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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.
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I am a fly in patient from Australia, I want to share my experience so far with Dr.Pousti and lovely his team. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, I originally thought that I was just going to be having a breast augmentation. After having my first consultation in person, Dr.Pousti advised me... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants for many years. Unlike some, I didn't just want larger breasts (I had enough to work with naturally), I wanted fake breasts. I wanted symmetrical breasts. I wanted something to be proud of. My journey began many years ago, at the age of 21. I went to my first... READ MORE

I am getting a mastopexy with an anchor incision (lift & implant with incision around nipple, down and under breast crease. I went into my consultation letting the dr know I wanted to be a full C. After measuring me he recommended a 371 cc. He said not to worry as much about the number of cc but... READ MORE

I'm a 50 yr old mother of 4 grown children, all of whom I breastfed. I was large breasted for my frame when I was younger as well as during my pregnancy/breastfeeding years. I have always been athletic and have lost 20 lbs or so in the last 15 years. During that time, my once full breasts... READ MORE

We had a great consultation with Dr. Hunsaker..Very personable, took his time answering my questions, taking measurements, discussing everything from start to finish with me and my husband. We both left feeling very comfortable with our decision and feel he has a great understanding of what we... READ MORE

I breastfed both my sons for a year each and recently got to my goal weight of 130lbs. I'm left with no volume in my breasts and excess skin. I went in for a consultation and my surgeon told me that if I received only implants my nipples would be low. He went on to say that I had minimal... READ MORE

I'm a 27 yr old mother of 2 breastfed children. Due to breastfeeding the girls have deflated. I'm scheduled for a lift and implants 01/06/15. I'm hoping for a large d but,the Dr wasn't sure if we could go that big. :( I trust his opinion soooo, we shall see! I'm super nervous about the lift part... READ MORE

I had my kids young and didn't get to enjoy too many years without loose skin and saggy boobs, so now that I'm done having kids I'm ready to reclaim my body! I've gotten a quote from Dr. Freiman at CG Cosmetics since I think he does some of the best lifts I've seen. He recommended just lifting... READ MORE

I've been wanting a some new "betties" for 12 years now. I never thought I would actually get them though!!! So excited and nervous! Mom of 4 kids (his, mine, ours). BF 2. I've had my (one and only) consultation as well as my preop appt and am scheduled for surgery on April 28th. ... READ MORE

Hello I am a 26 year old female- I weigh 120 lbs, 5 Ft 1 ht. Currently I am a 34 B deflated. I was at one point a 36 DD- I have lost 44 pounds within the last 2 years. Since this my breasts have paid the toll. I Just booked my BA and lift yesterday - for February 25th- I am super nervous and... READ MORE

I always knew I didn't like my breast; almost as soon as i started forming them they grew with a natural droop and very obvious stretch marks. As you can see in my photos By 14 I was a 32 G (bra size). By 19 I had lost over 2 stones and went down to a 32 E. Although my breast had always been... READ MORE

I always had nice boobs until pregnancy. My first pregnancy w twins caused me to gain 45 lbs While breast feeding i was a DD. Lost that weight and got pregnant 2 yrs later boobs were back to a DD. Lost all that weight working out and my sad boobs are in the words of the surgeon "barely an A"... READ MORE

I'm a young mom of 2,got pregnant young, and never had the chance to enjoy my perky, firm breasts! Started working out less than a year ago, and am at a place where I'm happy with my body, but my boobs just keep on disappearing. I'm left with saggy sac that have no volume left. Pre babies and... READ MORE

I have been to see two PA. I decided to go with the second one and have my pre-op on the 25th of June. I cant decide if i want saline or silicone. There are pros and cons of both. My BA is going to be under the muscle and one breast is a tad smaller. Silicone is pre-made and the saline is made... READ MORE

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you lovely ladies who have shared your breast lift/implant stories here on RealSelf. Your experiences and advice have been a tremendous help to me, and so I am going to share my journey in hopes of helping others. I am 32, 5'4', 116 lbs, 32dd, never had... READ MORE

Hello i am 27 years old with 2 boys (7and3). After my 1st born my boobs started to sag then after the 2nd it was completely a disaster lol. I always wanted to have a lift. I have been doing research on it for about 3 years now and finally got it done 2 weeks ago. (FEB 13, 2015). I had a breast... READ MORE

The girls got droopier and deflated after losing 125lbs 10 years ago. I'm finally getting set to make them right again. I am currently a kickboxing instructor and pretty fit, but they never have gotten to where I'd like them to be. I could probably use a tummy tuck too, but one thing at a time... READ MORE

I've seen so much sweet support here so sharing too- Finally doing this! 43 years old, 5'5", 132 pounds, was a beautiful C cup till I breastfed 4 kids, now saggy 34 B/C... Scheduled for March 3rd and so excited!! Funny how boobs can change everything lol- I'm excited to get some confidence back... READ MORE

Age: 28 Weight: 140 Height: 5'3 No kids approx. 34C bra size. I currently have Natrelle Saline 370CC in the left breast & 380CC in the right breast. I don't like the rippling on the sides and the right boob has "capsuled" or came out the pocket so I want to go bigger. I'm thinking 600CC gel... READ MORE

I want all my curvy girls out there to have a post to reference. I am 5'9" tall and 180lbs. I have what I would consider an athletic but curvy build. I am a mother of two children, both breastfed. I had my children early in life and I can't even remember what my pre-baby boobs look like. I am... READ MORE

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