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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I am going to see dr hunsaker and I am extremely nervous . I am an out of town Paient and was just curious about your expirence with him and his staff . I have been working with Maria over the phone and she has been wonderful so far . I haven't had a chance to speak with the doctor and I'm just... READ MORE

My surgery date is getting closer and closer! Super excited yet very nervous. My boobs now are a small B, pointy and zero tissue on top. I knew since I was 16 that I was going to get implants. I needed them. Now the time has come and I can't wait! Went in for my consultation and my docter was... READ MORE

I am 43 yrs. old 5'4" 129 pounds, medium build and am currently wearing a 34A cup which doesn't even fit properly :( . I am scheduled for April 8th, I am very excited and terrified at the same time! I have been going back and forth between 325cc & 350cc silicon, I am looking to be a full a C... READ MORE

Hi girls!I created my account awhile back, used this site more as a reference tool, but now that my BA is coming, would love some advice and feedback.Met with my PS on 4/7 for my preop, decided that I was aiming for a full C/small D. But looking at girls with similar stats, I'm worried 385cc... READ MORE

Mom of 3 boys did not breastfeed because my milk just never came in right.......... I am obsessed with this site been looking at all the reviews all the pictures (but only the worth it ones do not not want to scare myself out of it ;)) I wanted to post my journey getting my breast done I am so... READ MORE

Hi girls, im scheduled for ba April 13, 2015. Had my consult and kinda ended up more confused on sizing. This whole time i have been set on 450cc silicone. So at my consult i tried on 450cc sizers ( tear drop style, even though mine will be round silicone Mentors, thats what they use for trying... READ MORE

I am a mom of a very energetic toddler! I spend all day running around after him and have lost so much weight, unfortunately I also have lost so much breast volume! I met with Dr David Ross last month and decided he would be my surgeon for breast augmentation. He was very informative and honest,... READ MORE

I am 33 years old, and I nursed 3 children until they were each 1 years old. I am 5"11" tall, 165 lbs, and a size 8 in clothing. I work out, and run so I have some muscle that makes me weigh a little more than the average girl. I was a 34A before I had the children, and now I am a 36AA. I am... READ MORE

I always had small boobs but was never unhappy with them. I had always been a 36B and able to manage to get the look I wanted with light padding in my bras and swimwear. When I was pregnant, my boobs grew to a 38E but my stomach was so huge with the twins that they didn't look big in... READ MORE

I just had my surgery yesterday April 21st 2015. I wanted a BA since high school but didn't really have the resources to do so. On the day of my surgery I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck but I was very calm. I 100% trust my doctor and love how he is all about safety first. So I'm now... READ MORE

Ive been wanting to have plastic surgery ever since I was a teenager. At the tender age of 16 I had my first baby and boy did that seriously change my whole body. I gained almost 80lbs from my first pregnancy, acquired many stretch marks from my breast down to my thighs. A year and a half later... READ MORE

I'm a 44 year old mum of 2 older boys and I keep fit and active. I have been unhappy with my boobs for about 10 years after having my kids and have tried creams , pumps ..... You name it ... To help increase their size. I have finally plucked up the courage and booked an appointment to see a... READ MORE

I'm so excited to finally get this procedure done. Although, i am still undecided on a few things, hoping ya'll can help me out.I'm 5'7- 130 lbs At the moment, I do know that i want to acheive at least a full D cup. Thinking round, saline, MP, under the muscle. (450 cc?)My dilemma: Inframammary... READ MORE

In my 20s, 128lb 5'5, having sugery on the 23rd, undecided between 295cc and 325cc unders HP naturelle. Liked the 295cc inserts when i tried them at consultation but unsure how much cc i will loose goingn under and if its worth doing 325 to make up for that? Want small natural boobs, 'full C'... READ MORE

In the back of my mind Ive always wanted bigger boobs but would go through phases. Finally when it clicked that I could get my procedure done I went for it. At first I wanted 340cc then I read you have to add 50cc to what U want I just decided to go with 400cc. It's only been a day but wondering... READ MORE

I will finally have enough money to get breast augmentation in about a month but I haven't done that much research so i'm not sure where to go. I will be moving to Destin soon and I looked into the Destin Plastic Surgery place. Has anyone gone there? I like the before and after pics and the... READ MORE

PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much consideration, I decided against the lift at this time. Victoria's Secret said I was a 36C, PS said I was really a B. I told him I wanted him to fill up what I lost from nursing two kids and from weight loss. I was slightly smaller on my right side... READ MORE

I have a 7 year old daughter, so I have been wanting a BA for sometime, I have gone to many consultations with doctors here in Chicago but felt very comfortable with Irvin Wiesman. I am very petite, only standing at 5 ft and 115 pounds, I found it frightening the thought of looking like a... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting boobs since I was about 16yo. All my friends seemed to be developing boobs, except for me. Over the years I came to terms with this, even got to see the positive aspects of being flat chested: No need for a sports bra; running and exercising with nothing in the... READ MORE

So I finally scheduled my surgery around 7 weeks ago. I had went for a consult last year and it took me this long to find the time and save the money. I am going In today for one more consultation. Just to finalize my size. I am still a bit confused on that. So I will know the size later today... READ MORE

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