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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,772 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm waiting till I'm all done weaning my last child and then I am going to have a breast augmentation to return my breasts to the state they were in before children. I've always had boobs and can't imagine being flat chested. I don't wonder what I'd look like with big boobs,I'm worrying about... READ MORE

I expect to have a nice and full bra that can fill a bikini very nicely. So far I have checked out a few drs in the Toronto area and have decided to go with Dr. Kara. I just felt most comfortable with their work- my mother had a tummy tuck, breast lift with Dr. Kara a while back, and said she... READ MORE

I went for my consult with Dr. Gonce on Wednesday and immediately knew he was the surgeon for me. He gives his professional opinion but ultimately left all the decisions up to me. I scheduled my augmentation for August 5! I have been flat chested my whole life, barely filling a 34A. I will... READ MORE

I would love a D size. I want to look natural. I really thought I wanted high profile but my hubby is telling me moderate plus. I'm so confused. I want to do 500cc silicone. I'm 5'10 and 155 lbs. I'm so excited and a little nervous at the same time. I wishing everybody luck. And I would accept... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have breast implants for as long as I can remember and I'm extremely grateful I waited to find Dr Gabriel. From the moment I walked into the office I had a really good feeling, the girls upfront are beyond nice and I didn't wait longer then 4 minutes to go back and see Dr... READ MORE

Have never been happy with my boobs... even though I'm in my mid 40s, am still in good shape. It's now or never... Only concern was sizing as I'm very active. Have chosen 310s for my 5'7 frame. 140 pounds, quite muscular. 12cm chest width so my PS recommended anything between 250 and 350.. I... READ MORE

Methods to Compensate I have wanted fuller breasts since my junior high and high school days. I remember stuffing toilet paper in my bras in junior high and trying them on in front of a mirror just for fun. I felt ridiculous though and never left the house like that. In my early twenties my... READ MORE

Hello! I have been looking on this site and reading your reviews for months now! I am undergoing BA on April 10th this year (2014). This is something I have dreamed of forever and one day I woke up and told my husband... I'm doing it within 6 months. I started my search for a surgeon and found... READ MORE

I'm 51, mother of 3, take care of myself and want to look the best I can. I would like my breasts to be full and I'm hoping for one full cup size larger. I'm currently a 36b. I'm getting 375 silicone moderate + profile. I'm having my BA July 17th!! I'm so nervous but very excited too. I have 3... READ MORE

It's finally happening - I am going to get lipo and breast augmentation. I am getting lipo on flanks, lower and upper abdomen, pubis mons, and just a teensy bit on the inner thighs. Why? Because the flanks and ab fat will NEVER go away (I've been skinny and working out a ton, zero change - I... READ MORE

I was really disappointed that dr macdonalds office never even called my new ps back. Not what I would have expected from such a caring doctor. It turns out, the 2nd surgeon I went to just did not follow-up in a very thorough way---Dr MacDonald's office is totally happy to send me my records... READ MORE

I am a 27 year old mother of two (3 1/2 & 16 months) who breast fed each for about 1 month... but that was enough to suck my boobs away! I was always around a B cup in highschool and college. Now I'm probably an A, however I have been considered augmentation since I had my youngest so I haven't... READ MORE

Getting my breast augmentation July 2nd. I'm also having a periaeriolar mastopexy on my left breast bc of my asymmetry. I have been self conscious about my breasts ever since I started getting them and noticed they did not match. I am so excited to finally look the way I feel and get more... READ MORE

Although I am only 21, I have always been insecure about my breasts. Growing up, I developed breasts earlier than the other girls around me, however, I found they had stopped growing shortly after. Currently, I'm a 32 A, sometimes AA, and I've been considering the option of breast augmentation... READ MORE

Prior to breastfeeding my 2 daughters I had beautiful perky c-cup breasts. Now I'm a deflated B. They've retained their shape and symmetry but lost all the volume, so I've decided to get augmentation surgery. I went to 3 different consultations and decided to book my surgery with Dr Waslen here... READ MORE

I am a 27 year old mother of a beautiful six year old princess. I have always been petite (5'3" 105lbs) and being pregnant made no difference! I only weighed 129 lbs when I gave birth (she was a healthy 6lb14 oz and 20 1/4" long!) while breast feeding, I had the most beautiful, full C cups I had... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have lurked for a while and this site seems like a great place to get answers about plastic surgery expectations. I am a married mother of three who is feeling like my body has lost 90% of its life since my last two children. I feel extremely disproportionate and have been dying... READ MORE

Thank you to all of the ladies who have contributed to this site. Your experiences, stats and photos have been very helpful in this process. I have been pondering this step for at least 4 years. I am wanting to document this so I can be helpful to others as we'll. I am 5'10'' 160# have a 38b... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants for years. Even before having children, my breasts were small, 34B. After having 3 children and breast feeding them all, my breasts looked like deflated balloons! They sagged and I even lost a cup size. I began wearing padded bras, going braless was NOT an... READ MORE

I'm a 33 year old mother of one, looking to increase fullness lost from nursing my daughter. I'm 5'2", around 138 lbs. My frame is not petite, I would say average. I do have a round bottom. LOL. Before pregnancy I was a 34B (barely) and went to a full D cup while nursing. My breasts are not... READ MORE

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