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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I have always wanted to increase my bra size. I am a 32C Victoria's Secret sizing so being real I'm probably a 32B. Anyway i went in to my consultation Tuesday and absolutely loved my doctor and knew I wanted her to do it. She had an opening may 15th and well I snatched it up! I am so excited!!!... READ MORE

17 years after my first consult with Dr. Shaw, I am getting my breast augmented and lifted. After 3 consults - Dr. Diaza, Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa and Dr Shaw, I've decided to go with Shaw. I'm nervous, because it's no longer just an augmentation, but a lift as well. Scary and excited at the same... READ MORE

I am 27, 5,4ft and 117lbs. I am currently a 34A/32B my breast base diameter is about 12cm. I am a mother of one. I breast fed for 9 months. I am planning to have breast augmentation in Madrid. I would like to know if there is anyone on this site who has had a BA in Madrid and what experience... READ MORE

Hey, I am 30yrs old, 5'7 & currently a 12a (34a for US members) Im looking at getting my boobies made a tad bigger in Thailand this May. I am torn between Destiny Meditravel and Destination Beauty group tours. Has anyone used either one of these companies before? I have attached my current pics... READ MORE

About a year ago I decided that I really wanted to go ahead with a breast augmentation. After researching a lot of clinics I found the new birkdale clinic and decided to go with Dr Degado. I had my initial consultation where I decided on 275cc implants, medium profile and sub muscular. My... READ MORE

So far so good! Choose my doctor because he was a Trojan ( USC) alum.... So is my husband and my mother just retired from LAC-USC. Fight On! Lol Anyways I originally choose 350cc but after knowing that people usually regret the size after the procedure I decided on 400cc. So far I am glad I did... READ MORE

I recently decided that I wanted to have breast implants and put my mind to it and made a plan to get it done, i have been on the net researching non stop and have my first appointment on the 7th of April. I am extremely nervous now and wondering if I'm making the right decision to get this done... READ MORE

I've been dealing with so many health issues in the last 2years and since giving birth. I feel like I take good care of myself, I am physically better. After many years of wanting bigger breasts & not fitting clothing the way I would like to I've decided that this is for me! I have never in my... READ MORE

So after years of wishing I had boobs, I'm finally making it happen. I've been researching BA for several months, and was looking at 3 PS in the Scottsdale, AZ area. I decided to go with Dr. Aldo Guerra, simply based on reviews, experience, his training, etc. I had been emailing his office,... READ MORE

So today is the day I go and have my surgery done!! I am super excited. Not so nervous thanks to Ativan!! I am sharing some pre-op pictures. I am getting 550cc silicone HP implants! I will keep you posted after surgery!! I have had back and forth thoughts on getting my boobs. Im really excited... READ MORE

I received my implants april 10, it is now 3 days post op. Very little pain, although they are still quite high and swollen. So far, I love them!! Was a 34a Pre-op. Amazingly almost all of my clothes still fit, just better. I am very happy I went through with the procedure and only wish id done... READ MORE

I thought about having a BA on and off for years! I breastfed my four kids, which I loved, but they ruined my perky small breasts. I am very athletic and I try to be a healthy gal, but I'd finally had it with having NO boobs! After having done a lot of research, I selected Dr. Steve Teitelbaum.... READ MORE

Finally! I have the oppurtunity of getting a BA! I am currently stationed in Okinawa Japan and my friend and I have decided on going to Thailand with Destination Beauty to get our boobs done. I originally was going to go to a Japanese doctor here but the prices are crazy high!!! $7,600 for a BA.... READ MORE

Hey guys! 21 years old from Wisconsin. I have scheduled my appointment and signed the contract for a breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega April 17th 2015 at spectrum aesthetics. JUST A FEW MONTHS AWAY:) .My consultation is the same day as operation which is nice for people who are out... READ MORE

I had my son three years ago. Before I was a full C cup, and with a Victoria Secret Bombshell bra va va voom. For a year after he was born I was rocking a 34D, then I started working out again and my husband got us started on a super healthy nutrition plan. I lost 20 pounds of weight, toned by... READ MORE

After having 3 kids and breast feeding all of had nothing left, when I say nothing I mean NOTHING, it was like the great flap jack paid a visit to my chest! Decided it was time to do something about it! When I found and met Dr.Haupt I knew I was in good hands and ready to feel good about myself... READ MORE

Looking forward to my BA march 11 th ! Going to mexico end of February getting back just in time for surgery! Happy I'm going to be TAN when I get them in! I've been working out and eating clean and am really going to try to be "good" in Mex ( no alcohol and greasy food) so I can love how I... READ MORE

I've loved reading these reviews so I decided to document my journey. I've never had a problem with having small boobs, I have a problem with having NO boobs! Couldn't even get cleavage in 2 push up bras! I had 4 consultations before deciding on dr Rubis. Surgery is April 14. Nervous about... READ MORE

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous before the surgery, my doctor and all the people were so amazing. I wasn't really in pain when I woke up, just uncomfortable, like sore muscles. I had 3 procedures done. My doctor told me I could lay on my back. I had"Faja" when I woke up, which I read a lot that u... READ MORE

Ok I'm going to have to go back and search for pictures to post because it's been awhile. I always wanted breast and never came by them. After I nursed two kids I absolutely felt like I needed them because there wasn't much of anything left. A- . My recovery was easy. I never had pain. Of course... READ MORE

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