Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.
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My first post probably going to ramble on haha. Ive been looking at so many BA pics & reviews. I cant wait to get mine! I just turned 27 last week. I have 2 boys. 6 & 3 yr old. Breastfed both, a year each. Now my boobs are deflated and just sad. Im 5'5, 125lbs. Im in the gym 5-6 days a week so... READ MORE

I got my bras today...let's hope I can fill them up when this is all over with! I'm starting this so that I can look back and remember and also to meet others like me! I met with the Dr. Last week and have my pre-op next Wednesday! I am beyond excited!! Anyone else scheduled April 2nd? If love... READ MORE

I'm really happy to have found this site Realself I've been reading many wonderful stories of everyone's journey I'm just at the beginning of mine currently still looking for a doctor I did have a friend that had hers done last year by Dr. Peter Sommer so I'm thinking I may go to him as well as... READ MORE

After 2 pregnancies my breast needed a lift. Krau was able to give me the lift & fullness I wanted. The staff was professional & kind. Dr is wonderful. The recovery was easy & the pain is bearable. Within 2 weeks I was driving & behaving normally. You will be sore & tender but it's not bad.... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Pousti about 2 weeks ago and I immediately knew he was the surgeon for me. His staff is so friendly and relaxed. They are easy to talk to and make you feel very comfortable. I met with Dr. Pousti and we discussed my goals of wanting to correct my asymmetry and... READ MORE

Hello all! I wasn't gonna do a review but I decided that I should to help out those of the ladies out there who is on the fence about going through with this procedure. Let me start off by saying it was tough for me to decide to do this also! I am a big baby when it comes to pain. And I know... READ MORE

I've wanted implants since I was in my early 20s but after I breast fed my son and lost a lot of weight the saggy breasts got worse. I had breast vertical uplift and moderate round 325cc gel mentor implants. I stayed over night in the welbeck hospital and received 1st class service. I'm very... READ MORE

255+ lbs when I had my gb surgery in 2004. Year later I was down to 140 & was looking fantastic. Had my 1st TT a yr after that. Dr Anain did a fab job. Never thought I'd look so great. Weight fluctuated a bit but 2 yrs ago I decided to work at having the weight loss permanent. Now need a BL, BA... READ MORE

So far, just initial consult. After consulting with several surgeons, I chose Athenix in Bellevue. Some doctors have said I would not be happy with the skin only mini-tuck, but I dont mind a belly!! It does not have to be flat, I Just dont want the hanging pouch gone!! If anyone has any... READ MORE

I'm pretty nervous seems surgery is right around the corner! Quit smoking for my surgery I've never felt healthier hoping I heal fantastically :) I have had 5 kids one is in heaven. I currently have a very deflated DD, going for full DD's. can't wait to have my self confidence back. Will post... READ MORE

Just wanted to post before and afters of my breast lift. I found this forum very helpful before and after I had my surgeries so I wanted to share my own pics. My kids are 7 and 9. I lost about 90 Pounds about 4-5 years after my last child was born. My breasts had been huge and now were... READ MORE

Due to Breast feeling and weight loss, I was in a serious need of a boob job. I had a breast lift with augmentation. 400 CC's under the muscle plus Lipo on my axillary areas. Dr Saul Lahijani at California Surgical Institute. He did an amazing job at only 6 days post op I am loving the results.... READ MORE

Today was my pre op appointment with Dr. Chin. He always makes me feel very comfortable. He even gave me a tour of the surgical center to ease my anxiety. We agreed that 480cc filled to 510 will be the best size for me. After my consolation Dr. Chin told me to go home fill a bottle of water pour... READ MORE

I've been thinking about it for years and decided this is my year. Happily divorced after 27 years and ready for all life has to offer. I chose Dr Matt Schambaugh in Ft Wayne, IN. He did a tummy tuck 9 years ago and I have confidence in him. He is very kind and patient. My breasts look fine... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I have had over the muscle saline implants for 15 years now and just recently, the left one has deflated. I had PIP 430 HP saline over the muscle. This company is no longer in business so I have to start from scratch. The doctor at the time suggested overs to try to avoid getting... READ MORE

Hi i have lost 185 lbs on my own. I had two kids and went from 46 DDD to 36 DD. ( push up bra) I am small on time and have a curvy but and thighs. I am going down to florida on April 14th to 29th. I will be 3 hours from miami and fort lauderdale. I need a BA/BL and since i am down there... READ MORE

I'm a 50 yr old mother of 4 grown children, all of whom I breastfed. I was large breasted for my frame when I was younger as well as during my pregnancy/breastfeeding years. I have always been athletic and have lost 20 lbs or so in the last 15 years. During that time, my once full breasts... READ MORE

I have had mom boobs since before I had my kid. They are large, droopy, and uneven. I have wanted to get a breast lift since I was 18. I just turned 29 and I KNOW it is finally time! I have 1 child and I'm not planning on having anymore. I found a lump on my breast a few months ago and had an... READ MORE

So surgery is tomorrow I am having a breast lift and augmentation. I guess my biggest worry is the pain afterwards the doctor plans to put me on pain medication and muscle relaxers, and something for nausea. I am also worried about the scars. I have the best surgeon so I'm not really worried... READ MORE

I have my surgery next Thursday with Dr Seckel in Concord. I am very excited that it's almost time! I am on birth control which I think I didn't mention to the dr the first time we met at my consultation. He said unders, gummy bear silicone , 350 cc and I agreed! I changed my mind to 400 cc... READ MORE

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