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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Olson was one of the most outstanding surgeons I've meet with. Moreover, he ensured that the implants would fit my body proportionally, and affirmed I'd love my results (which I do). The actual surgical procedure methods were all up to date; unlike the well known Scottsdale surgeons. For... READ MORE

I've been wanting this done since the birth of daughter 4.5 years ago! But always knew more kids on the cards. 3 months ago my son was born so now my time to move forward and get my boobies back...and some ;). Over the past 4 years 8 of my friends have had this op so I have studying their... READ MORE

After yes of debating I finally went through w/ the BA... I couldn't be happier! I was a 32D but no one woulda guessed that size and lost their fullness due to getting off b/c. Had 440cc silicone under the muscle and I'm a 32DDD????; they look awesome w/o being freaky big! I will say that I... READ MORE

I am 24, have been married for 5.5 years and have 3&4 yo kiddos and nursed for a total of 3 years. I am over the moon excited about how they turned out.. They ended up fitting 350cc's, silicone under the muscle, in the crease incision. I am really swollen still , but love them despite the pain... READ MORE

Just a little over a week until my BA. I'm hoping my final result will be a full C cup small D cup. I've had my consult and am still on the fence about implant size and profile. I know for sure I will be getting Mentor silicone unders. My amazingly talented PS and I both liked the look of 350 cc... READ MORE

Ok. So i had a tummy tuck back in May and I had been toying with the idea of BA. Right now i wear a 36 A but don't fill it in. I'm a 32 year old mom of 2 and i nursed my son for 3 months and my daughter for 2 years. (My son was colicky) I loved the size I was when i was nursing. Full B small... READ MORE

I have always had small breast and have never had a problem with my breast until I nursed my first child, my once perky breast were recognizable but breast augmentation still never crossed my mind fast forward six years and I have nursed child number 2 and have had other cosmetic procedures, so... READ MORE

After years of wanting this, a marriage breakdown and family home sold I am ready to make my dreams a reality and get the confidence boost I need.. I am currently a 34A and after having my consultation have decided on 400cc overs which my surgeon says should take me to a DD.. So excited but... READ MORE

So I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the past 10yrs. I am now 29, 3 kids later and done I am ready for my big 30th Bday present to be boobies. Thing is, I am terrified of being put under, I am scared of having a botched job, and having anxiety of the aftermath is having me question... READ MORE

My breasts have always been droopy. I'm 29 yrs old a small B cup. I want over the top sexy full round high profile breast Goal: DD silicone. I've considered the surgery for a year. I'm a little nervous because it's surgery but i'm excited for a new and improved me! I'm hoping I can go as... READ MORE

I wanted to be a full c... Small d. High profile, didn't want to look matronly. I was completely stressed after seeing 3 surgeons... All who had conflicting "ideas." My 4th surgeon, Adam Kolker, diminished every fear. He explained he would pick the ccs and the profile based on what looked... READ MORE

After 3 years of researching and longing to have bigger boobs, I've finally decided on a surgeon and have paid for my surgery!! I will be traveling to Miami to have Dr Freiman do my surgery, and I am so excited! I will admit, the cost made me wary, but after reading hundreds of raving reviews I... READ MORE

Really debated writing a post but like many of you these posts have helped me somewhat in making my decision. My surgery is scheduled for 3/6/15 so only 3 weeks away now. i am very nervous/excited. Just really hoping for a great result ( not too big, not too small) and hoping for not too large... READ MORE

Since my first bra I have always been trying to find a way to make my boobs look bigger! Starting with the classic tissue/sock stuffing, to adding pads, then adding pads to padded pushup bras, those little water filled padding thingies for bikinis (wired push up bikini of course) and now only... READ MORE

Ok here goes, So since I was younger I have always be in that waiting period of "i can't wait till my boobs grow!" and i just never happened for me. I nursed all three of my kids and was a 34D and LOVED it! but sadly I have now just two skin flaps on the front of my chest. Its sad really :( .... READ MORE

Dr. Salzhauer is an amazing plastic surgeon!! I knew he was exactly who I wanted to complete my breast augmentation after I seen the work he did on two of my friends. I really was impressed by his interest and attention he gave me during my very first consultation. He listened to what I was... READ MORE

I have always had very small boobs, so I'm finally doing something about it! I've had consultations with 2 doctors and have a third tomorrow. I will probably go with the 375-400cc range. This is my problem: I am very slim and I like the way my body looks. I would assume that when people see... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Kim on 12/08/2014. Unfortunately I don't live in LA so flying back and forth is a hassle and expensive. It was a 3 hour flight from MSP to LAX then a 30 minute taxi ride to Dr. Kim's office. My consultation wasn't long, it was the waiting that was long. The office... READ MORE

Finally booked and paid for my BA at Transform with Mr Netri 26th Jan 2015 It's cost me £3695 in total for 380CC partial unders (Dual Plane) I've heard Mr Netri is a genius with boobs? I haven't seen much of his work though so I'm going to blog my experience and add pictures for anyone... READ MORE

Finally! I have the oppurtunity of getting a BA! I am currently stationed in Okinawa Japan and my friend and I have decided on going to Thailand with Destination Beauty to get our boobs done. I originally was going to go to a Japanese doctor here but the prices are crazy high!!! $7,600 for a BA.... READ MORE

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