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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,765 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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Wow, where to start! I actually wanted to start this from the beginning, a couple months ago but couldn't figure out how to do this. Lol. Anyway, I'm 34 years old, single mom to a 6-year old little mini me! Love her!! Having a BA is something I've been trying to do for more than half my life!!... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Pound for several years now. My first procedure was a cosmetic surgery which I am extremely happy with. So, I have continued using Dr. Pound and his staff for all my cosmetic needs including Botox, fillers, and facials. I also just started using the skin care line they... READ MORE

I have been breasted my whole life and it has been a huge and ongoing self esteem issue for me. When my two kids where born, they got nice, but nowhere close to what I consider to be ideal. In fact, that too was temporary and I had to give up nursing at 6 months for both ids because I simply did... READ MORE

RealSelf helped me so much in my decision to explant (remove implants). Had to write my experience. I hope it helps someone. BACKGROUND: was 25yr old, size 34 b. Wanted them bigger. Husband tried to talk me out of it. (He's the smart one) Got McGhan 330cc mid profile, smooth round,... READ MORE

I had saline under muscle implants done in 2006, and have regretted going too large. The surgery was very well done, minimal scarring and proportionate to my height (I'm 5'10"), but an essential consideration REALLY THINK surgeons should highlight to patients is the practical matter of standard... READ MORE

I am from Spain and after several visits to cosmetic surgery consultations in a lot of different cities, I decided to have surgery with Dr. Aslani; he gave me lot of confidence, is a very transparent person and he guaranteed me natural and satisfactory result as i claimed. Currently after 8... READ MORE

I am currently 5'3 103 lbs. I came across this picture of Jenah on the internet. She had her BA about 2 yrs ago, Im not sure what size her implants are but I would love to end up with something like this! I don't wear bras often being I have such a small chest but I believe I am about a 32A. How... READ MORE

I am 27 and have been booked in for surgery on the 6th of September (I'll be 28 on the 7th, the day after my surgery.. Boobs for my birthday!). I have had 3 big babies and all whom which I breastfed. Yay, go me! Yay, there goes my boobies! Sad face! I have always been small built with a very... READ MORE

Well, I am 2 weeks out from my surgery and all kinds of emotions are taking over! I am travelling out of state for my surgery and had an online consultation. Because of this, I am unsure of sizing! Ive looked at many before and after photos and am estimating I will get between 300-400 cc's. I... READ MORE

So I'm 27yo, soon to be 28 and have been fluctuating in my weight since I was a teenager..from 115lbs and anorexic to 170lbs and obese. With my fluctuation in weight came my fluctuation in breast size, I went between a 32C to a 36C at my heaviest. Currently I'm a 34C and have very minimal upper... READ MORE

I'm 36 years old, married, 4 children...nursed 2 since 2009! Currently a deflated 34B. Went in for my pre op today & we decided on 500cc silicone HP unders, I'm 5'5" & 124 pounds hoping for a D/DD but we didn't talk cup size.....I'm anxiously awaiting the BIG day 2/7/14 :) also my sons 13th... READ MORE

Monday is my big day. I totally have jitters. I'm rethinking my size, my profile, the timing, everything! Part of that is just my personality, and part of it is because it is such a life changing decision. I've always loathed having such small breasts, but now that I'm about to say adios to... READ MORE

Hi, I didn't contemplate a BA until the last year, when I noticed my breasts started to sag. I used to be a full B but became a droopy A/B :( I've been running a lot and changed my diet/lifestyle to be extremely clean so I wonder if that had an impact. I knew nothing about BA's other than what... READ MORE

After years of deliberation I finally did it. This site was particularly helpful with my decision making and leading up to my operation so figured I should give back a little. Stats; I am 25yo, 172cm tall, weigh 50kg, have a breast width of 11.5cm, no kids, before cup size of AA left and A... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, 135 lbs, a 34A-32B. I have a 1 year old son. I have wanted to do this for years, but never seriously saved money or had the support that I needed. I do plan to have another baby in 5-7 years but do not feel like I have the patience to wait. I have finally saved enough for my... READ MORE

I have talked about it on and off and then my husband said I did something for you, he scheduled a consult. I probably never would have. We went I said what the heck and it was overwhelming. I walked out of the office on Friday thinking I don't think I want to do this. Called the PS Sunday night... READ MORE

I knew at a very early age that I wanted a breast augmentation seeing as good ol mother nature forgot to check off the boobs box when she sent me through puberty. Finally this year, the stars aligned and I was able to get my surgery! I went from a 32a to a 34c and couldn't be happier, I can't... READ MORE

I have started wearing double padded extreme push up bras since maybe grade 7! My friend gave it to me.. And then ever since then I have always bought those kind. Making me look a D atleast! I feel like such a fraud! Really being a small B! But since I was young I wore those and gained this... READ MORE

I thought this place would be a good start to document my journey to get a breast augmentation. A little about me then....I just turned 30 in March and it was a real turning point in my life. I have always been disappointed and unhappy with my breast size.I realized around 15 that I was never... READ MORE

I'm a 38 yr old mother of three. Breastfed all 3 kiddos for varying lengths. Prior to children I was always a small B. After having children I was excited I managed to maintain a C cup up until a few months ago. I lost 10lbs and apparently it all came from the boobs! Even at a C cup I thought of... READ MORE

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