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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hello Ladies, My name is Money:). (My baby sis gave me that, love her) Im from Detroit, Mi. Hispanic and French. Im 25 yrs old 5'2 at 105 lbs no kids. Short and Petite. :) So I wanted to right my journey on her because Im super anxious and I dont see many young girls on here so i figure ILL BE... READ MORE

So I've wanted a breast augmentation for some time now. I am almost 23 years old, have always been very petite all around with small breasts, barely fitting into an A cup bra. When I was younger it definitely affected my self esteem. However, the older I got I came to appreciate my little... READ MORE

This site has been so helpful as I make decisions through this journey so I thought it was time that I added my review--especially since I didn't find many women with my stats. I have always loved my smallish breasts. I frequently go braless, and I love open-back shirts, or just wearing a cute... READ MORE

So after reading countless posts from other users about their BA experiences, I have decided to begin documenting my own journey to hopefully help others as well as to have something to look back on when this is all done and over! :) Since puberty, I always had very large breasts compared to my... READ MORE

So here's my first post-op review, I'm a 29 year old woman with one child. Since having him my breast have become smaller from breast feeding! I've never seen self concuous until now. I don't want to take my bra off during sex, I'll even try to wear a shirt. My boyfriend loves my body but I... READ MORE

Ive started this to get some guidance and support. A little about me. Australian 23yrs old 176cm tall 68kg 2 children aged nearly 5 and 3. I have wanted implants for as long as I can remember. I've researched before but ive just become serious. I want to feel sexy again, I want to look in the... READ MORE

I'm booked in to receive my breast augmentation on Friday, March 27th, 2015. I found these reviews really helpful when making the decision to go through with the surgery, so I figured I better write my own! I've always been self conscious of the size of my breasts, and decided at a young age... READ MORE

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger... READ MORE

Whew, Well here I go! I have had Crohns disease for 15 years and suffered extreme weight loss, That and after having my son, my breast were engorged from breast milk and not breast feeding crushing my breast tissue. So between those two things I was left with very flat deflated breast. It has... READ MORE

So I am doing this for all the girls out there who have sagging breast and don't want a lift plus to give my opinions on the sub-fascial procedure. I was told on here by like 20 ps I had to have a lift in order to get good results and I would hate it and I had sever ptosis and on and on till I... READ MORE

I've wanted a nice full bust for as long as I can remember so after my last child, I felt completely deflated and flatter chested than I've ever been. I've always been a small 34A that would inflate to a 34B during pregnancy. I feel like I went with a conservative augmentation with my 425cc... READ MORE

Im a size 32A and I've pretty much have had saggy boobs for half my life. I had my daughter at the age of 16 which happens to have been 17 years ago. I can't even remember what my breast looked like prior to giving birth. But i do remember how awful it made me feel to have saggy boobs while most... READ MORE

Lovely facilities and staff Dr. Piyapas was amazing, consultation a little rushed, semi regretting getting round implants rather than anatomical, which I blame on the rushing of the decision, but over a brilliant experience with no pain, barely any bruising, minimal swelling etc. its almost... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I went to have a consult with 1 board certified plastic surgeon and have another appointment with another one this Friday. Was wondering if anyone out there with similar breasts to mine have gotten a BA and what CCs they chose to do. He recommended 450-500 and no lift. Opinions? I... READ MORE

I just had my 50 birthday. I have always been self conscious of my breasts. I have considered breast augmentation for years but I have always talked myself out of it. Trying to convince myself that it was a silly waste of money and it didn't matter. I wear 34 A but the truth is its probably AA... READ MORE

When you lose weight and work so hard, you just want it to be everything you imagined. Yes, the healthy body and increased energy ate worth it alone but I wanted to reward myself by refilling out my deflated breasts. I chose 650cc moderate plus smooth silicon implants and I couldn't be happier!... READ MORE

My advice to you never I mean never go to a doctor that have seasonal specials! I had a ba and I have hated it with a passion since I got them. I went in With beautiful perky breast that fit my small frame. Now I am left with 500 cc now sagging breast that are so far apart they make me look... READ MORE

Dr. P and his whole staff are so amazing! I felt comfortable the moment I walked into the office. Dr. P was very honest and answered every single question I had with confidence. I knew I was making the right decision by chosing him to do my breast augmentation and lift. At my first office visit,... READ MORE

I decided a year ago I wanted implants, and now I can finally afford it! Looking to book my surgery this summer, this site has been so helpful in guiding my decisions that will leave me with the most satisfied result! I am eager to share my journey with anyone whom thinks they will benefit from... READ MORE

First off, a big thank you to all of the contributors to this site. I've been looking at lots of reviews on this site for a while and I've found lots of helpful and informative posts. I started off going to MYA and I found the service very very pushy on the finance and the appointment system... READ MORE

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