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Breast augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I WANT JIGGLY BOUNCY BOOBS. I am 34b .I am 116 pounds my height is 5'3. I recently lost weight and lost my boobs because I used to be a full 34c. I want to be a 34d. I want to get a breast augmentation done soon but I like natural results 'only' I don't like the fake look with the rack look... READ MORE

Hi, I have been looking for a doctor for 3 years for my breast augmentation and I came upon Dr. Reedy website. I was very nervous at first but he made me feel very comfortable. I would like to say this whole experience was worth every penny spent. I had a breast augmentation and I love the... READ MORE

I've thinking about the having this procedure for a couple of years and am now ready. The kids are grown and out of house. Time to get back to me. Nervous and excited for my BA date! Very comfortable and feeling confident with Dr. Ewart! He and his staff are great! My hubby is very... READ MORE

My procedure is scheduled for Nov. 24th and I KNOW i have a long way to go but I cannot contain myself (and my excitement) from starting documenting this journey from the very early stages. Ohh I am trying to get a full C/small D and after several appointments with different doctors most of... READ MORE

I have been on this site lurking a lot before I made the decision and joined. I enjoy reading all of your stories! I'm 28, a flight attendant and I have always wanted huge boobs. I'm a 32D now but it fluctuates from time to time. Since a girl, I've had this obsession with breast and an even... READ MORE

I am scheduled on the 21st for b.a. In Montreal with chen lee. Great consults, very professional and caring. Met me with my hubby. Finally, I've decided on 435 cc silicone unders because i got a skinny chest and no tissue. I'm scared of high profile because I don't want very round ball-like... READ MORE

Ever since i lost alot of weight i have wanted to get breast implants, But my Husband and I chose to weight until we have had our beautiful babies first! I was borderline pre op and Dr Jake Lim explained everything to me perfect, He made me feel completely comfortable with the choice i made... READ MORE

I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful kiddos. My flat chest never bothered me once I hit 20 and met my husband who isn't a "boob guy." So I was content with my flat chest. I've always been a 34aa, with exceptions of my two pregnancies, when I jumped to a nice C cup. Now I'm not only a 34aa,... READ MORE

I went to my first consultation almost a year ago. After finally choosing my plastic surgeon (went to 5) I will be having my augmentation with Benelli lift on August 22! I have my final consultation with him this Friday to go over everything again. I am very petite at only 5'0 - 90lbs - 32a... READ MORE

I am 20 years old, 5'9 and 130lbs. Currently a 34 A and hoping to be a natural full C. I have always had a problem with the fat bulge around my armpits. I never were tank-tops or nice tops unless it covers it because I am so self conscious of it. I have been working out for over 5 years and... READ MORE

I had my BA done nearly three weeks ago now and I would definitely recommend to anyone considering having it done! I had pretty much nothing before and have gone from a 32A to hopefully a 32D/DD. I had a lot of pain and initially and still have some bruises which I think were caused by the... READ MORE

I am off to Phuket, Thailand, in late November 2014 for what I'm hoping will be the trip of a lifetime, in a positive way. I'm getting a breast augmentation to take me from an A to a DD. I'm also getting a labiaplasty to get rid of some embarrassing unevenness. Then there's the not as obvious... READ MORE

10 year figure competitor, upper body extremely lean and muscular, breast fed for 3.5 years=ZERO BOOBS I have always wanted a breast augmentation but was torn with rationalizing cosmetic surgery of any type , I.e., be happy with the body you have been given. I have since gotten over myself... READ MORE

I'm looking for a Doc for my surgery. I really like dr Glunk. I haven't had my consult yet and so scared he's going to be out of my 5-6k price range. Any heads up on that ladies? I just moved here from Florida and have no idea who to choose or what the cost. I have seen some of his work and he... READ MORE

Before I had breast augmentation I used to wear a 34B push up bra, it fitted me but most of it was pad. I had very little breast tissue, my goal was to be a large C and my surgeon advised me to go for 400ccs and that same day of surgery I went up 25ccs just because I thought it would make a... READ MORE

46 year old mom, great looking, intelligent, and educated professional standing at 5'4" and 120lbs., seeking high profile smooth round silicon implants. Must be in the range of 400 to 450 and able to rock some cleavage. Small implants need not reply. Pre-op today. No concerns and no issues.... READ MORE

I am so excited! I scheduled surgery today for next month. I am 32 years old 5'2, 118 lbs (on a good day). I have wanted a breast augmentation for about a year because after breastfeeding two babies my body is not the same. I bounced back fine after my first baby, but after I had my son my... READ MORE

I have always had small breasts size 34B and I decided to go with a size that would look natural... I chose a D ... with Saline... I love the results...even if If could have gone for a DD...but I look and feel WONDERFUL! My incision is under my breasts and the implants are under the muscle.... READ MORE

I have been unsure about surgery but now I know I want this. I am having a hard time choosing a Doctor... How do you choose?? All of the doctors I have been researching have some good and some bad reviews... I really don't care a whole lot about bedside service. As long as the result is perfect... READ MORE

HI! I have wanted to have BA for quite some time and just was too afraid to have it done. Now that I have hit 48, I decided I am going to go for it! You only live once! I have been to my consultation so far and it was good. I tried on sizes and it seems that the 450cc silicone rounds HP... READ MORE

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