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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I would recommend Dr. Obaid to any woman seeking a breast augmentation. First off, I'd say, definitely have more than one consultation. Limit your consults to no more than three. Anymore than that, is just too many. Decide based on comfort level, and the amount of education they provide you... READ MORE

I never had big beasts... In fact they were always fairly pathetic :-( I used to call them booblets as they never really grew in to boobs haha. I was a 36B but being tall and having a fairly large rib cage they always looked a bit lost. When I had my daughter at 19 I breastfed her for 8 months,... READ MORE

Hello all... I don't normally use anything like this or talk about my body - especially bits that i'm not happy about but here I am. I have found this site so useful so far but also very confusing at the same time. I have always had small boobs and always joked and laughed about them and me... READ MORE

So far everything has gone great! Dr. Gonce and his staff are amazing. I went in for my consult today and they made me feel at ease, the doctor was so nice and laid back. He was confident in his work but no arrogant like other doctors I have met before. EVERYONE from the front desk to the nurses... READ MORE

I have always wanted larger breast Because I feel like every "woman" has a nice set of racks! I am 24 years old , 5'3 and weigh about 120 pounds. I am trying to decide what size will look right on my body frame. I wear a 32A in bras and I am looking to have a full C after the procedure.... READ MORE

I've been wanting breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I have never been happy with my breasts. I have 2 children, 7 yrs old and 4 years old. Before getting pregnant I had somewhat perky boobs but they were small. Now after breast feeding I am left with deflated balloons. ... READ MORE

I am new to Real Self, and am so thankful to have stumbled in here. :) I finally did it. After two weeks of hours upon hours of research, obsessing constantly about boobs, along with literally dreaming about them, I made the call. I am beyond excited to start this next step of my BA journey... READ MORE

Dr. Deluca is an absolute professional and caring doctor. I had to reschedule my apt 2 times he had no problem. Have me his honest opinion. Had my surgery on Tuesday and I'm beyond satisfied with my results! Very talented and exceeds in what he does! Highly recommend dr. Deluca I wouldn't dare... READ MORE

For most of my life I have been overweight, within the past 6 months I have lost 35 pounds. My highest weight was around 213 my freshman/sophomore year of college. Starting my weight loss journey at 206 (August 2013) and now weighing 171 (February 2014,) I have decided I would like to go forth... READ MORE

I spent most of my adult life discontent with the size of my breasts. I wore padded bras everywhere I went. When I had children in my thirties and nursed successfully, I did make a sort of peace with my breasts: they performed beautifully and did exactly what they were designed to do. I felt... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get my boobs done for years and always told myself that if I didn't get the chance to do it before the age of 40 I would get them on my 40th birthday... Well I'm not 40 yet I'm 36 and I can't wait any longer.. I'm scheduled to have them done on April 2nd and am very excited.. READ MORE

Mother of three finally deciding to take the plunge. I have always had a small chest 34 except when pregnant and breast-feeding they were a double D , I swore I would never stop breast-feeding just to keep those babies. I'm tired of padded bras gapping bathing suits and not feeling proportioned.... READ MORE

So my journey begins. Just went to my pre op and picked my size implant. Dr thought hp's, but I didn't like the projection. I have been walking around for 2 weeks with rice sizers on. I really liked 275cc, so going with 304cc since I will loose a little going under the muscle. I really... READ MORE

Very anxiously waiting for my surgery. 3 weeks to go!! I am currently a 32 A, want to be a full C. Not too heavy, just enough cleavage. I originally just got here to have a better idea on how I would look. A lot of girls like going too big and have been questioning the amount I choose. Doctor... READ MORE

I have just begun my journey which so far has consisted of doing research, reading stories on Real Self etc. Having a BA is something I've thought about doing for along time, but knew I wouldn't do it until I was done having kids. I am a mother to be of 2, nursed the first and planning to nurse... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I stumbled across this site when I was doing my research into BA. Reading all of the personal journeys has really helped me understand what i want from mine, so I thought I'd like to share mine in the hope it may help someone else. I'm 5ft 5, 9stone and I have 2 young boys. I have... READ MORE

I have two boys and dont plan on having anymore. I breastfed my son for about 8mths i do believe that had alot to do with my boobs sagiing a little. I recently lost 30lbs and now my boobs are almost non existent.... I have my first appointment tomorrow with dr reynolds, i researched alot of... READ MORE

I am a 51 year old mother of 3 who has had small breasts all of my life. I never completely filled out a 34A bra and so I would always have to shop in the Teen Section of the Department store for my bras. When breast implants became more popular, 34A became more obsolete. Because I am bottom... READ MORE

I am a 28 yr old hispanic single mother of 2. After my 2nd child my breast be came non existent. To begin with I was a 32B went up to a 36C in my first pregnancy went back down to a 32B 2nd pregnancy went back up to a 36C then back down agina to 32B with that up and down going on in my breast... READ MORE

Hi all. I had a BA done 3 days ago on 2/24/2015. I surprised myself in getting a BA cause I never considered it an option, mostly due to money and because it wasn't natural. I went to school for environmental studies and learned to value things in their natural state including myself, but being... READ MORE

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