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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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My motivation was wanting bigger breasts! more rounder fuller appearance! Pros: Confidence Look good anywhere n everywhere Feel better naked Feel more womanly Not worry about boobs getting smaller when I have kids Being able to wear anything I want Cons: Possibility of not being happy... READ MORE

I have always wanted a Breast Augmentation, many friends have done this and are happy and now it's my turn. This will be the first improvement, eventually I will do TT and Lipo on legs. I have worked out like it was an obsession for the past 30 years and finally occurred to me that won't help... READ MORE

For years now I've wanted a Breast Augmentation and finally decided to Go through with it. I did a lot of research and also had a friend refer me to Dr. Mel Ortega at CG Cosmetics In Miami, FL. I went for my consultation on 3/17/2015 and found the staff to be very friendly and upbeat. I met with... READ MORE

LOVED Dr. Yates. Im completely thrilled with my results and so grateful I went to him! I used to be quite busty but lost all volume after breastfeeding 4 kids. I researched like crazy and decided on Dr Yates even though I had to drive 10 hours to get to him. His office is so friendly and clean.... READ MORE

Hello, I've been a member since February but just recently decided to make my profile and jot down my story. For as long as I can remember I was a member of "ibtc" I was always at The end of some awful joke and was always so envious of all the girls who were developing and I just never did. I... READ MORE

I was an empty 34B I worked really worked hard to keep myself in shape, but nothing could change my sad little breasts. so I decided to have breast implants I went with 310cc moderate profile overs and they are only 2 days old. so far the recovery has been more painful than expected but I do... READ MORE

I love my boobs! Wish I would've done it sooner. My only concern now is shifting, I've heard horror stories of implants moving as time goes on! Especially since I've started to think about having kids in the next year. I wear a bra always, even to bed! My friend recommended a Brilliant Contours... READ MORE

I never liked how my breasts looked without a bra on so I would like to change that. Also, I honestly hate how one breast is bigger than the other so hopefully that will be changed as well. I haven't had my procedure done yet, but I've been researching everyday. The more I research the more I... READ MORE

I'm undecided on the size not sure if i should go with 550cc or 650cc (so confused) i have been wanting BA since i was a teen and I'm ready to get it done now like ASAP. I have 2 teenagers and the perfect boyfriend for 7 yrs, we just decided we will not have any more kids so i figure this was... READ MORE

I am currently 29 and my 30th birthday is soon approaching! I had a baby when I was 19 and the skin on my breasts stretched so much and I was left with deflated, sad breasts! I have always been so self conscious of them and never really felt like a woman! Well birthday present to myself is... READ MORE

So I finally decided I would post a picture, especially considering how much insight this has given me. I am currently an A32, very confident with my body but my breasts have always been something I felt were lacking. I love them, just not their size! After visiting two other doctors and not... READ MORE

I am in my mid-30s and I am done having children. Everything in my life revolves around my children who I love to pieces but I decided to do something for me, finally! I am getting a BA April 10! I have been wanting to do this since I had my first child 16 years ago. I nursed all three of them... READ MORE

I always wanted to be fuller and decided it was a good time. After graduating college and about to make a move to another city I started more seriously thinking about the procedure. I've been around a 32 A up until now and I think I'll be about a full C after the surgery! I never wanted to be... READ MORE

A long time coming... (5'2", 116lbs) I've always been small up top but before children my breast were not a major issue that I felt needing fixing right away...they were small but perky and I felt comfortable with them. Fast forward a few years and two years total of breast feeding...and now my... READ MORE

I am a very active 24 year old. I am 5'10"ish and 160lbs. I CrossFit 4 days a week and either walk or run on the weekends. I have always been very self conscious about the size of my breasts. Not a lot of clothes seem to fit right (especially dresses) and sports bras or swim suits make me look... READ MORE

My husband and I have finally made the decision to go ahead with breast augmentation. After breastfeeding two kids my boobs have more skin and tissue than before and I'm hoping I can go from an A up to a small D. I have 3 consultations scheduled in the next month. Anyone have any... READ MORE

I have wanted a bigger chest ever since I started developing. I wasn't to surprised when I stopped at a 34/b as every women in my family is around that size. I kept trying to live with being that because in my family God created you a certain way and you should be happy with what you have. But... READ MORE

I've wanted a BA for a long time; as I've gotten older, I've lost weight on an ongoing basis, though I've been 5ft4 and 118 lbs for 3-4 years now. I am not interested in a lift, only BA. My breasts, or rather my nipples, are a bit asymmetric, so I'm also wondering if that can be corrected??! ... READ MORE

Hello you lovelies. My name is Rachel and I am 25 years old with one little girl who is three and marrying the other half this August. From the age of 12 when my breasts started to develop, I knew something wasn't right. Every other girl my age was showing theirs off in the changing rooms or... READ MORE

I have nice breasts to start with but they are too small. His poor result falls far short of my initial expectation and even worse, I am even more self-conscious now about my breast appearance than before the surgery. After so much I went through and a high price tag I paid for, I am very... READ MORE

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