Breast Implants Videos

You Can Insert Breast Implants Through the Belly Button (And It's Virtually Scarless!)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains that no invasive surgery is completely scarless, but breast augmentation that goes through the belly button is probably as close as it gets. As with any procedure, however, it does have its drawbacks. VIEW NOW

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Will My Breast Implants Pop If... ?

The thought of a breast implant popping has crossed the mind of every woman who has them. Dr. Kevin Tehrani puts our minds at ease. VIEW NOW

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants: The Biggest Stand-Off in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sugene Kim discusses the pros and cons of both saline and silicone breast implants, giving us some statistics on rupture and capsular contracture rates. VIEW NOW

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Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks Learns Why Implants After Weight Loss Could Be Dangerous

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks interviews Dr. Robert Centeno about breast contouring options after weight loss. He reveals the truth about why certain patients should probably avoid getting implants. VIEW NOW

Another Way to Protect Against Post-Op Complications Could Be to Use a Keller Funnel?

Dr. Michael Law explains the Keller Funnel, which is clear plastic, disposable sleeve that could help protect the patient against capsular contracture. VIEW NOW

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Provide Better Shape and Lower Risk of Complication

Dr. Michael Law explains what "gummy bear" breast implants actually are, and how they're superior to more traditional varieties. VIEW NOW

This New Technique For Handling Breast Implants Leads to Less Contamination

Dr. Benjamin Gelfant shows the gentle handling of implants using the Keller funnel, a new tool used to decrease the potential for contamination of the implant and ultimately reducing the risk of capsular contracture. VIEW NOW

What Are Anatomical Breast Implants? Doctors Have Been Waiting For This "For a Long Time!"

Dr. Stanley Okoro explains the unique benefits of anatomical breast implants. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover Patients Encouraged to "Walk to Health"

Dr. George Commons explains his philosophy of getting patients up and moving almost immediately after surgery on a program he calls "Walk to Health." VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Selection: These Are the Factors That Influence the Right Type For You

As Dr. Marc DuPere explains, choosing the right type of breast implant size is dependent on many pre-existing factors, such as anatomy, the amount of sagginess, and the patient's level of physical activity. VIEW NOW

Is It Safe to Get a Breast Augmentation With an Autoimmune Disease?

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question from a RealSelf user regarding whether or not it's safe to have a breast augmentation with an autoimmune disease. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants Require a Lot of Research and Decision Making

Dr. Gaurav Bharti discusses the dynamic nature of decision making in breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Should You Wait to Get Breast Implants Until You're Finished Having Kids?

Dr. Brian Windle explains that there is no good reason to wait to have a breast augmentation. Breast implants are generally unaffected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. VIEW NOW

What Will Happen to My Breast Implants If I Get Pregnant?

Dr. Brian Windle answers the common question about what will happen to your breast implants or your breast augmentation if you become pregnant. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Pro and Cons of the 4 Types of Incisions

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question from a RealSelf user regarding the various incision areas in breast augmentation. He discusses the four types of incisions that may be used and the pros and cons of each one. VIEW NOW