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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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First off, a big thank you to all of the contributors to this site. I've been looking at lots of reviews on this site for a while and I've found lots of helpful and informative posts. I started off going to MYA and I found the service very very pushy on the finance and the appointment system... READ MORE

This is my first review on RealSelf so bare with me. I love myself and my body. I was the type of person that if you told about plastic surgery I would say YUCK why! Since I got older, obviously my mind has changed. I went from 135 to 115 easily. I lost weight super fast which wasn't good... READ MORE

So nervous/excited! Already went for my consultation and scheduled my surgery. Looks like right now we're going with 350cc Mentor silicone memory gel implants. I actually booked and paid a down payment 10 years ago but decided that it wasn't the time to get it done. I'm glad that I waited this... READ MORE

I knew when I was 18yrs old that I got cheated or just plain ole missed the BOOBIE LINE. uuuuugh! Right around 23yrs old is when I started researching breast augmentation. After having SEVERAL consultations (paid and unpaid) it seemed that no matter how impressive the before and after pictures.... READ MORE

I've been interested in in having breast augmentation surgery for quite some time now. I've always been unhappy with my breasts since I was a teenager. My left breast was smaller than my right, and I hated the way they appeared in t-shirts. I would look in mirrors and the first area of my body... READ MORE

Hey ladies, after stalking this site for months, and getting a better idea of what I want I have decided to finally go for it! I've always been I small AA to a AAA I breast fed 5 babies all for around 12 months each and feel they are looking a bit worse for wear my nips are quite out there! So... READ MORE

Hey Girls so I'm super new to this site but have beeb spending a lot of time on here everyday. Little bit of my back story I'm 25 years old and have had slightly uneven breasts since puberty. It was always something I was very self conscious about and as I got older was something I always hated... READ MORE

I have my consultation for breast augmentation and vaginoplasty September 22nd with Dr. Medalie in beachwood Ohio. After having my second child and doing Kegels constantly, I am not satisfied with my lady bits anymore and I'm very insecure about it. My husband reassures me it's fine but I've... READ MORE

Hello! I loved being able to go on this website and seeing reviews. I've noticed that it was harder for me to search for an amazing Las Vegas doctor so I thought my review would be beneficial for those looking to get a natural breast augmentation in Las Vegas. I visited 3 different doctors but... READ MORE

I am very petite and lean. I worried implants would look fake and huge on me. I was unhappy with mine because they were so small. 32A. I love my body and proud of my abs and overall physique...but my boobs were practically non existent. After going over several options, we decided on Allergan... READ MORE

I'm so excited I have my first consultation with Dr. Marosan at Bellevue Plastic Surgeons July 31st. His Eden was very nice and quick to respond back to my inquire. All I need to know now is what will fit my body, how much it cost and can he give me what I'm looking for. I know this is the start... READ MORE

Its been a month and a half post op and was debating on writing a review. BUT I feel it may very well be another woman who has RA and searching the web for a review just as I did pre op. It was a very long thought out decision I made. I have lived with RA over half my life, have 2 grown kids in... READ MORE

I had ba 5 days ago in which I was a 36 b. I had 550cc hp silicone implants . I am 4'11" 110lbs. My breast are still sitting very high on my chest still need a lot of dropping to do . One breast does look quite bigger than the other ? Or it may just be me. So far I am liking the results can't... READ MORE

Well I'm already scheduled with Dr. Louton for a breast augmentation. I'm going with the Natrelle brand "gummy bear" textured tear drop shaped implants. He's going to decide anywhere from a 330 to a 380 sized implant. Currently a 34/36 A cup and still have room in my bra :( I would like to... READ MORE

My stats: Age: 47 Height: 5’6” Weight: 123 to 126 pounds Measurements: 33 - 26 ½ - 37 (Yes, I am shaped like a pear ?) Chest width: 33” BWD: 12.5 centimeters Bra size currently: 34b with a little space left Oh, my goodness, am I really going to do it this time? ... READ MORE

In all honestly, I've been contemplating a BA for a solid 10years now. I had originally booked my procedure in May 2011, however I became pregnant with my beautiful little girl. And therefore had to cancel. I breastfed for 25months straight, and noticed afterwards that what tissue mass I... READ MORE

As of today I am 5 weeks and 3 days out from my surgery. I am scheduled for a breast augmentation with Dr. Friedman at CG Cosmetics. I have been working through Karla, so far so good, and she has been very helpful. I am currently a 34C looking to be a 34DD after my procedure is completed. I have... READ MORE

When I went to my consultation about a month ago with Dr. Diaco, I was more in the "question/answer" phase than "let's do this". So, to my surprise, when I walked out of his office, I had my appointment schedule and my down payment done. I tend to be very conservative and indecisive when it... READ MORE

I immediately felt at ease when Dr. Sohn walked into the room. My first consultation was great, and his staff was so friendly. I did my research on several surgeons, and I noticed Dr. Sohn had only positive reviews and his before and after pictures were beautiful. He took his time to answer... READ MORE

I feel awful about myself....I weigh about 105 and am 5'4....think I'm about a VERY SAGGY 34 a/b......Lola....not sure....always go for the b because if the more padding.I have a terrible complex about myself....and absolutely HATE being naked....although I'm fairly secure with the rest of my... READ MORE

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