Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.

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I am hoping to be a large C small D. I am going for a pre- op tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous!! I will post more tomorrow about it. I am suppose to get a lift I am hoping to just get the Benelli lift but I heard that stretches out your nipple complex. I was hoping to avoid scars but three Dr... READ MORE

I'm looking for a natural enhancement to what I already have.... My whole life I tried covering up what God gave me and they were free!!! If I had only appreciated it then???? Now at my age I'm looking to buy boobs because with 2 breastfed babies and a ton of dieting and excercize they are... READ MORE

Hi everyone and anyone who's reading, It has taken me so time but I have decided to go ahead and write about my journey. So for the past couple of years I have researching breast augmentations. When I finally decided that this was something I wanted to do I became pregnant with my second child... READ MORE

So I'm back for more...After having had a TT in 2010 (which I am totally happy with), I decided I wanted to finish off my front side. I'm having a BL w/implants with Dr.Krau at CG Cosmetic Center. I am still undecided as to how much CC's to actually have put in as my breasts now are relatively... READ MORE

I've been waiting for my chance to make this post for years! I literally JUST got off of the phone with my coordinator and booked my surgery. I am barely 20, but I have dealt with body image problems for a long time. I honestly don't even remember a time when my boobs weren't a saggy mess :(.... READ MORE

Ok wow never done anything like this and im very nervous yet excited now. Im goin under the knife next week after all my weight gain and loss after my children my breasts are not the fullest they used to be so im having them done. I wasnt sure at first if i was sure but ive wanted it for many... READ MORE

This is something that i have wanted me entire adult life as i suffer from asymmetrical breasts. I am very excited to be finally getting my breasts shaped and enlarged with implants and a lift! I have done alot of research both for getting the procedure done in Australia and in Thailand but i... READ MORE

I had a breast lift with 450cc gummy bear implants. After losing 70 lbs my body was in terrific shape, but my breasts were gone. I'd thought and prayed for over a year about having something done never believing I would. Well after much searching, research & waiting I was referred to Dr Lista.... READ MORE

Background: I have always had large breasts. DD most of my life . They would fluctuate greatly with any weight loss/gain, they were the first to go. I am 5'0" and I have weighed anywhere between 98 lbs and 130 lbs. I have noticed the biggest difference in my breast after the birth of my... READ MORE

I've been stalking RealSelf for the last 3 months lol. I've gotten tons of "wish pics" by looking at some fantastic results and have learned a lot about what to expect, the recovery process, etc... Although I had no intention of actually posting anything about myself, I figured I should because... READ MORE

After breastfeeding two babies and losing over forty pounds, my breasts were sagging and in need of a lift and implants. I'm 5 weeks post op, and I am so happy with my results. Dr. Steely and his staff have made this whole experience better than I ever imagined. He really gave me a result that... READ MORE

Booked back in May, couldn't wait to get it done. On the day I was so nervous, as soon as I saw my surgon he calmed me down. Stayed in hospital over night. Wasn't in any real pain. I stopped my pain killers on the day after. Nipples have got feeling in them. Healing quicker than could have been... READ MORE

I have been wanting this for a while. I have three kids, two I breastfed. I have had weight fluctuations too. I had scheduled three consults with doctors, but after meeting Dr. Gill I knew he was the doctor for me so I cancelled my other consults. My surgery is scheduled next week! I'm excited... READ MORE

I am 7 days post-op (surgery date: 9/29 - breast augmentation with lift so two procedures, actually) - this is what I would call a preliminary review until I see the final results but I am very confident that I will absolutely love his work once I have my surgical bra and dressings (I still have... READ MORE

Best thing I've ever done after two kids at 34 wanted to feel comfortale within my own ski and in a swimsuit and in clothing. My surgeon was fantastic totally comfortable with his information and commitment to ensuring I was well informed prior to the surgery etc. Pros the amount of pain relief... READ MORE

I've been thinking about implants since I graduated from college, but for the last year I have been relentless about it. It finally paid off and my husband agreed!! I currently weigh about 125, but my weight has fluctuated non stop since college anywhere between 110 and 140. All of this yo-yo... READ MORE

After battling myself if I should have done a BBL or Breast Augmentation and consultations, I decided to do my boobs. In my other review, I mentioned what made me choose Dr.Revis. Not only does he perform PHENOMENAL results but he emails me back and his coordinator has always been there for... READ MORE

I've always wanted to have my breasts fixed. I was heavier as an adolescent so it set the tone for my saggy boobs throughout my life, especially when I lost off my childish fat. Now that I'm older, married and mother of two adorable kids -I'm ready. I've had a hard time justifying this purchase,... READ MORE

I'm so sorry to snag some of y'all's photos but I found a lady on here whose before pics look very close to my breasts now and her after pics are amazing and I am hoping mine look like that!!! Again I'm sorry and u wish I remember her profile name so I could msg her My flights are... READ MORE

After losing 80lbs over the last two years the twins were nothing close to where they used to be. I have never had perky boobs but after losing that much weight it was basically skin with no volume. After reading all of Dr. Fryers amazing reviews I booked my surgery without even going in for a... READ MORE

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