READ MORE

They twins are getting soft and more natural feeling every day. I'm still madly in love with my boobs. It's borderline obsession. I'm getting my before photos from the office soon so I can share the drastic change. They're just so awesome. Healing really well, I stopped my pain meds on day 10... READ MORE

I am 38 years old, I have always dreamed of having beautiful perky breast. My breast since I was teenager never was perky, my areola is big and my breast saggy. I went to see Dr. E. H. in Sugar Land Texas. I have schedule my surgery for August 30th. I am very excited and nervous at the same time... READ MORE

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