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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I interviewed three Drs for my breast augmentation. Dr Welsh was my first interview. I chose Dr Welsh because he came highly recommended by my lovely esthetician named Caty who also works at Premier. First impression of Dr Welsh is incredibly sweet, very calming and after meeting with the others... READ MORE

I have had small breasts all my life, After my first pregnancy and breast feeding I found a new meaning for small breasts. My 2nd pregnancy and again breast feeding, I felt like all I was left with was a couple of raisins in a Baggie. At my age and living with this embarrassing disfigurement,... READ MORE

It was suggested that I tell my story and I thought it was a good idea. I've relied quite heavily on RealSelf since I happened on the website about a month ago. If there is anyway I can help others...and continue to get more help for myself, I am willing to share! I am a 32 year old dancer whos... READ MORE

I am 33 year old mom of a ten year old and a three year old. I do not intend to have anymore children and after breastfeeding my last child for almost 3 solid years, you can imagine the sag I have to contend with now. I am almost six feet tall, medium built and other than the breasts, I would... READ MORE

So here it is ladies. I'm 5'8, 155 lbs and athletic. After 2 years and about 10 breast augmentation consults from various board certified plastic surgeons all over Miami I finally scheduled my surgery with Dr. Ary Krau for July 9, 2015. Being an occupational therapist, my job duties require me... READ MORE

So I've been wanting breast implants for a very long time. I grew tiny breasts and new from the start they weren't going to get any bigger. So excited to finally be getting boobs but also really nervous about all the cons that come along with it. Also nervous about the size I'm getting since I'm... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site since before my surgery, so I've decidedto go ahead and add my journey so far. I just hit the Big 30 and wanted to embrace my 30's so I decided to get Boobs!!! I was a 36B maybe small C. I have 4 children, did not breast feed. My oldest is 12 my youngest 1. I decided... READ MORE

I have been wanting a BA for so long now. Mom of 2 pretty girls, both c section babies. Nursed my youngest for about 20 months so all volume is gone :-/. I dream about it and have read so many posts and looked over ever size and shape there is! I have my consultation set 2 weeks from today... READ MORE

In a week I will be getting my boobies back! I had no idea breastfeeding would flatten me so much!! I used to joke with my hubby that he would owe me a lift after feeding his kids, but they drained me so much I need them 're-inflated'. I'm 5'2" 140# 34B looking to be a full C/D. Don't want to be... READ MORE

I have always wanted to increase my bra size. I am a 32C Victoria's Secret sizing so being real I'm probably a 32B. Anyway i went in to my consultation Tuesday and absolutely loved my doctor and knew I wanted her to do it. She had an opening may 15th and well I snatched it up! I am so excited!!!... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my consult with Dr. Lille and it went better than I had expected...but first some background. 24 years old (almost 25/next month) 5'8" 144lbs 32A - 30 - 39.5 Two kids - breastfeed both for approx. a year and a half. I was a 32D the first pregnancy and a 34C the second pregnancy... READ MORE

My breast was like 13 years old girl. On the hand I have a big butt, there was no matching between my breast and butt, the surgery was amazing the result was incredible, the only thing I regret that I did not do the surgery before, I felt like celebrity, Dr. Ashok Govila did amazing job, and it... READ MORE

I'm pleased to write every penny toward my breast augmentation was worth it. Dr. Young along with his team were fantastic. I couldn't be more happy with my breasts and their followup. Huge accolades to all his staff: From answering my phone calls… to making appts… to the day of and after... READ MORE

I had my first consultation and I knew right away I wanted to go with Dr.Lo .. I loved the staff they were excellent .. I have always wanted to get a BA I just didn't think it was possible . When I realized that I would be able to do it I started researching doctors like crazy ! I had a ton of... READ MORE

After years of wearing push up bra's and fooling people into thinking I have big boobs, I've decided I want to make my chest permanent. Until this year, I hadn't considered breast augmentation thinking I could just get away with push up bras all my life. However after seeing how common and... READ MORE

I am going to see dr hunsaker and I am extremely nervous . I am an out of town Paient and was just curious about your expirence with him and his staff . I have been working with Maria over the phone and she has been wonderful so far . I haven't had a chance to speak with the doctor and I'm just... READ MORE

My surgery date is getting closer and closer! Super excited yet very nervous. My boobs now are a small B, pointy and zero tissue on top. I knew since I was 16 that I was going to get implants. I needed them. Now the time has come and I can't wait! Went in for my consultation and my docter was... READ MORE

For years now I've wanted a Breast Augmentation and finally decided to Go through with it. I did a lot of research and also had a friend refer me to Dr. Mel Ortega at CG Cosmetics In Miami, FL. I went for my consultation on 3/17/2015 and found the staff to be very friendly and upbeat. I met with... READ MORE

I am 43 yrs. old 5'4" 129 pounds, medium build and am currently wearing a 34A cup which doesn't even fit properly :( . I am scheduled for April 8th, I am very excited and terrified at the same time! I have been going back and forth between 325cc & 350cc silicon, I am looking to be a full a C... READ MORE

Hi girls!I created my account awhile back, used this site more as a reference tool, but now that my BA is coming, would love some advice and feedback.Met with my PS on 4/7 for my preop, decided that I was aiming for a full C/small D. But looking at girls with similar stats, I'm worried 385cc... READ MORE

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