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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Hi Girls , I'm getting crazy with the countdown until my surgery , i'm only 10 days away from my dream to have big boobs , so excited !!! I need to know all about your experience and tips that you guys think that I'll need :) I'm thinking about to get maximum 480cc and minimum 380cc , i... READ MORE

I remember wanna a boob job for so many years I was always so shame to use a bathing suit. I started out as a 34c while breast feeding 34d now a 34A :( I had my implants put in 2 days ago I had 600cc saline implants under the muscle. Day 2 I'm still in so much pain . I remember going in and been... READ MORE

I decided to gift myself with a breast augmentation for my 30th birthday which will be Aug 4th. Yay me! I've never been 100% happy with my breasts. I was the last girl in school to develop. In high school I was an A cup or barely B. I was in sports but hated to wear a sports bra because my boobs... READ MORE

26 petite mother of two beautiful girls just wanting my boobies back! I used to have a nice 34D but after two pregnancies I know have deflated uneven 32d's kinda. I'm hoping for 350cc -375cc silicone under the muscle with a lift and hopefully I'll be back to normal! hopefully getting them by... READ MORE

I decided to write on here because I know how much it can benefit others to read about someone else in your same situation. Since my teens I had asymmetrical breasts and knew one day I would want to get them fixed. After each pregnancy it got worse since I produced more milk on my left therefore... READ MORE

I am going to Dr.Au in Raleigh NC. My procedure is tomorrow and gosh!! I am nervous! I have wanted boobs forever but after I had my 2 kids and my boobs basically disappeared, I felt like my want turned into a need. After a while, my husband came up with the money and I am about to have some... READ MORE

I am 5'2 133lbs. I have one child who I breast fed for a year. My breast went from full b cups to full D's. After breastfeeding they deflated into horrible flat pancakes. I wanted a bbl but I can wait for that. I have to get these breast back looking right. I read up on Dr.O and I love his... READ MORE

I've always wanted to a breast augmentation and finally decided to do it. I had my procedure done with Dr. Markmann of Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery on October 4, 2013. Here is my journey... Today is the day after surgery. The day before surgery was absolutely nerve racking...the anticipation... READ MORE

I've done tons of research on plastic surgeons in Orange County and Los Angeles. Somehow I came across Dr. Kim website and felt in love with his before and after photos right away. I finally had my consultation with Dr Kim in August 2014 and was very happy with his response. I told him I... READ MORE

I have been so flat chested all Of my life. All my friends grew up and grew boobs. As I got into high school it didn't bother me too much. I just viewed that time as being patient. I would look online and hear stories of girls who were 19 or 20 that all of a sudden grew boobs. Well I'm done... READ MORE

After breast feeding two little ones, my breast were pretty much non-exsistent. They had lost all their volume and on top of that were just so tiny. So when I opted for a breast augmentation, I couldn't have picked a better plastic surgery center than Dr. Mandell Brown's office in Cincinnati... READ MORE

I found my doctor. After consultation I came home to talk to the hubs and told him all about it. This was the 2nd doctor I went on a consultation with. It was totally different from first. We both think 280-300cc would be best for me. I am super skinny/boney. I am 5'3", 92lbs. I am now waiting... READ MORE

Hey everyone!! Today is my surgery day! I went in at 6 am and my surgery was at 7. I desired a small C cup because I am very petite (5'2, 120 lb's) and didn't want to look top heavy or unproportional to my size. I also run and work out so I didn't want to be huge. My doctor put in 275 cc... READ MORE

Well all I have to say is my experience so far has been the worst! I'm 23 years old from calgary alberta Canada. Reason for my Breast augumentation is because of weight loss. I was 200pounds 2.5 years ago lost 60 pounds and did one fitness comp. With extreme weight loss my breast took the punch.... READ MORE

Have been thinking on and off for years about breast augmentation. Looking to get a consult very soon. I am looking to go up a cup size to a C. Im currently about a medium 32B. I desire a more fuller look but still want them to look very natural on my frame. I've seen a lot of great natural... READ MORE

I am 12 days post op, I have always wanted implants as I was completely flat and self conscious with my body. I chose 375cc round textured naterelle implants, UHP as that was the biggest my dr would go because of my very narrow chest. I was wanting DD but am meant to be a D by the time I D&F,... READ MORE

2 weeks out from surgery and just had my pre-op appt yesterday. I'm so excited! Everyone at Marietta Plastic Surgery is awesome. I was nervous at my consult back in April, but I've had a lot of time to process the fact that this is really happening and it's happening soon. In the last month I've... READ MORE

I've always loved my boobs, they used to be pretty perfect, round and firm and just kind of stuck on - in a good way! I felt really really grateful that i didn't have to worry about at least one thing on my body.... I was a 32 D at 16 with a 24 inch waist - but they didn't seem as 'big' as they... READ MORE

Pre-pregnancy, I was a 32C. During pregnancy, I went up to a 36D. I am currently a deflated 32A. I am so sick of not fitting into my clothes properly. I am so self-conscious. When I wear dresses, there is just so much extra fabric flapping around. Surgery is tomorrow! I have been taking a... READ MORE

Hi guys, so before I make a deposit for Dr. Ortega, I want to know where I should go.. CGC or SPECTRUM? I've read some reviews that really made it hard for me to decide on where I want to go. Also, what should I bring/buy to help my recovery go smoothly? How long do I have to stay and where... READ MORE

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