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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,719 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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As a teen and a young adult, I was always happy with my breasts. They weren't huge, but they were perky and had a nice shape. I definitely never considered having a breast augmentation during this time. After breastfeeding however.. things changed! My boobs weren't terrible.. but I definitely... READ MORE

I'm 5'5 140lbs. Right now I'm a small 36 B wanting a full D. I have surgery next Tuesday and today I'm freaking out because I just don't know if I picked the right PA. I mean I do love him but I was torn between 2. My first PA said he would make the incision through the areola so he could... READ MORE

I've wanted this for a long time. I am 6'+ with small asymmetrical boobs (a,b). I had a few consultations, have chosen a surgeon and put down the money! So nervous. I want to be a plump but natural looking full C to balance out my large hips. Currently my measurements are 32-29-42. My surgeon... READ MORE

Hey guys!!!! I'm 29, 5'3'', and currently a wearing a 36A. I went for my pre-op appointment today and am so stinkin' excited! I've wanted this for a long time and can't believe it's finally happening! Today I decided on high profile, 450ccs, saline, overs as well as a nipple lift. I have... READ MORE

So I am finally going through with it! I can't say that I have been wanting to get a boob job for years or anything like that. Generally I am pretty secure with my body and I have never been to concerned with what other people thought about it. Over the past few years I have managed to lose a... READ MORE

I've got my first consultation at the end of this month, and I'm pretty excited! I've played with the idea of getting a breast augmentation before, but now I've decided to go for it! I got tired of wearing push up bras, having to hem some tops at the shoulders to fit me, and seeing my sad boobs... READ MORE

I have been on real self for a couple years now, but this is my first post. I think I am finally (almost) ready to take the leap into feeling more like a woman! I am 29 years old, 4' 11" and 90 lbs. I have always been petite and had very little in the bust region. Before children I was a 34A... READ MORE

I'm undecided on the size not sure if i should go with 550cc or 650cc (so confused) i have been wanting BA since i was a teen and I'm ready to get it done now like ASAP. I have 2 teenagers and the perfect boyfriend for 7 yrs, we just decided we will not have any more kids so i figure this was... READ MORE

Had my BA today. Doing good. Sore but no severe pain. I'm sure tonight and tomorrow will be worse once anesthesia wears off. I am really excited so far. I wanted a D cup size. Will post more pictures over the next week. Hardest thing so far is saying no to my 3 year old who wants to be picked... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs for so long and am finally getting it done! I am a B cup and want to be a DD or DDD. I am scheduled for June 13, 2014. I am 5'1 and 130 lbs. I am thinking that I will get between 500 cc-600cc. I am excited to meet Dr. Ortega and see what he thinks! I am going to Miami with my... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I've been a member of this site for a couple of years and have been stalking it every since. My want for a breast augmentation happened, like most others when I got pregnant in 2007 and breastfed my baby. I had another baby in 2012 and breastfed for 14 months. NOW, it's time and... READ MORE

Hi, I didn't contemplate a BA until the last year, when I noticed my breasts started to sag. I used to be a full B but became a droopy A/B :( I've been running a lot and changed my diet/lifestyle to be extremely clean so I wonder if that had an impact. I knew nothing about BA's other than what... READ MORE

First off, I am 24 y/o with no kiddies and a womping 32A cup. I've teeter-tottered back and forth on whether or not I should get the ol' implants for ages. Honestly, I like small tits! ...just not as small as mine are. haha. Oh! and not to mention, I have a little asymmetry adding to the list of... READ MORE

Well I go for my consult next Wednesday! I'm so anxious and ready to do it now! But I'm probably going to have to wait until I go the beach June 23rd week. I have so many decisions I'm ready to make! Saline vs silicone? Size? Profile? I really want the natural look... Hoping I leave my consult... READ MORE

I was born with inverted nipples and ever since I can remember I have been researching how to get my inverted nipples fixed, and I also wanted a BA because I had small boobs on top of my inverted nipples. Talk about being self concious, girls constantly made fun of me for being different. In... READ MORE

Planning to have my BA by end of July 2013...consult set for July 10th. Having breasts has been a dream of mine since 3rd grade when my best friend started developing really early. Here we are 20 years later and I still haven't developed any! As a mom of 2 boys and a wife, I am ready to be sexy... READ MORE

I'm so excited I finally got them!! So I was like al of u I reached and look up review on doctor too the size I wanted! I got 550 silicon I was very worried about the size at first but love the results! If u are in between a smaller size too bigger go big u won't regret it! I could not decide... READ MORE

After breastfeeding all of my kids, my once full C cups deflated to a 32A's. Being only 30 years old with saggy deflated breasts (and done having children) I felt augmentation would be a significant boost in my self esteem. Although my husband has always made me feel he thinks I'm sexy, I know... READ MORE

I've never had a very large chest, but always a respectable 36B/C. I had my son at 32 and nursed him for 14 months. Shortly after weaning, I lost a lot of volume. I recently lost about twenty pounds and have just about nothing left! I started thinking about breast augmentation two years ago and... READ MORE

I'm a 38 yr old mother of three. Breastfed all 3 kiddos for varying lengths. Prior to children I was always a small B. After having children I was excited I managed to maintain a C cup up until a few months ago. I lost 10lbs and apparently it all came from the boobs! Even at a C cup I thought of... READ MORE

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