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Breast augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I have my first consult on Thursday and I am definitely wanting to go forward with the BA. I listed the procedure date and cost as what i desire/expect. Will update when I have confirmation on that. I have read many reviews and conducted much research but am still very confused. My number... READ MORE

I have been wearing chicken cutlets since 19, fake water bras, the inserts. I even had big ones with nipples. There has been intermittent researching, reading, touching, fake breasts since then. I started interviewing doctors in Feb 2014, and saw 4 booked 5, didn't go to my 5th. In fall 2012 I... READ MORE

I had always wanted 'boobs' having been a 32 AA all my life but didn't have the confidence to go through with surgery. Once I turned 40 my body image had hit rock bottom, I wouldn't take my children swimming as I thought people would laugh at me, I wouldn't let my husband see me naked as I was... READ MORE

So I am in between spectrum aesthetics and CGcosmetics. Spectrum provides surgeries on Friday which is good cause I will be traveling there in between classes. Anybody planning to do their breast augmentation sometime in February? I am sooo scared of traveling all the way down for a BA.. it... READ MORE

I've been a curvy/overweight girl since I can remember, however my chest never matched! While I've lost some weight, I acknowledge I still have a ways to go, but didn't want to wait any longer to finally get a chest to match my frame. I've met with several plastic surgeons, and based on the... READ MORE

17 years after my first consult with Dr. Shaw, I am getting my breast augmented and lifted. After 3 consults - Dr. Diaza, Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa and Dr Shaw, I've decided to go with Shaw. I'm nervous, because it's no longer just an augmentation, but a lift as well. Scary and excited at the same... READ MORE

I am a 27 year old mother of a beautiful six year old princess. I have always been petite (5'3" 105lbs) and being pregnant made no difference! I only weighed 129 lbs when I gave birth (she was a healthy 6lb14 oz and 20 1/4" long!) while breast feeding, I had the most beautiful, full C cups I had... READ MORE

Nov. 11,2014 its my surgery, finally here very exited after it was reschedule due to my blood work came back out of no normal due to my Thyroid, now I got my thyroid in control , I'm ready to go through this journey of having this procedures done, and to have my body back since I couldn't... READ MORE

Hi, I've had two consultations with different doctors, the first recommended pear shaped silicone for me, as it would look more natural on my frame. I'm 5'4", and quite thin. I agreed, I would definitely go for pear shaped. I then saw a different doctor today, who did not recommend them at... READ MORE

Starting to get nervous now. I fly to syd on 26nov for my consult , so wont know size until day before surgery. Want to go under the muscle as i work out 6 days a week. After a natural look. Have fears of going too big or too small. My dr will be dr Tang at parramatta. Will update over the next... READ MORE

So, where do I begin!! I am 23 yrs old, approx. 135 lb, 5'6 with two beautiful children(5 yr old girl, 1yr old boy). I have been talking about getting this surgery since I was 16!!! Needless to say every time I was going to get my surgery something has come up! WELL NOT THIS TIME lol. I am... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I'm 22 years old, 5'5, at about 115 lbs. My breast size is 32B and I'm looking to get a breast augmentation or breast implants, whatever lol, of a Full juicy C cup (; I've basically just been ghosting around through people's profiles looking at all types of reviews and so far I'm... READ MORE

I have always had small breasts - pre-kids I was a 34 B and I loved my breasts! Then I had twins - during breastfeeding they went up to a DD, and post breastfeeding they receded to a rather floppy C. I lost all of my pregnancy weight and began wearing a push-up bra almost all the time to hide... READ MORE

I have never been well endowed and have wanted breast implants since I was a teenager. I'm 5'3" and 104lbs. Before I nursed my 3 children I was a 34b, every time I get measured for bras they still measure me at a 34b, however there is a lot of room left in the bras especially if I wear one with... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my breast size. I am 23 years old 5'2 120-126 lb and currently a 34b. I had my Consultation and my doctors recommended the 300cc. I tried on the 250cc and the 300cc but since I have left I have been debating on the 300cc or the 350cc. I am not sure what would... READ MORE

I am 20 years old, 5'9 and 130lbs. Currently a 34 A and hoping to be a natural full C. I have always had a problem with the fat bulge around my armpits. I never were tank-tops or nice tops unless it covers it because I am so self conscious of it. I have been working out for over 5 years and... READ MORE

I'm in my beginning stages of booking my surgery date in Miami. I had my 1st mammogram procedure done yesterday afternoon. Praying, all goes well... Once, I get my results in I can move fwd with booking my appt. Scheduled my blood work for this Friday. This is all becoming so unreal. I'm so... READ MORE

My current size is 34 C on the left, and 34 B on the right. I'm nervous about the implant sizes because I want to have nice big boobs, but I don't want my procedure to be blatantly obvious; I want people to wonder lol. I am 5'1 and weigh ... brb.. 113 lbs lol - my weight fluctuates. I used to... READ MORE

Hello ladies :) I'm so glad to have found this site! I have wanted a boob job since I was 16 and stopped growing from a 34A cup! Now I am 37 and have had five babies including a set of twins and have nursed them all! Now I'm deflated and a 34AA (still wearing 34A's though :-/ Needless to say,... READ MORE

The staff is phenomenal! I was very nervous just for the consultation but once I met with the staff, Debbie in particular who actually shared her story I felt so much more at ease. Knowing Dr. Cash for quiet some time was comforting as well. So I look forward to this journey and the results.... READ MORE

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