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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,718 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 21 years old and have been wanting to get implants for a couple of years now....I had my surgery 6/13/14, so I am one day post op and doing pretty good. Started wearing a 32C but not filling it well... Day of surgery, I was extremely nauseous(threw up twice because of meds) and kept... READ MORE

Currently in Thailand!! I booked breast augmentation a couple months ago after breastfeeding two children leaving me with 12a asymmetrical breasts. I didn't like what I was let with, didn't enjoy wearing bathers and just wanted to fill a nice bra. I decided to get the procedure done in thailand... READ MORE

Hi everyone I'm 32 have two kids which I fully Breast feed till they weened ? . I have always been flatter chested and teased my entire life at school even to this day about them I got used to having small boobs but then having great ones while pregnant and breast feeding I decided I would... READ MORE

Just went for my first consultation. I chose to go to Bod Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, fl. Its about 1 min from my apartment. They recently open, I would teill my hubby "when that place opens im going"! I cant believe it came true! So I met with a coordinator then with Dr. Ghurani. He was so... READ MORE

I'm a 36a want to be a full c small d silicone under the muscle.. but I don't know if a 400cc will be too big..I've seen a lot of women my height say that they only got a small C. Im also worried about the the placement for my build..any advice will be greatly appreciated!! I have been killing... READ MORE

I just had my consultation today with Dr Gregory Sexton in Columbia, SC. I was very nervous and worried it would be an awkward experience and maybe I would leave the office feeling discouraged and not follow through with the surgery. The consult went great! Dr Sexton is very professional yet... READ MORE

I've never really had any breast at all, except when I was pregnant. What little I did have, my 2 kids sucked right out of me. After the nursing, there was just no time or money. Now I am 50 years old and ready to do something just for me. I plan on making this a very special time. My daughter,... READ MORE

Hey everyone, I haven't found many reviews on here for someone exactly like me so I thought I'd do my own :) I'm 26 years old with no kids (yet!). I'm 5'7, 130lbs and am currently a 34B although I find that deceiving because I swear my boobs look tiny in everything. I've wanted implants for as... READ MORE

I am 27 and have been booked in for surgery on the 6th of September (I'll be 28 on the 7th, the day after my surgery.. Boobs for my birthday!). I have had 3 big babies and all whom which I breastfed. Yay, go me! Yay, there goes my boobies! Sad face! I have always been small built with a very... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old with two little ones that I adore. I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was a teen but never really got serious about it until I breastfed my son for 6 months and went from a nice B cup to an 32A. I just want to feel sexy and wear what I want without feeling like a boy. Since... READ MORE

My motivation to get breast augmentation done was that I wasn't happy with the way I looked in clothes and I admired woman with 'boob jobs'. My only debate was the size and surgeon. It took me years to decide as I wanted to choose the PERFECT surgeon. Once I saw Dr. Hochstein's work and... READ MORE

Really want to see pics of before and afters of people who had the same looking boobs as mine before (small c, similar shape?) and what they look like after with it under muscle and similar cc.... Had my first consultation today with the actual surgeon, had initially seen the nurse who gave me... READ MORE

I'm a 36a or 36b in Victoria's Secret bras & I'm 5'7" 144 lbs. I've tried on rice sizers as well as sizers in my PA's office several times. I originally chose 460cc HP Saline which my PA said would make me a large C but in my Preop appt I decided I wanted to be a full D & the nurse told me once... READ MORE

I had my surgery yesterday, it was successful! I'm sore and tight but meds are keeping pain in control. I got 500cc underarm saline behind the muscle. Today sore but able to move around. Little bleeding under left arm I think I been moving too much. Been icing my breast and I have little pain.... READ MORE

No one told me when you reach your goal weight you will lose your already small 34B boobs. So here I am, three years and 40+ pounds different, looking at whats left of my small breasts and scratching my head wondering where they went. I can't take it anymore. I worked so hard to love the skin... READ MORE

After breastfeeding two daughters that are now young women, and supporting a military husband and family I am finally able to do something just for me. I have always wanted to have my breasts done, but when the children were younger it simply would not fit into our budget. I am super excited... READ MORE

I have never been a person who wanted plastic surgery just wasn't my thing but I have had a lot of health problems in the last 4 years and thought that is the reason why I didn't develop, wasn't till a ex of mine compared my boobs to a 12 year old, I then knew I had to do something about it. I... READ MORE

I'm really looking for true insight here. Not just: having a BA will change your life, or everything is perfect after you have boobs. I want to know how you see yourself now that you've gone through with it, what was the best part, the worst part, why you're happy you did it.... It all started... READ MORE

I have been thinking about this forever - but I never had the nerve to actually do it. But over the last 5 years I've had a lumpectomy from a breast cancer treatment as well as radiation and a year and a half ago I had a baby girl! So needless to say, my breasts are in need of help. The breast... READ MORE

Was thinking about it for so long and it was best thing I ever did. I started with nothing and now a full D cup. Dr Ces Colagrande was fantastic during the entire process. I must have seen him over ten times before my operation. I finally decided on 465cc teardrop implants under the muscle. I... READ MORE

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