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WORTH IT RATING based on 5,240 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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I have been wearing chicken cutlets since 19, fake water bras, the inserts. I even had big ones with nipples. There has been intermittent researching, reading, touching, fake breasts since then. I started interviewing doctors in Feb 2014, and saw 4 booked 5, didn't go to my 5th. In fall 2012 I... READ MORE

My surgery is in 20 days...I'm very nervous! Having no boobs, and going to something is very hard for me to imagine. My doctor said to do 195cc low profile under the muscle, and I am getting saline obviously because of my age. Will this be enough?? I am tired of looking like a pre-pubescent... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get a BA for 15 years and I have finally decided to do it. My husband was surprised when I told him, but supportive. Now the only issues... saving money. I had hoped to get them done in October, but with other things coming up I was not able to save. I don't know... READ MORE

I wasn't happy with the 300cc saline implants I had from six years ago, so I swapped them out for 533cc silicone mod + implants (cohesive allergen natrelle). The old implants were low profile saline. I wasn't happy with the lack of fullness in the top of my chest, and even with implants I felt... READ MORE

I have booked my surgery with Dr Michael Fiorillo located in Pearl River, NY. I have wanted this for so many years and I'm so happy that I've finally saved up enough to get this done. I have been on a couple of consultations prior to choosing Dr Fiorillo; he and his safe were very welcoming and... READ MORE

Over my 52 years on this earth, I have gained and lost more weight than I want to imagine! So my boobs have seen their good and bad days, and finally were sick and tired of the bad days, once I lost the final 50 pounds a few years ago. My kids are 32 and 28, so I won't blame them (too much) on... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have lurked for a while and this site seems like a great place to get answers about plastic surgery expectations. I am a married mother of three who is feeling like my body has lost 90% of its life since my last two children. I feel extremely disproportionate and have been dying... READ MORE

After 10 years of feeling like a teen boy in a bikini I am finally in a position, financially and otherwise, to do something about it. I am married, no kids, no plan for kids in the near future, and I deserve to look and feel my best now... Now that I can :-) Finding a Dr. was not really a... READ MORE

I have been considering breast augmentation for at least 10 years. I have always had small breasts 36 a (now 36 b) and after I gave birth to my 12 year old son I lost a lot of volume on top (didn't breast feed and boobs basically blew up right after birth and then deflated 2 weeks later). I am... READ MORE

First, the details I always look for in a review. I am 5'4", 106 lbs and wear a 32AA bra. I was a nice perky 32A before nursing three babies and got as big as a small C while nursing. I am going with the Allergan 300 & 325 cc's high profile silicone implants under the muscle. I'm super... READ MORE

So I created this profile to just kind of keep track of what I want out of my operation and so others can follow me on this process of medical tourism. I'm going to Pereira, Colombia in December and i'll plan more of my BA when I get there. I have family there so I won't need to look up where... READ MORE

Good day all you wonderful ladies! I have been reading and reading and reading your reviews for weeks on end... i have my first consultation with ps in 3days. I am 29, mother of 3, no.3 i breastfed for well just a year, he is now 18 months. I am 5'2ft and 116pounds. Currently a almost Acup. I... READ MORE

Well, right or wrong for good or evil I have decided I would like to have breast implants. I am 37 years old, I have 3 kids (twins). I'm sad that I've always been embarrassed by my 34A's but it's true - I have been my whole life. As a teen, young adult, wife, mother. So, today I booked the date.... READ MORE

So this is my 1st time writing on a blog. I came across RealSelf looking at before and after pics online a couple weeks ago and have been on this site almost daily reading others journeys and I'm amazed at how informative it's been and how I can relate to so many others here. I am 37, with for 4... READ MORE

My weight has fluctuated about 10 -15 pounds since I was a teenager. Since I'm so tall, people never really noticed, but after dropping to 115lbs in 2013 my breast had lost volume, and appeared to be asymmetric. When I gained the weight back my breast were just so sad looking, and I wanted to... READ MORE

Hello, I'm a SAHM of two fabulous, high-energy kids who I breastfed until they were each about 2 years old. I've gone from a perky small B that I was really quite happy with to a saggy who-knows-what because I'm still using my old bras. I've got to be an A or less. I've been growing more and... READ MORE

I've known of this website for about a year and have been on it almost everyday reading reviews and surgeons comments. I've wanted a BA since a teenager and always knew one day i'd get one. The idea seemed like a fantasy until this January, someone close to me revealed they were getting one and... READ MORE

This is my first post to this blog. A blog about a most dynamic journey in my life to find myself. I have spent to many years giving to so many and to have nothing left in return but angst and regret. It is now MY time to treat MYSELF. I plan to get 400-450cc textured saline implants under the... READ MORE

Hi Girls, i have been thinking about and obsessing over the decision of getting breast implants or not for the last 3 years. I have looked into the pros and cons. Read endless stories on girls who are happy with their decision and then those who completely regret it and wish they never done it.... READ MORE

Well, I am 2 weeks out from my surgery and all kinds of emotions are taking over! I am travelling out of state for my surgery and had an online consultation. Because of this, I am unsure of sizing! Ive looked at many before and after photos and am estimating I will get between 300-400 cc's. I... READ MORE

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