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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Today is my pre- op appointment and I am feeling some anxiety ! I've wanted this for years and finally in a position to do it! I'm an empty a and really want to be a d cup . My PS said 495 cc sientra implants and that's the largest he will do. I'm super excited. I'm 5ft 9in and 135 lbs.... READ MORE

I went from a respectable C cup pre-pregnancy to a D during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and deflated to a saggy, small B. I wanted my old breast back (or slightly larger) and get rid of the sag. After deliberating for several months, I decided to go for it. After some review, I chose Sientra... READ MORE

I have always wanted to get my BA and I am so glad I stumbled onto Dr. Young!! He is an amazing doctor and his staff are over the top outstanding!! The procedure was both exciting and a bit scary but the day of surgery the staff made me feel so comfortable and in the best hands. I would... READ MORE

Anxiously waiting for my BA. I've been waiting years to finally do this. I'm scheduled March 18th and it can't come soon enough. I'm a ball of mixed emotions..... Excited, scared and maybe a little confused lol. The last couple of days that I've been analyzing my 3-D image my ps gave me I'm... READ MORE

My husband and I have finally made the decision to go ahead with breast augmentation. After breastfeeding two kids my boobs have more skin and tissue than before and I'm hoping I can go from an A up to a small D. I have 3 consultations scheduled in the next month. Anyone have any... READ MORE

I do not intend to give in to the dreaded aging process...I colour my hair, wear false lashes and always wear make-up. The one thing I have always wanted is Boobs...well ladies I now have the opportunity and can't wait. Because I am so skinny my PS has advised Mentor 305cc medium profile unders.... READ MORE

The breast implants was always a dream: I have always thought about been able to complete/ fill out a bra. I always felt uncomfortable when I was going to the beach, buying clothes... I waited too long to find the correct doctor, but now I am sharing my experience and I hope I can help some... READ MORE

Getting close!! Finally getting my BA this Friday!!! I'm so excited, nervous, anxious & about a million other emotions right now! I went from looking at pics and thinking 325cc would be plenty big. Met my doc and by the end of the consult I was wearing 500cc sizers! Still sounds huge but it... READ MORE

My surgery is in 4 days! I'm so excited and so nervous all at the same time. I have never had surgery and I have never been under anesthesia. This will definitely be an experience! Is there anything I should have ready beforehand? Are there certain things I should eat afterward to help me? Any... READ MORE

Very anxiously waiting for my surgery. 3 weeks to go!! I am currently a 32 A, want to be a full C. Not too heavy, just enough cleavage. I originally just got here to have a better idea on how I would look. A lot of girls like going too big and have been questioning the amount I choose. Doctor... READ MORE

I always wanted my breast back to the way they were prior to breastfeeding my daughter. They were perky, plump, and feminine. After I had breastfed my daughter I noticed my totally deflated breasts. I hated seeing them in the shower, getting dressed, etc. I researched BA for many years I always... READ MORE

Hi all! Thought I'd start this review after having desperately sought smaller implant reviews when I was deciding on size and only finding 3 with pics!! I have always been flat chested and went to c cup when Breast feeding children but any flesh I had deflated after to the point even a push up... READ MORE

Ok so I wanted to get a BA since high school. But I was too scared. Then I wanted to wait untill I was done having kids. Now I'm done having kids & I'm not as scared anymore. I'm scheduled for Frebruary 22 & I will be traveling to my native DR for my procedure. I can't wait. I am more than... READ MORE

Hi there! I'm 23 yrs old with two beautiful daughters, who between the both, I breastfed for a total of 19 months! So that's how my breasts became so deflated and small. :( my consultation is on the 26th of January with Dr. Marcus and I can't wait to get this started! I will post pictures... READ MORE

I can't believe at one time I was entirely against plastic surgery, along with "un-natural" looking boobs, but in less than a week I'm going for 600cc High Profile bazookas lol To help my Doctor to better visualize my dream size I told him that I wanted to put a "butt on my front"! Yes:... READ MORE

So grateful to this site! Felt it only right to add my story after getting so much out of all of yours. I've always been thin with few curves and would think how great it would be to have bigger boobs. I didn't seriously consider augmentation however until this past year. I've been married 18... READ MORE

So I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the past 10yrs. I am now 29, 3 kids later and done I am ready for my big 30th Bday present to be boobies. Thing is, I am terrified of being put under, I am scared of having a botched job, and having anxiety of the aftermath is having me question... READ MORE

So ever since I been 16 years of age my chest was not maturing and I new that I wanted to get some work done. As I got into my twenties I new that I definitely was getting my boobs done! I never fit in to my tops . The breast part was allways way to big. And my shoulders are so wide it just... READ MORE

I had my consultation appt about a month ago. The waiting time is killing me. But, it has given me the opportunity to do LOTS of research. Which has left me questioning the original size decision. I have a substantial amount of muscle so my stats don't necessarily fit with the look of others. My... READ MORE

I am a 49-year-old mother of two and have been wanting a breast augmentation for many years. I am 5'6 125 pounds and a size 3, previously I was 200 pounds and a size 16. Due to weight issues and two children following that I Have never been confident with the way my breasts look. So I am... READ MORE

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