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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I have never been happy with my breast size. Since I was a teenager, I remember praying I'd wake up to find them magically bigger. When I realized that was never going to happen, I began dreaming of one day getting breast implants. Finally it is going to be a reality!!! I have two young girls,... READ MORE

I'm 25yrs old turning 26 the day of surgery. Yayy!!! 32A I think :/ 5'6, 115lbs, very slim. I've always been self conscious about my chest just like most ladies on here. This website has helped me a lot to go forward with this procedure because of the self confidence I will have. I love my... READ MORE

My story began at age 15 when I became a teen mom and for some reason my boobies never got through puberty. I don't understand, every female in my family (mom, sisters, aunts, cousins) all have large boobs ( granted I do have the best butt in the family). Fast forward 6 years... So I am coming... READ MORE

Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm ready to submit my own story! Let me begin by saying that all the women on this website are incredibly brave to reveal their stories and insecurities, I'm truly inspired by you all! :) I've always been small chested, though I didn't really expect... READ MORE

Like many people who review on this site, I've found the stories and photos so incredibly helpful in making my decision I just want to pay it back - particularly to the people who are looking at having smaller implants as these photos are harder to find. After breastfeeding two children, my... READ MORE

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I... READ MORE

I've always had small breasts and after 3 pregnancies, my breasts decreased in size and sagged. Along with that, I was never satisfied with the way they looked, I lacked fullness on the top of my breasts and the roundness on the bottom. I found out during my consultation that I had... READ MORE

I've been diligently reading the experiences of all you lovely ladies over the past few weeks and decided to start a thread here as well. I hope that you will be able to help me along this journey :) Here is some background on me! I've wanted breast implants for AS LONG as I can remember. I... READ MORE

After a couple decades, and several consultations I'm finally ready to pull the trigger. I'm a 36 A, & have wore padded bras for way to long. I had a second consultation with a plastic surgeon that my friend recommended on April 2. I had a hard time with the sizers choosing between the 375 &... READ MORE

This site has been such a huge help in getting ready for my upcoming surgery! I'm 33, 5'11 and about 150lbs. After nursing my twins I have been left with non existent breasts. I used to be a perky A cup, but now I barely fill out an A cup bra. I will be a getting Mentor silicone HP 450cc. ... READ MORE

I had been losing volume over time due to my musculature from working out and just my age. I had always thought I'd wait until I was 50 to do anything, but I started to feel like my body was disproportionate. I had a decent chest but once I hit 40 I felt like it really disappeared. I felt like... READ MORE

I had my consultation appt about a month ago. The waiting time is killing me. But, it has given me the opportunity to do LOTS of research. Which has left me questioning the original size decision. I have a substantial amount of muscle so my stats don't necessarily fit with the look of others. My... READ MORE

Ok so after seeing this sight and combing through all the reviews and before and afters which i find the most helpful here i am am posting my own.I am 30 yrs old have 4 kiddos breastfeed all, Im 5'0 107 34a pre op and my bwd is 12.5 my stats, my 1st ps was nice the staff was wonderful though i... READ MORE

So far everything has gone great! Dr. Gonce and his staff are amazing. I went in for my consult today and they made me feel at ease, the doctor was so nice and laid back. He was confident in his work but no arrogant like other doctors I have met before. EVERYONE from the front desk to the nurses... READ MORE

Tired of having NO breasts. Done having children, decided it was my time to invest in myself. This is the best, BEST, thing I have ever done! Worth every single penny! This was seriously the easiest procedure, no pain whatsoever, and back to my normal self in THREE days!!! Still trying to take... READ MORE

Hello all of you beautiful Ladies!.....I am literally going crazy for Che Che's!...My surgery date can't come fast enough! I honestly can't believe that I am sitting here writing this because 10 years ago I was in my early 20's and could not stand the thought of "fake" breast...or anything... READ MORE

I am a 29 yr old happily married mother of 7 and 3 yr olds. I am 5'6" and weigh about 168...I am about 10 or so lbs higher than my average weight thanks to Zoloft : /. I'm now off that and working on gradually losing 10 lbs maybe...I kind of like my curves now. Anyway. I am getting my first BA... READ MORE

I've always had some breasts but when I lost weight 10 years ago they deflated. I look fine in a bra but I've always hated the way they looked without one. From the side there's no upper pole fullness and if I have to bend over *cough cough* then they look like two old tube socks, yuck! Here... READ MORE

I'm 41 years old I breast fed all my kids and I wouldn't change that. I used to be a "A" prior to breastfeeding, went up to a "C" during nursing and I loved it and now I have less than an A. I wear a Fredericksburg 34A very padded bra, I will not leave home without a padded bra on, and finding... READ MORE

I've never been large chested, or had the desire to be. I live an active lifestyle both in my career (i'm a registered massage therapist) and personally (i'm in the gym 4-5 days per week), and I always thought having anything other than small breasts would inhibit me. Over the last year... READ MORE

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