Breast Lift with Implants

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Breast lifts are done in conjunction with implants when your sagging is more significant or if you want larger, perkier breasts. In addition to placing an implant, the plastic surgeon typically removes excess skin and repositions the nipple and areola.
Average Price: $8,275

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My hubby's friends wives all had their BA and my sister had a BL and BA. All younger than me and they look and feel great! Yeah, I'm ready! Consults on Thursday and another the first week of June. Excited but so nervous too! I hope to make a decision on dr right after my second appt so I... READ MORE

DR .Don Revis Fort Lauderdale Florida I contacted his office and asked if he could do a skype interview or how does he do out of town consults and Renea his receptionist was very friendly and cooperative and patient with me lol. I I chose the email consult after learning you have to pay for... READ MORE

I would like to thank Dr. Colgrove and his entire staff for the GREAT service I received. I did breast augmentation with 600 cc high profile silicone gel implant with an areola lift. The results from the surgery were impeccable. Words can't express the way I feel towards the entire staff as well... READ MORE

I've never really had full and perky breast, but since having kids they have gotten even worse. I'm currently a 36c. My doctor and I are hoping to do a 350 cc implant on both sides safely with the lift. I've already had my pre-op and it seemed standard to everyone elses. I'm excited for my... READ MORE

So far i have gone to a few different places and gotten consultations. Meridian wanted to charge me right under 12,000 for a lift and saline implants, and just under 11,000 for the tummy tuck. Meridian has their own surgery room in their office yet they are charging more than the Synergy which... READ MORE

I'm currently 145 lbs. I breastfed 2 kids for several years and lost a lot if weight (50-60 lbs) . I'm getting a anchor lift and BA on 7/23/14. My PS was thinking about going 400-425cc's. My boobs are really droopy . Pre surgery size 34-c. Any advice:) I plan in going back to work 5 days post op.. READ MORE

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger and EVEN left is a whole size larger than my right so I am a 36B on the L and 36A on the R but have to wear a bra to accommodate the larger size and I hate it!!!! So finally I am able to get my over due BA! I had my consult and we... READ MORE

OMG...after years of thinking about it...and wanting to do it...I am finally getting the girls hooked up. I am so pumped. I went to Belgium 2 years ago with a girlfriend of mine for a consultation. She didn't even plan on getting hers done and she ended up making her appointment and getting... READ MORE

These reviews have been so helpful for me that I've decided to jump in and make my own. I'm a 28 year old mother of two. I am 5'2, 123 lbs, and I wear a 34 D bra. After pregnancy and nursing my boys for 2 years each, my breasts are very saggy and deflated. They've never really been perky, and... READ MORE

Even in my young teen years I never had perky, full breasts. After gaining weight and recently losing most of the weight, they just got saggier and emptier. I have very large areolas and I am overall just very uncomfortable with my breasts. My nipples point down and are very asymmetrical.... READ MORE

FYI this review is not for the squeamish or people with no humor. I tell it like I see it!! About Me: 27 years old (28 in 5 more days!!) 5'6 165 Pounds (normally 155, i've gained weight and i'm going to start back on my lean protein, steamed veggies, low fat diet soon and start juicing... READ MORE

There aren't a lot of reviews on here that deal with tuberous breast correction. Most people find it difficult to look at me and see anything wrong, or understand this is a condition that requires a lift as well as implants - I've barely got any breast tissue! So I'm hoping that sharing my case... READ MORE

I'm a 32 year old mummy of two girls, both breast fed. I have struggled for years with putting weight on! I eat and live a very healthy lifestyle and unfortunately after breast feeding and having my small breasts inflate to DD's, I've now been left with empty, uneven sacks. I'm very self... READ MORE

Be4 I had my children, I was a well&doubt, build like a brick house chick w a 36dd. After 5 years of breast feeding, I now have deflated&sagged boobs & currently wearing 36c and barely filled up. Hoping to achieve my precious size!!! Got all my paperwork & getting my payment finalized in 3 days... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, I have a 2 year old little girl and I have always been a small chested girl (34A). I always joked with friends that I would one day get a boob job. I was still confident in my own body and had no problem wearing a bikini to a water park or by the pool. After having my... READ MORE

Since I lost almost 50lb had 3 kids including a set of twins, I decided to treat my girls to an update. Couldn't afford to do it close to home, way too much money. I did a lot of research, checked credentials and red every review I could find. So far, I think it's gonna turn out really nice. I'm... READ MORE

I have been doing a lot of research on surgeons and have had about 3 consultations with 3 different surgeons. Every surgeon has their own unique way of explaining to me about the procedure and what I needed. All 3 agree that I need a breast lift + implants. It was hard deciding who to choose but... READ MORE

I had breast implants over the muscle 10 years ago in my mid 20's. I wanted a lift at the time but my PA said implants would cause no scar and give the appearance of a lift. I went from a small B to a full C. I was very happy with the procedure. However I had another child (unexpectedly) a few... READ MORE

After many years of research I am finally getting a lift! Due to genetics and gravity I never had perky breasts and have been quite insecure about being braless and not being able to wear backless dresses or cute tops due to my saggy boobs. I I chose Dr. Freiman and CG because of their great... READ MORE

So I started the process of getting estimates back in November of 2013. I live in rural California, and where I live the breast lift w/implant can run around $8000. I priced out doctors in LA, but the less expensive docs had bad reviews. I finally stumbled upon realself and kept hearing about... READ MORE

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