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Breast augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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40 years old, 3 kids, 5'4", 102lbs - Getting 300 - 350cc Mentor High Profile Silicone under the muscle implants! After three beautiful daughters and spending the last 21 years doing everything for them, it's finally time for myself :) I've always been the one person in our family that get's made... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! Firstly thank you to all who have shared their experiences. This website has been so helpful for me to conceptualize actually getting bigger boobs... for real! I think I may be an outlier on this site as I never considered getting breast implants until very recently. I have always... READ MORE

Where do I start? I always knew that I wanted a BA but somehow never made a "real" approach towards it up until now. I think looking at my holiday pictures made me finally take the step. After that, everything went real fast. I had my consultation on Nov 10th, another meeting on Nov 12th and my... READ MORE

Nov. 11,2014 its my surgery, finally here very exited after it was reschedule due to my blood work came back out of no normal due to my Thyroid, now I got my thyroid in control , I'm ready to go through this journey of having this procedures done, and to have my body back since I couldn't... READ MORE

I'm 38, 5ft 4 and 122lbs. Pre op 34a. Being sensible is imperative when having life changing surgery, you should feel comfortable with your surgeon and their staff. My first visit was with Transform, it was like going to a factory, the surgeon was short abrupt, over worked and not interested... READ MORE

I have been considering a breast augmentation for six years. I had my first consultation when I was 18 years old. After meeting with a few doctors I decided it wasn't the right time to go through with the surgery. Six years later I have graduated college and got married in April and I still... READ MORE

I have wanted bigger breasts since I was 14 years old. Ever since then I knew I would be getting an augmentation someday. Finally, 10 years later I am making it happen! I decided to get it done before my 25th birthday, April 2015. I began doing some research and talking to everyone that I knew... READ MORE

So I have been wanting to get boobs for a really long time now. Especially after breast feeding for 9 months. I'm a 32B.. Hoping to become a SOLID D maybe DD! So for the past two years I have been looking up online to see which doctors I would want to have a consolation with and I can across Dr.... READ MORE

I'm so excited! I finally set my surgery date! I'm going in on October 9th for my breast augmentation~! I'm 5' 11", 152 lbs, and currently a 36C in VS. Recently, I lost a little bit of weight and I just feel like I can tell my boobs have changed. I had thought about breast augmentation... READ MORE

1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself all day. I basically stayed on the couch and stayed medicated. 2nd and 3rd were a little better. Now I'm on day 14 and I still have major nerve pain. They are still hard and sensitive. At least I don't have to wear that band any longer. My under... READ MORE

Its been four days now since surgery. I had so many questions and researched till I was absolutely sure about the direction I would take. I found an image of my ideal boobs, showed Dr Rai and asked how he would go about making those boobs my reality. After trying on several sizers I decided to... READ MORE

Hey ladies, I'm kinda here just to document my thoughts and such. I am 20 years old and have no kids! I am barely an A and hate the fact that I can't fill out bathing suits, dresses, shirts, etc. I know that I do want to get a BA but not for at least a year! I figured it would give me enough... READ MORE

I've been thinking about this since my 17 year old was a baby. Before kids i was a perky 34C and now i can only say I don't have a true size because Im all skin. After finding the PS I want and trust and having the consultation i learned i have to have a breast lift along with the saline... READ MORE

Hello !!!!i am very exited and scare for my surgery its a breast augmentation i am 22 ye old 5'4 130 pounds and a 34 b ....i went to new life cosmetic miami fl it beautiful the place and constantine kitsos MD its one of the best .....they said 400cc and up but i think that its too big ... i... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery on November 18th... That is 12 days from now!!! 12 days... I am on a roller coaster of emotions and have been having dreams about this augmentation since I went for my consultation a few weeks ago. I'll give some background. I waited FOREVER for my breast to grow past... READ MORE

Hey PaChick here...I have always been in the itty bitty titty comity! I am 34, my girls are 14 & 10 yrs old They are the main reason I think it's taken me so long to go threw with getting the boobs I've always wanted. I don't want them having body issues if mom get surgery to adjust my... READ MORE

I've been a curvy/overweight girl since I can remember, however my chest never matched! While I've lost some weight, I acknowledge I still have a ways to go, but didn't want to wait any longer to finally get a chest to match my frame. I've met with several plastic surgeons, and based on the... READ MORE

After reading many reviews I have decided to create an account to document my journey. Some stats about me: 19 Years old Australian 172cm Tall 60KG 10B (Aus sizing) (Please note: The price is a quote in AUD) I will be travelling to Phuket, Thailand for my surgery. I have decided this way not... READ MORE

Starting to get nervous now. I fly to syd on 26nov for my consult , so wont know size until day before surgery. Want to go under the muscle as i work out 6 days a week. After a natural look. Have fears of going too big or too small. My dr will be dr Tang at parramatta. Will update over the next... READ MORE

I have always had some breasts, probably a perky B up until I had my daughter. They were a nice size while breastfeeding but after I stopped (after 14 months) they just went downhill. They are still perky, but have no fullness to them. I don't have cleavage unless I wear the "make your boobs... READ MORE

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