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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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For years now I've wanted a Breast Augmentation and finally decided to Go through with it. I did a lot of research and also had a friend refer me to Dr. Mel Ortega at CG Cosmetics In Miami, FL. I went for my consultation on 3/17/2015 and found the staff to be very friendly and upbeat. I met with... READ MORE

From my very first consultation appointment, to my last check up 9 months later, every visit was a positive experience. The staff was always pleasant and accommodating. I drove to San Antonio from Austin so I was early for almost every appointment. I would always be seen before my actual... READ MORE

I've been considering a BA for years and have finally decided to go ahead and do it. I am currently 32B hoping to be full C or small D and still unsure of the size and probably will be until six months after the surgery. After much discussion with the doctor I've decided to do 425CC on my left... READ MORE

I have always been self conscious about my size although I have always been petite. Right now I am 5ft 2, 110lbs. I always joke that my older sister took all the boob genes with her upwards of size E boobs. :) I feel so silly standing next to her :P Anyway, while I don't want huge ones, I do... READ MORE

I have found this site more than helpful so decided to write my own review. I will post photos once I have my surgery. I am 5'5, 117lbs, 32AA, with a width of 11.5 almost 12cm. I'm hoping for 300cc moderate plus silicone implants. I have broad shoulders and being tall I am wanting to balance out... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be posting my own story after months of reading everyone else's. I'm still in the exploratory stage of my surgeon search. A little bit about me: I have 2 beautiful children a 4 yr old boy and an almost 2 yr old little girl. I breastfed both for over a year... READ MORE

Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm ready to submit my own story! Let me begin by saying that all the women on this website are incredibly brave to reveal their stories and insecurities, I'm truly inspired by you all! :) I've always been small chested, though I didn't really expect... READ MORE

I recently decided that I wanted to have breast implants and put my mind to it and made a plan to get it done, i have been on the net researching non stop and have my first appointment on the 7th of April. I am extremely nervous now and wondering if I'm making the right decision to get this done... READ MORE

So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never thought I would put my business out here but it helped me and I want to help others. Any questions please ask although I'm still figuring the site out! Surgery was Thursday and I went home the same day. My first day was the worst which was not what... READ MORE

I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many stories and it's helping me prepare so much more.....except kind of scared. I was under the impression you go in and boom perfect boobs when you come out . It seems like it's a few months before they "drop", "fluff", etc. So I am thinking what... READ MORE

I'm 25yrs old turning 26 the day of surgery. Yayy!!! 32A I think :/ 5'6, 115lbs, very slim. I've always been self conscious about my chest just like most ladies on here. This website has helped me a lot to go forward with this procedure because of the self confidence I will have. I love my... READ MORE

400cc, Silicone, Mentor HP, transaxillary incision. 5'3", 128lbs. Slight concave chest making my left breast bigger than right breast. Hope this helps. Wishing I had gone slightly bigger with 450cc instead. Overall, just happy to have bigger breasts. This is so much better than where I... READ MORE

Today I go in for my second consultation, I have been really anxious to finally get a makeover that has been long over due for this body. I am wanting to get the Mommy makeover, but unfortunately it seems that it would be cheaper for me to get them done separately. I'm a mother of three, 13... READ MORE

I had my son three years ago. Before I was a full C cup, and with a Victoria Secret Bombshell bra va va voom. For a year after he was born I was rocking a 34D, then I started working out again and my husband got us started on a super healthy nutrition plan. I lost 20 pounds of weight, toned by... READ MORE

This site has been such a huge help in getting ready for my upcoming surgery! I'm 33, 5'11 and about 150lbs. After nursing my twins I have been left with non existent breasts. I used to be a perky A cup, but now I barely fill out an A cup bra. I will be a getting Mentor silicone HP 450cc. ... READ MORE

Back story: I am a 29 yr old single mom to a 7 yr old, aka as my Mini. I have been wanting implants since he was a baby. Pre kiddo I was a big perky b. After breast feeding, my chest became flat. I almost got a BA 4 years ago, but decided to wait in case I had more children. I told myself a... READ MORE

My biggest want since I was old enough to know what boobs are were big boobs. Well my body felt otherwise. I am a 34B right now and I want to be a D. So finally I have the ability to this for me. I have gone to 2 consultations and finally landed on the dr that I want to do my surgery. I haven't... READ MORE

Hi girls, So I'm planning on getting breast augmentation after sooo long. Been wanting it since I was under 18 and now will finally go ahead with the decision! My mom has it done, but tells me I will regret it, but I don't think so. I think everyday I dream of having big boobs! So I have an... READ MORE

I have had the same breast size since 9 years old! Everyone thought they would be huge, so I think they jinxed me! I stayed at a 32A or AA. My ribcage is actually 27 inches, and I have 38 inch hips. I wanted to balance my out shape. My surgery was today, took about 5 hours and I am in some... READ MORE

Hi everyone! So I decided to do a pretty lengthy and in depth review of my entire breast augmentation experience thus far! I didn't start these little blogs pre-surgery because I was literally FREAKING OUT before my surgery and didn't want to send out any negative vibes to any other women out... READ MORE

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