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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,802 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello ladies, I've been reading BA reviews on her for weeks now I'm so addicted. I'm 23 years old have a 26month old and after breestfeeding my tiny breasts just look empty and saggy :( I've thought about having an BA for the past 12 months and considered traveling to Belgium because it's much... READ MORE

No one told me when you reach your goal weight you will lose your already small 34B boobs. So here I am, three years and 40+ pounds different, looking at whats left of my small breasts and scratching my head wondering where they went. I can't take it anymore. I worked so hard to love the skin... READ MORE

New to RS. I am 24 years old, just a hair taller then 5 feet weighing 105 lbs. I am hoping to get my BA before my birthday in September. I have spoken to a few surgeons and for the look I like, I was informed 300 to 325 cc'would do. A part of me would like 350 cc's, but I am afraid it would... READ MORE

I knew i wanted breast augmentation done but waited until i was done having kids. I am glad i finally put me first and did something for me. My husband was ans has been very supportive .. I am now three weeks post op and still have a long way before the final outcome but everyday i see little... READ MORE

I've known of this website for about a year and have been on it almost everyday reading reviews and surgeons comments. I've wanted a BA since a teenager and always knew one day i'd get one. The idea seemed like a fantasy until this January, someone close to me revealed they were getting one and... READ MORE

Today was my 1st consultation with Dr.Lynam from Richmond, VA. The RSA Richmond Surgical Arts facility was very nice and clean. The medical office is right upstairs. I filled out several forms and after a 5 minute wait was putting on a gown over my upper body. I was given photos to review of... READ MORE

I thought this place would be a good start to document my journey to get a breast augmentation. A little about me then....I just turned 30 in March and it was a real turning point in my life. I have always been disappointed and unhappy with my breast size.I realized around 15 that I was never... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old with two little ones that I adore. I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was a teen but never really got serious about it until I breastfed my son for 6 months and went from a nice B cup to an 32A. I just want to feel sexy and wear what I want without feeling like a boy. Since... READ MORE

I lost quite a bit of weight throughout college, and during the process, my C size breasts shrunk to small Bs. I've felt self conscious ever since. May 2014, I made an initial consultation with Dr. Mustoe and brought my boyfriend with me. He took his time and was confident, yet kind. He made me... READ MORE

I've been checking this site religiously for that past year and now I've finally decided that I'm ready to start my journey! I am 5'3, 140+/- lbs., 34A, asian, and have no kids. I live in northern california and I have just started scheduling my consultations. So far I have scheduled with Dr.... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I have been reviewing this site for awhile now and thanks to my wonderfully supportive boyfriend I have decided to finally get my boobs done and I would like to share my experience. I am going to turn 23 before my surgery, I am 5'6 and 118 lbs. I have always been a 32A sometimes... READ MORE

Hi Ladies!! First, just want to thank everyone for all their reviews and continuous updates. This site has been an absolute life saver. I have been wanting a BA since I was a teen and after having 2 kids and nursing both I have decided it's finally time. The process has gone very well so far... READ MORE

I'm getting my breast done in march in miami Fl,. I picked my doctor #1concern was I want nice breast! So like I was saying I picked him because not only did he have great reviews but his work looked great! I've been online for a while looking & some breast augmentation didn't look good to my... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I'm 25 years old and I want big boobs. Lol I've always had a big butt, but not the ta ta's to match. I recently had a baby in Dec 2013, and I breastfed until about 2-3 weeks ago. Just started looking into price ranges and size. I'm a 34a right now. Before I got pregnant I was 34b... READ MORE

My surgeon and the ladies that work at the office wasn't really reassuring with my size I'm aiming to get. My surgery is in seven days and I'm excited! But I don't know if I should have 400cc under the muscle or 450cc..i know you lose 25-30cc under the muscle. So I'm a 36a, I weigh 130 and my... READ MORE

I've always wanted breast implants, not to have HUGE boobs, but to fit better into bras and bathing suits. I'm pretty flat and I always wear a padded bra to give the illusion that I have little something. I even wear a padded bra to the gym under my sports bra. I have an athletic build, I... READ MORE

My ps is absolutely incredible. I want to have fullness and just a size up. I feel like this is the right option for me. 300 cc saline above the muscle. He explained everything clearly and understood what I was going for. He knew exactly what I wanted before I asked and I can't wait until I... READ MORE

Hello beautiful people, I am here today because boobies, that's why. But in all seriousness, my interest and curiosity in getting a Breast Augmentation has led me to this lovely and informative web community. I am 24 now, but I have been curious about BA's for several years. I have spent the... READ MORE

As you can see from my pic I am on the petite side. I am a newly divorced 44 year old lucky mother of 2 very supportive kids: an amazing 23 old son and a bright beautiful daughter of 15. I have always wanted a BA since my son was born. Today I am 1 week away from my surgery day 7/15.... So... READ MORE

Hey everyone, So after losing even more size from my already tiny A cup (I only can wear padded 10A/32A bras currently) I've finally worked up the courage and savings to get a breast augmentation. Looking to go to a natural looking full C cup. Surgeon has recommended the following for... READ MORE

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