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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,941 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a BA only 6 weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. I did my research and chose Dr. Revis... Thank God! I travelled out of country for my procedure, and am so glad I did. Things couldn't have gone any smoother from pre to post-op! The staff were genuinely kind and helpful with questions... READ MORE

Hello fellow realselfers! Let me start by telling my story: I am 32 years old, and have a 20 month old beautiful boy. I am petite, 5"4 and 120lbs. I was always small chested, a full B cup, and I was fine with that (although my mom and sisters all have full C/D cups- I totally got the short... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I have been lurking on the board for a long time, but finally got brave enough to post. So I have wanted a BA for as long as I can remember, but after my kiddo was born and i lost all of the fullness i had (was a full B cup) after nursing, I really started looking into it. Life... READ MORE

I've always wanted to fill out a bikini top, or be able to wear a push-up bra without the empty gap in can cause in the top of the bra. I'm blessed with a nice little booty, so some more curve up top would really fit my body I think. I'll snap pics soon. I have my consult with Dr. Seckel on... READ MORE

I've always been a flat cheated girl with a whole lot on my backside. My whole life I prayed that some miracle would make the rope half of my match what God gave me on the bottom. At 33, that day never came so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I did A LOT of research and came across... READ MORE

Im 25 5'3 and 152lbs. A mom of 2 beautiful girls. After breastfeeding my youngest my boobs have started to looked deflated. Before pregnancy #1 I was a 32b. After #2 I am now a 34b-36a depending on the bra. I have always wanted breast implants. Eversince I was 18. I went to Dr Palmers office.... READ MORE

After wanting to do this for myself over ten years, I'm finally getting breast implants! My surgery is scheduled for July 30th and I will be getting 325 cc saline implants under the muscle with a one inch incision under my armpit. I'm hoping this will take me from a B to a D cup and am debating... READ MORE

I have had two consultations so far! One with Dr. hodnet in Thousand Oaks,Ca and another with Pickart in Ventura, Ca! I came for a consultation to hodnet for a BA, he sounded like he knew what he was doing but was rude to his assistants which turned me off. He also suggested I get lipo of my... READ MORE

I've always hated my breast shape and size. I thought i would eventually grow into them but never did. After many years of debating I've finally made the decision to get B.A, I also decided to get a BBL, since i am traveling all the way to Colombia might as well kill two birds in one stone. Im... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews for two months now and love this website! It is so great getting to see from start to finish with everyone's suggestions and experiences! It has really put my mind at ease! I am 6 days Pre-op! Ahhh so excited! I am a 27 yo mother of two ages 5 & 3, 115lbs 5'5" looking... READ MORE

I've always known I wanted breasts for as long as I can remember. All the women in my family have fairly large breasts and starting my period at only 11 I figured it would happen for me. I was the first of all my friends to develop and even passed down my first bras to them only to quickly... READ MORE

I have known from an early age that I wanted large breasts. I have always had a big booty, Ijust wanted the boobies to match! So what time better than now to go for it! I am a mother to 1 little one, and a wife, and most of my time is dedicated to them. So now I amdoing something for me, and... READ MORE

So I went to my Consultation last week and like anyone else who wants there breast done you have many questions. Being that I'm a women with ethic background and I have keloid prone skin I have a lot to consider before going through this procedure. This is something that I've been wanting since... READ MORE

All my life I've barely been an A cup. After nursing 2 babies, I was left with a AA and nothing pretty. I want to feel feminine and sexy to my husband. I want to be confident in my workout wear. I'm so thankful I came across Dr. Burgdorf and staff! The communication and support have been... READ MORE

Mother of 2 breast fed kiddos. Wife and fitness junky. Lost 30 lbs. Sacramento, CA. It my fullest I was a 34 D. I liked the size and wish they could have stayed longer! After breast feeding and the weight lost. I am a deflated flat 32 A. I mean my skin is stretched out and I have not so visible... READ MORE

I've been reading many people's experience and finally made an account. SOOOOO, I had my first consultation today and I have to say I was nervous and excited. My nurse Felicia IS so awesome, she made my time there so comfortable. She was very open and spoke to me like a BFF. The PS was so... READ MORE

As said in the title, I think my breasts are ''tubular'' or anyways they don't look the way I wish they did! The shape is really ''cone'' like, they are asymetrical, there almost no space between the fold and the nipple, absolutely no cleavage whatsoever ... In fact I am pretty depressed when I... READ MORE

Well I'm pretty sure I have read every review on this site and I figured I should join in with my own... I have been waiting on my boobs to grow since I was 12 and well they never really came in like I wanted them to. I always knew a BA was an option but I just never really thought it was for... READ MORE

Although I am only 21, I have always been insecure about my breasts. Growing up, I developed breasts earlier than the other girls around me, however, I found they had stopped growing shortly after. Currently, I'm a 32 A, sometimes AA, and I've been considering the option of breast augmentation... READ MORE

Hello. I'm 28 years old and ever since I was 13 I've wanted nice breasts. Throughout my teen years all my friends got them and I never did. I have been a member of the itty bitty titty committee ever since until a couple years ago when I got pregnant with my first child. I had always been... READ MORE

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