Breast Lift with Implants

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Breast lifts are done in conjunction with implants when your sagging is more significant or if you want larger, perkier breasts. In addition to placing an implant, the plastic surgeon typically removes excess skin and repositions the nipple and areola.
Average Price: $8,300

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I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr. Hall. They say,"It's All About You!" It's so true, it really is all about the patient. They have a wonderful Spa setting with wonderful water fixtures, comfy waiting area's & forget the cheap disposable gowns they use nice lightweight cotton robes.... READ MORE

I've wanted a BA since age 18 when I realized my 34B's weren't ever going to grow any bigger. Now, 15 years and 3 children later, I'm finally going ahead with it. I'm happy I waited until after children because breastfeeding changed the shape and reduced the volume of my breasts. They are no... READ MORE

Since before I hit puberty all I could wait for was to have nice "tatas". Here I am menopause and I am finally going to get them. Of course my body is not quite the same shape it was even 10 years ago but whose is. I have been so boob obsessed since I have decided to do this. At 5'4 and 145... READ MORE

I am now 3 days post op from a lift & 470cc silicone implants. I feel great still have a lot of swelling but minimal pain. Staff was great doctor was a great listener. And the nurse Kim was so kind and gentle. Great office makes you feel right at home. Highly recommended. Very happy with my... READ MORE

I'm a 36 year old wife with two girls, 10 and 7. My weight has gone up and down ever since I had my children. Last year I started my body transformation and signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Since starting in September 2013 I've lost a surprising 20 kgs!! I feel so fit and healthy... READ MORE

I have been researching for YEARS on different surgeons in the Miami area. I had previously had a consultation with Dr. Nalluri who was located locally...&He really upset me he was rude and wasn't very interested in what I wanted. It was an overall horrible experience. From that point on I... READ MORE

After 20 years of having 240ml saline implants it was time to have an uplift and replacement of old implants to new 150mls silicane. I had put on approx. 10kgs in the past 20 years and my boobs had become to drooped and too big. I exercise a lot and at the end it was becoming uncomfortable. It... READ MORE

SO my kids are 7 and 3 yrs old. I breastfed both kids. I FINALLY booked my BL & BA after stalking everyone on real self. I am SO SO SO scared to do this! You have no idea, i have never had any kind of surgery and have never been put under anesthesia (I think the anesthesia for me is the scariest... READ MORE

In 2011, I visited the office of Dr. Yee for the first time. My wedding was a few months away, and I wanted to look into Botox and fillers. We ladies like to look our best for our wedding day. I had both done, and was convinced by her team that a chemical peel would make my skin look fabulous... READ MORE

Ok... Im turning 40 in January of 2015. Ive wanted a boob job since I was a little girl. Im 5'8" 215 lbs (currently losing weight, have lost 35 lbs so far) Im revamping my life and making the best i can of it. I never married nor had kids. I work hard and take care of myself. This is the... READ MORE

I am a 24 year old student, no children or weight fluctuations, who has been saving for this for years. I've been the same size and shape since I was 14 (34C), and the asymmetry and large areola size have been extremely upsetting for me. I'm supposed to be in the prime of my life, and I've never... READ MORE

Hi ladies! This is my first post after a month of reading up on all of you :). I am scheduled for a breast lift/implants on September 25. I am 32 years old, 5'6" 130lbs. I have always had a large chest, since graduating high school I've always worn a 34 D or 34 DD. The women in my family are... READ MORE

Hey everyone! Been lurking for the past couple weeks since locking in my surgery date. I will be getting a Breast Lift with an implant on 08/27/14. My PS and staff have suggested between 400cc and 450cc (closer to the 450 end), below the muscle, silicone to get my desired look. I would... READ MORE

I'm a 40 old mom of a 17 yo breast fed daughter. Over the past few years I have lost over 80 pounds. Big boobs have been part of my identity since highschool. For years I was 38DD. Since my weight loss, I still have quite a bit of breast tissue, but it just looks like a puddle in and out of my... READ MORE

I have been to see two PA. I decided to go with the second one and have my pre-op on the 25th of June. I cant decide if i want saline or silicone. There are pros and cons of both. My BA is going to be under the muscle and one breast is a tad smaller. Silicone is pre-made and the saline is made... READ MORE

My hubby's friends wives all had their BA and my sister had a BL and BA. All younger than me and they look and feel great! Yeah, I'm ready! Consults on Thursday and another the first week of June. Excited but so nervous too! I hope to make a decision on dr right after my second appt so I... READ MORE

I noticed this year that the firmness in my breast had really started to change and I decided to be proactive and instead of waiting a few years until I might be really unhappy with them and then make a change. I researched allot and found photos of befores that looked similar to mine and then... READ MORE

After years of going back and forth as to whether or not I would go under the knife I have committed myself to the surgery. I had previously chosen another doctor but after reading some pretty bad reviews pulled out of the contract and lost the $500 deposit. I have decided to get a breast lift... READ MORE

I'm 41 years old, I have 3 children and breast fed all 3. I am currently a deflated 34 B/C, desire a full C/D. Preop appointment on September 4. Surgery date is 9/15/14. Mastopexy lollipop incision, PS recommends textured gel implants under the muscle 325cc. (may go slightly bigger-will see at... READ MORE

So I have been in contact with Dra. Robles about my procedures I want to have done. I sent her everything I wanted but Im not sure If I can have everything done at once. If not Ive narrowed it down in numerical order of importance. lol: 1. Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift 2. Tummy Tuck 3.... READ MORE

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