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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I used to be a D cup but after kids down to A cup and deflated. Want my D's back. Went in for first consultation with my hubby tried on sizers and took pictures. We had already decided to use Dr Jo . So we scheduled the BA and had Second consultation all in one day... I'm so excited just can't... READ MORE

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous before the surgery, my doctor and all the people were so amazing. I wasn't really in pain when I woke up, just uncomfortable, like sore muscles. I had 3 procedures done. My doctor told me I could lay on my back. I had"Faja" when I woke up, which I read a lot that u... READ MORE

Hey Everyone, firstly I am very happy to have found this website. Reviewing everyones personal experiences and seeing their photos, pre op and post op has truly helped me realize what I am potentially in for. A Quick bio of me, I am 22 years old, 120 pounds and 5'7 bra size 34A and I am from... READ MORE

Hi I'm Ella. I get a breat augmentation in 4 weeks. I had anorexia in my puberty what influenced my breast growth. There was a A or already B cup but my eating disorder destroyed everything. My current size is 34AA. My BS chose a 305CC anatomical implant. My wish were round implants but... READ MORE

Been wanting a breast augmentation basically my whole life (even thought I'm only 18) because I knew it would make me feel more confident.. When I started doing research I found this website and I'm so glad it did! This website has been soooo helpful and reading other people's reviews has really... READ MORE

Pre-op appt 3/17 to try on sizers. PS rec smooth, not sure yet if HP or MP will work best to redesign my breasts the best. I want full, perky breasts. I want to go as large as possible aesthetically and physically. Hopefully I will be happy with my final results. I will update next Tuesday on... READ MORE

I have been using this site for a while now, and all of you ladies and your stories have helped me soooo much. I have wanted to have this surgery since I was 12!! When I was growing up my best friend at the time and I made a promise to each other way way back in middle school to get breast... READ MORE

For years I have been wanting to do my Breast but something always came up. This year I decided it was time. After researching and asking around for recommendations and going to a couple of consultations I chose Dr. S. From when I walked in the vibe from everyone was incredible I felt so... READ MORE

I'm writing with mixed emotions: excited to be finally getting my breasts done after raising 3 children as a single mom and being the brunt of jokes for many years because of the non- existence of my breasts. I also have what I like to call a kangaroo pouch hanging from my c-sections. Therefore... READ MORE

I went to my doctor and had an annual check up. I had them draw blood and labResults to cg cosmetics. I ammmm scareddd…… i hope all goes well . The lab report came back in a couple of days and my doctor gave me the okay to proceed with the surgery. Now i confirmed the surgery date which... READ MORE

Hi ladies! Just a little background..I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 19 yrs, have 3 beautiful babies, ages 8, 11 and 18. (She may be a legal adult, but she's still my baby! : ) I have always wanted boobies, especially since I realized they weren't coming. Being lean &... READ MORE

So far so good! So I finally decided to go with Dr Omulepu at Spectrum for my breast aug the date is set for April 8th my review so far is Liz has been great (surgical coordinator) at answering questions and getting bk with me just waiting on date plane tix are book which were rather expensive... READ MORE

In my teenage years and up to this year I always maintained a full C, sometimes D. I have recently decided to quit birth control and have noticed quite a change. They have lost all fullness in the top, and are probably around a B now. I want them to be perkier and gain my fullness back. I am... READ MORE

I have always wanted a boobs since High School, and now that I'm done having kids I can make my dreams come true! I met with my Dr. almost two years ago and now I'm finally getting it done. Do to finances I had to wait a little while but now my day has come:) 3/19/2015! Can't Waite!! 4 weeks to... READ MORE

Alright, so after having lived on this site for the past month I have decided to put up my story. I am sooo happy I came across this site, as it has made my journey a lot easier, and I feel a lot more informed as to what to expect. Same as everyone, I was small, felt like a 12 year old boy... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, size 8 and around 9stone. I am currently a B cup and hoping to become a full C cup. I have always struggled a little with my weight and up until about 4/5 years ago I was a big size 12 and a 34DD. After loosing weight my boobs shrank right down to a B and after getting more... READ MORE

Ok guys, please help. I am 5'5 maybe 5'6 and weigh 150 pounds. I chose to go with allergen 450cc hp. Originally I was gonna go with 425cc mentor hp but I wanted bigger. The size I normally wear is a 36b but when I got measured with the doctor I was apparently wearing wrong size and I am a 36c. I... READ MORE

I was a 32B wanted to go two cups bigger. Went with 400cc saline under the armpit. Im not too satisfied with my results. I didn't know about this site until after I got my boobs done. I wish I would have know about this site before and would have went with a doctor that people were satisfied... READ MORE

I am SO nervous. I have always felt my breasts are too small for my frame. I have not had the financial resources until recently to have a breast augmentation. I feel as if I am an 36 A cup, but as I have read in other posts Victoria Secrets (VS) does wonders and VS put me in a 36 B. I am... READ MORE

Hey guys!! I've wanted a boob job for as long as I can remember and finally getting them done in July, would have been done yesterday but $ is always an issue. I've decided instead of financing I'll just save so I have this goal to reach and love my boobs 10x more!! Super excited! 400 cc saline HP! READ MORE

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