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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Stats: Age: 26 years old Height: 5'5" Weights: around 120lbs Starting Cup Size: 34AA-34A Hoping to be a 34C I have wanted a breast augmentation since I knew my boobs were done developing at the age of 18. I was never serious about it until I started working out consistently and being more... READ MORE

Growing up, I was petite and longed for curves. I fell in love with bodybuilding after I finished school and stopped with sports. Once I started lifting, I built my curves but saw what little breast fat I had disappear once I got really lean for the stage. I knew I always wanted to get a BA... READ MORE

I am one day post opp. I was a 32 A and wanted to at least go to a C cup and have fuller breasts. Because I have a small frame 5'5, 125 lbs my doctor reccomended 280 CC's. I also do not have children yet and wanted to take that into consideration since my breasts will grow even more one day. Not... READ MORE

OMG I'm overly excited . I've been on RS for a while stalking everyone !!!! I love everyone's stories and feed back I was gonna start my profile when I arrived in Medellin, Columbia but.... Here goes . So I've been doing makeup at gentlemen's clubs for a while I see ALL kinds of amazing sergery... READ MORE

I've always wanted bigger breast. However, my late sweet husband convinced me he was happy with my 36 B cups. The sudden loss of my late husband was painful but it helped me to learn to live my 'best' life and do "me". So I made the decision to go for it. I'm excited and my daughters have... READ MORE

Today is the day for my surgery. I have been waiting for a while to do this for ME. Don't feel guilty, ladies. Especially if you are a mother who's body was transformed my having children. Spend a lot of time with your sizers. The longer you walk around with them like they are part of your... READ MORE

Hey there everyone! I'm 23 no kids and I wear a 32/B (which is really the same as an A cup) I have wanted a breast augmentation for years as I knew in my teens I wasn't going to get them naturally. I have had a couple consultations and I am confident I have found a great doctor to do my surgery.... READ MORE

I am going to Dr.Au in Raleigh NC. My procedure is tomorrow and gosh!! I am nervous! I have wanted boobs forever but after I had my 2 kids and my boobs basically disappeared, I felt like my want turned into a need. After a while, my husband came up with the money and I am about to have some... READ MORE

Well let me just say I fell in love. As soon as I walked in the office, it smelled great, great energy and attitude. The girls are so nice!! The doctor was very knowledgeable and answered my every question, although I couldn't talk lol (typed all my questions and he read them and responded). ... READ MORE

My biggest want since I was old enough to know what boobs are were big boobs. Well my body felt otherwise. I am a 34B right now and I want to be a D. So finally I have the ability to this for me. I have gone to 2 consultations and finally landed on the dr that I want to do my surgery. I haven't... READ MORE

Hi! I am new to the site. As you can see after nursing two babies my ladies are completely deflated! I am going for a consultation tomorrow! I have spent hours scouring the sites and my biggest question is whether or not I will need a lift! Thoughts?? I have seen so many posts with boobs... READ MORE

I've chosen my PS & met with him for my re-op appointment. everything went very smoothly. I am most fearful of looking top heavy because although i petite, i have a wide waist and hips, similar to kate uptons wide waist and hips. i really like my petite image and i love the way i look in clothes... READ MORE

Ok so I've been wanting breast augmentation since forever.. And ice been stalking this site for months so I've decided this year I'm having the procedure done and I want to do it in the month of June... My dilemma is I don't know which dr to go with, one closer to home in nj that has great... READ MORE

It's the night before my surgery. I'm absolutely terrified. I'm not scared anymore of how they are going to look when they are finished, but I'm terrified of the general anesthetic and the surgery itself. I'm having this done for a few different reasons first I love my breasts when I was... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, size 8 and around 9stone. I am currently a B cup and hoping to become a full C cup. I have always struggled a little with my weight and up until about 4/5 years ago I was a big size 12 and a 34DD. After loosing weight my boobs shrank right down to a B and after getting more... READ MORE

From early childhood I've always wanted bigger breasts I want to take it back to jerry springer days lol. During college when I noticed that birth control increased my chest size it was amazing. But a large disadvantage when I came off of it my breasts and my body weight went with it. Now... READ MORE

Something came over me at my 45th birthday, I decided to do things that make me happy. I am 163 lbs. and 5'6". I had been thinking about a breast augmentation for many years. I had a breast biopsy many years ago which resulted in one breast smaller than the other. The lump that was removed was... READ MORE

I am 21 years old finally going through with my dream of implants. I have 0 children, and great family support. I currently wear a 32A, but have become sucked into spending $80 on bras for "double" cup size, extra padding knowing its not what i was born with. So I have already chose a doctor and... READ MORE

For the longest time, I have wanted a breast augmentation. I had seen a couple of surgeons prior to Dr. David E Kim, and I had not felt confident in my decision until I met Dr. Kim and reviewed his work online. His work online is outstanding, especially among the petite women who go from having... READ MORE

To Doctor Pousti and his quality staff (with a special shout out to Vanessa), Thank you thank you thank you thank you. There simply aren't enough word combinations I could string together that would adequately describe how I feel about this whole experience. If I had to sum it up in one word... READ MORE

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