Hematoma + Breast Implant Removal

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Best Course of Treatment for a Hematoma?

I recently had explant and mastopexy, grade IV capsular contracture to left. Capsule removed with significant inflammation and blood evident, in last... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take to Replace an Implant After Its Been Taken out

I developed hematoma in my left breast and my dr has decided to remove the implant to let the infection clear up. Once Im back to a healthy point he... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Seroma/Hematoma After Explant if Drains Are Used?

I'm explanting mid-August after 7 months of having 350cc silicone unders due to severe bottoming out & other reasons (I'm 25, no kids, no... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Tomorrow. When Am I No Longer at Risk for Hematoma or Seroma? No Capsulectomy.

I have asked my Dr and she said 3 weeks. Then she told me that people can still get them 3-4 weeks post op from vacuming. This is very frustrating... READ MORE

Is this an infection after Capsulectomy complications 6 weeks ago? (photo)

I had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago. 2 days later had to have hematoma removed. 6 days after that had fluid from incision & had to go back to have fluid... READ MORE

Had Infection and Hematoma Blood Clot Implant Was Removed and Cleaned and Placed Back? (photo)

I had hematoma, blood clot followed by bacteria infection, I had emergency surgery one wk after BA had implant cleaned and pocket cleaned the ps put... READ MORE

Hematoma, I Am 5 Months After Breast Implant Removal. Any Suggestions?

My right breast is still painful and 3 weeks ago I felt a fixed big lump that according to the ultrasound is a collection of blood under the muscle.... READ MORE

Removal of extracellular ruptured implants, now there is a possible hematoma? (photo)

Hi, Got silicone implants 9years ago. Recent MRI showed extracapsular rupture right breastimplant. Had a removal of The extracapsular implants one... READ MORE

Should a Seroma or Hematoma Be Drained Prior to Breast Explantation or Just Drain It During Explantation?

PS believes there may be fluid in breast capsular contracture & wants a mammogram performed. Then possibly a sonogram & MRI. I do not want to... READ MORE

Old Implant Removal After Class IV Contracture?

I have a Class IV Contracture on right side with Hematoma, both breasts have ruptured and left may have leaked outside the capsule.When my surgeon... READ MORE

How Much Surgery is Considered 'Reasonable'?

In 2010, textured anatomical implants over the muscle. 2011, right implant pocket made smaller as implant was freely rotating. It is fine now. 6... READ MORE

After an Emergency Explant Due to Hematomas, Should I Re-implant with Smooth Round or the Textured Natrelle 410's?

I had a hematoma in each breast& had an explant on post-op day 18. They were smooth, round 500 cc. I have found out I have a low end of normal... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have some pain where the hematoma was removed?

I developed hematoma on my left breast. It was removed six days ago. I'm having a small amount of pain still where the swelling once was. Is this... READ MORE

I have capsular contraction. Is there an alternative to surgery, and what would happen if I left it untreated?

I've been diagnosed with Capsular Contraction Level 4. I had saline implants put in fourteen years ago. My right breast is hard and appears like a... READ MORE

What is degree of difficulty for capsulectomy for baker 4?

Going for explant and concerned re so many PS opinions regarding my right breast capsule. I want them because of strong hx breast ca. My implants are... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants always need to be removed if there are complications?

Had breast aug on 3/14 had hematoma 11 days later 5 days after had infection at incision site did culture which was serratia marcescens taking 750 mgs... READ MORE

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