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WORTH IT RATING based on 5,232 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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Well, I'm set to go. I will be increasing my breast size and hopefully appear fully and sexier in less than a week. I've breastfed two kids and they are all grown up now so it's mommy and grandma's turn. I had really nice breasts in my 20's and 30's even after I breastfed but now my breasts are... READ MORE

Hi guys, so I have been saving for my boob job for a while now. I am almost to my goal and just last week I went in for a consultation with Dr. Greene. I was very pleased with his staff and I feel very comfortable about him performing my surgery. When I went in I gravitated to the 500cc... READ MORE

I've always wanted boobs ever since high school. After three kids I went from B's to small A's. I went with high profile 500cc silicone implants under the muscle due to not having a lot of tissue. Can't wait to see the results tomorrow at my 1 day post op. Ill be updated pictures as I get... READ MORE

I am 27 and have been booked in for surgery on the 6th of September (I'll be 28 on the 7th, the day after my surgery.. Boobs for my birthday!). I have had 3 big babies and all whom which I breastfed. Yay, go me! Yay, there goes my boobies! Sad face! I have always been small built with a very... READ MORE

I didn't really need to do this, my chest was lovely before but after a few miscarriages and medical issues I ended up with one cup smaller than the other. I wanted a more even set again, I went with the 400cc range (having greed and wish I had gone bigger lol) I started out a slightly deflated... READ MORE

I am 31 years old and have 2 children (3 yrs and 14 months) that I nursed/pumped for 11 months each. I also was about 20 lbs heavier before babies. These two things combined has left me with tiny, empty breasts that I refer to as my "sad sacks". I was never a boob gal per se and never considered... READ MORE

Hey there! So Ill begin with the details. I'm around 5ft 4inches, Weigh 56kgs with an athletic build (as you can see in photos) Current bra size - 8A or 10A but the cup doesnt fit because my boobs are practically non existent haha. Desired size - 295cc - 310cc Desired placement/incision -... READ MORE

Hi All, First of all I want to thank everyone here. The reviews have been so helpful and everyone is so open and ready to answer questions and offer support. My stats: barely 34 AA :( 5'9 126lbs I have been thinking on and off about getting a breast augmentation for the last several years... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! I'm sooo excited, and can't wait until the day that I get some love on top! I'm a 5"11, 160lb former collegiate athlete who has always wanted nice, full breasts to go along with the rest of my banging body! LOL! (Well, at least, it was banging before I had my 2nd child almost 3 yrs... READ MORE

I spent hours and days looking at photos of breasts and reading about it before the surgery day. I think no matter what photo you show to your doctor, your result will not be the same like anybody's else. I guess, different doctor's teckniques, different breast shapes, I do not know. What I know... READ MORE

Hello everyone. Thanks I found this great website! I'm addicted! :) I'm 23 years old, 5'7" 115 pounds and Brazilian. I've been waiting for my breasts to grow since I was 12.. They are very tiny, probably A. I do not feel feminine. So, finally I got enough money and made the decision.. Next... READ MORE

Hi ladies! So, CRAP. We're off to a rocky start. I just spent my little one's entire naptime writing an intro, only for my internet to crap out on me and delete it all! Lets see...I'll summarize the novel I had written before... I've been considering a BA for a few weeks now (not counting... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get a BA for years now, and I've finally decided to do it. I'm currently a 32B/34A 5'3 and weight around 115. I've lost around 12 lbs so they shrunk and now they're even smaller. I'm scheduled for August 14 and I'm so confused about what size to get, my doctor told me to go... READ MORE

I'm a 5'1'', 95 lb., 43 year-old mom of two daughters, whom I nursed for a combined five years. That, in combination with pregnancy complications that topped me out at a whopping 155 lbs. (I was only 96 lbs. when I got married), and the subsequent weight loss meant that my once small, but pert... READ MORE

I got my breast done a little over two months ago and my right breast seems to drop but the left is still higher and looks smaller. Will this change and even out? I had 475cc on left breast and 450 on right gels implants. Now I was uneven before but the doctor knew this I just hope that they... READ MORE

So very excited, I turned 30 this year and after not having the money and being too scared but wanting breasts since I was 15, I finally got the money and my younger sister had the same procedure done. I was able to see and touch the results and watch as the recovery unfolded. Her's are amazing,... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I knew there was such a thing! When I was 20 I made my first consultation appointment with Dr. Pousti. He was recommended to me by my aunt, who's results are amazing. I knew right away that I wanted him to do my surgery. A few years passed and I finally... READ MORE

I was highly satisfied with my experience with Dr. Jourdan Gottlieb and his staff. He has an exceptional awesome staff! One of the nurses, Libby Bauman, is so incredible. I was not so sure about the size on the post-op day which was only 5 days before my surgery and she took the time to help... READ MORE

I'm going from a 32A to a 32DD. I have always had small breast even after the birth of my children. Now its time for the much needed and desired transformation!!! I doing this surgery for me to fulfill and satisfy myself. I realy feel that I'm going to be more than happy with myself and be happy... READ MORE

I hated being flat and asymmetrical. I wanted this done for over 10 years but was so scared of complications and anesthesia is one of my worst phobias. I interviewed surgeons like it was my job this year. Beyond pleased with Dr G and his beautiful office and staff. Fantastic from start to finish!!!! READ MORE

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