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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Hi Realself!!! I like many others have been stalking this site for about 2 months now. My pre-op is tomorrow so I thought I would do the right thing and pay it forward. I honestly wouldn't be in the mental space that I am if it wasn't for the other BA patients post. Because of you guys I am... READ MORE

I'm currently researching surgeons for a breast augmentation. I am considering Dr. Freiman or Dr. Fisher in Miami. I've seen great results from both surgeons, still undecided. I have seen beautiful results in the D.R., but I prefer to stay in the U.S. I haven't had any consultations yet, hoping... READ MORE

I'm having my procedure done this Friday and I'm so exited! I've been waiting a looooong time for this. I was a year ahead in school so I started middle school when I was 10 (and completely flat-chested) and I saw some 14-15 year old girls with like DDs. Ever since then I knew I was gonna have... READ MORE

Before children, I was fine with my 34 B-C cup size. After getting into shape, and BF, I lost the size and fullness - and I've been thinking about having a BA done for the past 2 years. I finally went for 2 consultations with 2 really good surgeons in San Francisco. I decided to move forward... READ MORE

Dr. Struck is amazing he made me feel really comfortable at my consultation and listened to exactly what I want. I totally trust everything he says and I know they are going to look great I can't wait..2 more weeks!!! I'm planning on getting anywhere from 400-500cc silicone implants under the... READ MORE

I didn't have much to begin with, but after working out and breastfeeding, I've lost even more. Not quite, an A, but can't fill a B completely. So currently wearing VS 32B. Been to 2 consultations, who are both going in different directions, so making it a little more difficult. Have one... READ MORE

Getting ready to have my surgery done this month, I'm very excited!!!!! I spoke to Dr Charry on Skype and his assistant Erika help us with translation to Englsih, he aswered all my questions. I cant wait to get to Colombia where Erika will be waiting for me and make sure i have everything i need... READ MORE

I just want bigger boobs for more self-confidence. I've been stalking the site for a few months. I've been to two consultations one in Fort Worth Texas & dr. Fieldman here in sugar land. I've decided to go with the doctor here in Houston since it's closer to home. This is my first surgery ever!... READ MORE

OMG I'm overly excited . I've been on RS for a while stalking everyone !!!! I love everyone's stories and feed back I was gonna start my profile when I arrived in Medellin, Columbia but.... Here goes . So I've been doing makeup at gentlemen's clubs for a while I see ALL kinds of amazing sergery... READ MORE

I'm currently 2 days post-op! Everything has been going well. I had my surgery at 7:30am this past Wednesday, and was home before 11 :) Before meeting with my surgeon, I assumed I would get at least 300ccs, based on online browsing. But as you all know, that's not exactly how this works!... READ MORE

Should have done this sooner but I wasn't planing on doin this. I spent hours on this website and it helped me a lot so I thought I should give back. I hope to help at least one person in their journey. My stats: 24 yrs 5'4,130lbs 0 kids Pre 34B Post 34DD? Too early to tell, but what I asked... READ MORE

I've loved reading these reviews so I decided to document my journey. I've never had a problem with having small boobs, I have a problem with having NO boobs! Couldn't even get cleavage in 2 push up bras! I had 4 consultations before deciding on dr Rubis. Surgery is April 14. Nervous about... READ MORE

I just had my 50 birthday. I have always been self conscious of my breasts. I have considered breast augmentation for years but I have always talked myself out of it. Trying to convince myself that it was a silly waste of money and it didn't matter. I wear 34 A but the truth is its probably AA... READ MORE

I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many stories and it's helping me prepare so much more.....except kind of scared. I was under the impression you go in and boom perfect boobs when you come out . It seems like it's a few months before they "drop", "fluff", etc. So I am thinking what... READ MORE

I've been reading all these reviews and figured I would write something on here to ease my nerves once it comes down to the surgery. I am planning on getting it done September 4th, I have already went for the first consultation and absolutely love the doctor I went to. I am a mammography /xray... READ MORE

I am looking to go from my deflated saggy nippled 34A to a 34C (or maybe bigger? ugh). Getting silicone, under the muscle. TERRIFIED about recovery. Since I have a 2 year old that needs in and out of the car.. ugh. I have Friday (procedure day) off until Tuesday afternoon. I am full time in... READ MORE

Until I hit about 42 years, I was never really bothered by my small breasts. I admired larger breasts but accepted that was not my fate, plus I have always been athletic and they were convenient. And they didn't look too bad. But around 42, everything started deflating. Even my boyfriend,... READ MORE

I so I had been looking for a dr to do my breast implants and after doing so much research I came across Dr. Feldman. I made a consultation. As soon as I met him I knew he had to be my doctor. He is the nicest dr I have met, he answers all your questions,jokes with you,makes you feel so... READ MORE

I am 35years old, turning 36 this year. About 15 years ago I was a 34b/c and after having breastfed two kids more than ten years ago, I am wearing now a 32a (or even a 65c, which is like a 30c I think). I am almost 5'11" and weigh more or less 128 lbs. I must admit, I am not in pretty good shape... READ MORE

Just got the call today confirming my pre-op on Monday which makes this even more real! I have surgery Tuesday, and post-op Wednesday. I wasn't going to post anything, but I had a hard time trying to find females my size getting similar sizes that I wanted. So, I figured I'd put in my... READ MORE

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