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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I am a 51 year old mother of 3 who has had small breasts all of my life. I never completely filled out a 34A bra and so I would always have to shop in the Teen Section of the Department store for my bras. When breast implants became more popular, 34A became more obsolete. Because I am bottom... READ MORE

I am a 28 yr old hispanic single mother of 2. After my 2nd child my breast be came non existent. To begin with I was a 32B went up to a 36C in my first pregnancy went back down to a 32B 2nd pregnancy went back up to a 36C then back down agina to 32B with that up and down going on in my breast... READ MORE

Hi all. I had a BA done 3 days ago on 2/24/2015. I surprised myself in getting a BA cause I never considered it an option, mostly due to money and because it wasn't natural. I went to school for environmental studies and learned to value things in their natural state including myself, but being... READ MORE

Can't belive it's 2 days till my op, in fact in 48 hours time I will have new boobs.. such an exciting feeling especially when it's something I've been dreaming of for so long. I was never blessed with boobs of any shape or size with my chest resembling that of a teengage boy for as long as I... READ MORE

Hi All!! I am new to this site and have found it to be such a resource in my journey thus far. I have been lurking and finally decided to make an account as surgery draws near. I have had small, irregular shaped breasts for as long as I can remember and believed that one day I would fill out... READ MORE

I do not intend to give in to the dreaded aging process...I colour my hair, wear false lashes and always wear make-up. The one thing I have always wanted is Boobs...well ladies I now have the opportunity and can't wait. Because I am so skinny my PS has advised Mentor 305cc medium profile unders.... READ MORE

Good morning, I have been going crazy researching breast augmentation for years. Waiting for that moment when I was completely sure I was ready. Well here it goes. Today at 615 I will no longer be a member of the little bity boobie comity. Super excited but my nerves are going bonkers. I have... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I'm 25 5"10 175 pounds And I don't have any children! Current bra size 32A I would like 450cc but I'm not to sure of the type of implant I want yet. I definitely want a natural look. I have been on this site since 2011 and I have read soo many reviews over the years and received... READ MORE

HI RealSelf BA Family, I am 50 years old, married to a wonderful man and have 2 grown children, a 26 year-old son and a 22 year-old daughter. I am excited for my BA on Monday, Feb 23. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape although I would like to get more toned and stronger. I work out... READ MORE

So today is my last day with my little boobies! I am 5'10 150lb I have 2 kids that I nursed for a year each which left me deflated! I am seeing Dr. Eric Mariotti in Concord, CA for my surgery. I will be receiving 425cc/450cc silicone under the mussel. I am excited, scared, and nervous all at... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for Surgery Thursday Feb 19th so nervous! Not sure if I'm getting 460 or 500 cc. Decided to go with saline to be safe. I wish to be a small D cup. My stats are 5'4 121lbs I work out regularly and am pretty fit. After breastfeeding two kids my boobs just aren't the same. I've... READ MORE

I am hoping for a very natural "not fake" look...:-) I used to be a small B before nursing my son 10 yrs. Ago and have since dwindled no not nearly filling out an A cup. I am hoping for C cup results!! I am planning for transaxial placement of 325 cc round, smooth, Mentor memory gel silicone... READ MORE

I'm 5' 10" 127 lbs. Can't wait for my surgery!! My husband is against me doing this but I've been wanting to get my boobs done since I was about 14, Im a 32 a/33 b, getting high profile 500cc hoping to not be too big for my slim frame. I've been researching similar body frames and sizes but... READ MORE

So I'm finally doing it... I'm getting boobs... I still almost don't believe it. I've always been happy with the shape of my breasts. But, like most of you on here, the lack of volume has always bugged me. Not being able to fill out tops/bikinis is a major bummer. Having to always wear padded... READ MORE

I am a mom to 4 kids. My oldest 11 and youngest 5. I have wanted implants for so long. My ex husband even once told me he would buy me boobs if I promised not to divorce him. HA! That wouldn't get me to stay with him. Crazy exs. So now fast forward 7 years I'm FINALLY getting them. I've... READ MORE

After many long debates, me begging, and my hubby telling me no for millionth time, he's agreed to get me boobies! I've always hated them, because while everyone around me was getting theirs, I was pulling more toilet tissue off of the roll to shove in my bra. Even while I was pregnant they'd... READ MORE

I've always been curious about getting breast implants. In my late 20's after my first child I researched it a bit and decided that since I wasn't done having babies that I should wait. Then my second baby came, and she's now 5. I have always been very, very athletic, 3 sport athlete in high... READ MORE

I am barely a 32A right now. 5'3 105 lbs. I have always been small and never had boobs besides when i was breast feeding. Maybe went up a cup size and loved it. I always am self conscious about my body and what i wear. I want boobs to feel like a woman. I have always wanted them. I tell my... READ MORE

Hello beautiful people! For those of you who have followed me on my rhinoplasty journey, you are all the sweetest ever! And now it's time for another boobland! I am beyond excited :D STATS: 4''9" / 100lbs / 25" underbust / 24" waist / 38" hips Currently I'm a 32AA / 30A. My... READ MORE

Procedure is less than a week away and I am a nervous wreck! I am going with 425cc, saline, crease, under the muscle. 425cc looks so different on everyone. I don't want too look fat! I started with 375cc, then 400cc now I am at 425cc because I don't want to go through all of the pain for little... READ MORE

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