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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I have never been happy with my breast size. Since I was a teenager, I remember praying I'd wake up to find them magically bigger. When I realized that was never going to happen, I began dreaming of one day getting breast implants. Finally it is going to be a reality!!! I have two young girls,... READ MORE

I love my new boobs! I'm now a 32DD but I think it might be a 34DD when I get measured because it's a bit tight and that's in a non padded bra! I've finally been able to buy bikinis and non padded ones and It the first time I've actually been happy with myself in a bikini! Can't wait for... READ MORE

Had my surgery yesterday and it went great!!! I was more exited than nurvous, the staff was super sweet! My favorite was the anesthesiologist was my favorite, he was so kind and made me feel calm. Hedden was quick and to the point, he was that way from the beginning which I like. I want my dr to... READ MORE

Have been thinking on and off for years about breast augmentation. Looking to get a consult very soon. I am looking to go up a cup size to a C. Im currently about a medium 32B. I desire a more fuller look but still want them to look very natural on my frame. I've seen a lot of great natural... READ MORE

This isn't so much of a review yet. Just beginning my story so I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm 32, 5'7", 127 pounds. I just booked my consult with Dr. Hasell for August 17th!!!!! Can hardly contain myself. this has been a long awaited journey! I've wanted to do this since I was 17. I... READ MORE

I have wanted a BA most of my adult life because I've always been small at the top. Once I got pregnant my boobs grew a lot and increased in size even more once my child was born and I began breastfeeding .. I nursed my child for 2+ years - stopped in February of 2015 ..I was in love with my... READ MORE

I never really thought of getting breast implants as an option for me. I've always had a slender body shape with nothing on top, and I didn't even get my tiny 32 A's until I was 16! As a teen and in my early 20's I was always very insecure of my flat chest and worked hard to find tops and... READ MORE

So it's been about a month since I had my first consultation for a breast augmentation. Since then, I have been obsessed with looking at pictures, reviews, videos, anything to make myself feel better about making—what I think is a HUGE decision. The truth is, the whole doctor, surgery, and... READ MORE

I have alway been small chested never liked it time for a change my breast are a 32b normally but as pregnant at moment they always get a little boost in looking to get moderate plus . On front of muscle don't like under muscle and how much longer recovery takes. I know in front of muscle is... READ MORE

I decided to write on here because I know how much it can benefit others to read about someone else in your same situation. Since my teens I had asymmetrical breasts and knew one day I would want to get them fixed. After each pregnancy it got worse since I produced more milk on my left therefore... READ MORE

I am a mommy of 5. Although my children are my pride and joy, 5 pregnancies had taken its toll on my upper body , which made me consider Cosmetic surgery, After meeting and consulting with a few Doctors, one Doctor stood out as understanding what I wanted without pressuring me to alter my views... READ MORE

Alright girls! I had surgery yesterday and I've decided to tell ya'll my story and any bits of information that I think would help you along the way!!!! I've been looking at this site for over a month and it's helped so much in my decision making process. I've been wanting a breast augmentation... READ MORE

Looking into getting BA after loosing volume in breast after childbirth. Beforehand I was barely an A (34A) to a full C during /right after pregnancy to a barely 34B after milk supply stopped. Still researching as the thought of it all (pain wise) kind of scares me. But if the pain is close to... READ MORE

For me it was quite painful I was a deflated 36A im now a 36 C . I was tired of avoiding beaches and lakes I sm a mom of 4 im 29 and needed a boost. So I finally called my ps and booked a consul. The surgery went smooth .But in the begining I thought the tightness woyld never... READ MORE

EEEEE my surgery is tomorrow!!! I have had a wonderful experience so far with my consultation and my pre op appointment! I have been wanting bigger boobs for a really long time and I am just super excited to finally be able to get them done! My fiancé loves bigger boobs even though I look great... READ MORE

32AA/A....hoping for a full C or 'small' D. My wedding dress has a huge gap in the bust...I intend to fill it without the use of chicken! Doing this for me. Can't wait to have breasts! It's hard to feel sexy at 31 with a flat chest. I want to feel desirable in the bedroom. My... READ MORE

When a decided to change my body, get implants i visited a lot of doctors, a lot!! And neither one convinced me or gave me confidence.But wen i met Dr Gustavo he gave me the confident and security that i needed it ,he understood me and gave me an special treatment.Also the clinic and stay were... READ MORE

My surgery date is getting closer and closer! Super excited yet very nervous. My boobs now are a small B, pointy and zero tissue on top. I knew since I was 16 that I was going to get implants. I needed them. Now the time has come and I can't wait! Went in for my consultation and my docter was... READ MORE

I have gone for a consult and pre-op with Dr. Edelstein and Heather. Entire office staff is great. I have been very worried past few days about my implants being too big for my husbands liking and embarrassing my kids (10, 8, 4) poolside all summer. I want this to fill in the sagging nipple and... READ MORE

PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much consideration, I decided against the lift at this time. Victoria's Secret said I was a 36C, PS said I was really a B. I told him I wanted him to fill up what I lost from nursing two kids and from weight loss. I was slightly smaller on my right side... READ MORE

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