Breast Implants Videos

What Does 3D Imaging Look Like for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Christine Clark used silicone implants on this patient who exercises regularly and is in good shape. See her before and 6 months after. VIEW NOW

See Your Breast Augmentation Results Before Surgery With 3D Imaging

This woman wanted larger natural looking breasts. Dr. David L. Kaufman showed her what silicone breast implants would look like on her in this 3D simulation. VIEW NOW

Anatomic Shaped Silicone Breast Implants Gave This Woman a Natural Look — See Her 3D Before & After

Dr. David L. Kaufman, performed breast augmentation on this woman. See her results 6 months after her surgery with 3D imaging. VIEW NOW

See Your Afters...Before — The Doctor Explains 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Bradley Bengtson talks about the Vectra 3D Imaging system. It allow women to see what their breasts will look like before having surgery. VIEW NOW

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Thinking About Breast Augmentation? See This 3D Simulation

Dr. David L. Kaufman shares this 3D simulation of a young woman considering breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Young Woman in Good Shape Gets Breast Implants — See Her 3D Before & After

Dr. David L. Kaufman performed breast augmentation on this young woman who wanted larger breast to flatter her figure. VIEW NOW

Self-Conscious About Her Breast Size — The Doctor Demonstrates Potential Enhancement for This Woman

Dr. David L. Kaufman uses 3D imaging to show this young woman what breast implants can do for her. See the before and after. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Alex Campbell explains how long the surgery takes and what to expect in the days and weeks following the procedure. VIEW NOW

What to Expect After Your Breast Enlargement Surgery

Dr. Jon A. Perlman describes recovery after breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Yes, You May Have to Get Another Surgery Someday

What should you expect when getting a breast augmentation? Dr. Wendell Perry explains. VIEW NOW

What Makes the Perfect Breast? This Doctor Shares His Experience

Getting a breast augmentation? Dr. Alex Campbell shares his recommendations. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation Basics: Answers to Popular Questions

Here's what's involved in a breast augmentation, as explained by Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Uses a Breast Funnel to Place This Woman's Silicone Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Steven K. Struck demonstrates using a breast funnel to place this woman's implants through areola incision. See part of her procedure. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation: Have Your Implant Choices Explained

What breast implants are available? Learn more from Dr. Scott Tucker. VIEW NOW

"You're Going to Be in a Bikini After This!" — The Doctors Talk Mommy Makeovers

What's a mommy makeover and what should you expect? Get your questions answered. VIEW NOW

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