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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Hello everyone!!! I have been enjoying thus site for quite some time now and finally feel close enough to my surgery date ( May 15, 2015) to start my profile. Here I will share any pre-op photos of my Itty bitty 32 A's and explain my expectations with my choice of 425 cc Silicone Mentor Gel,... READ MORE

Tomorrow is my consult and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I went from a C to and E and back to a deflated C after my 2nd child. I am hoping to gain symmetry and fill out/in the girls. Hoping I don't need a lift too. I have heard nothing but excellent things about this PS... READ MORE

Breast implants is something i have wanted forever and i'm finally doing it! I'm 25 and when i lay down i look like a 12 year old boy. Currently barely filling a small B cup i am hoping my post operative results with achieve a D or DD. I'm 5ft 6 inches and weigh about 75kgs. I had my consult on... READ MORE

So I'll start off with my stats: 5'5" 125lbs. My PS is Dr. Cohen at Belecara. I've already had my pre-op and went over everything. The staff there is amazing and very thorough. I was first going to go with 250cc cause I wanted something natural but "noticeable and not noticeable" at the same... READ MORE

Somthing new for myself and the pros that make Since about two years ago a close friend of mine had a breast augmentation procedure done and she looked great and that inspired me to want to have a procedure of my own. I recently had my procedure this past March and immediately after the surgery... READ MORE

I have thought about this for years now because I have always been flat chested. I have no children at 27yrs old. I consulted At Grossman plastic surgery, Dr. Raskin, Dr. Spiers, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Millard. Finally I found Dr, Buford. I listened to each different surgeons, each had their own... READ MORE

I had been considering a Breast Augmentation for some time.. ( I absolutely hated feeling like a 12 year old boy!) And aside from the fact that I was absolutely 100% completely FLAT, I also have Pectus Excavatum.. so I was far from being comfortable with my body. After I found my PS I set up a... READ MORE

My grandmother was a designer at a bra factory and made custom bras for every woman in my family. This worked out perfectly, because all of them (her sisters, her nieces, her cousins, her youngest daughter) were WELL endowed and all my life I heard about all the creative ways they lassoed those... READ MORE

Was schedule for Breast augmentation 1year ago, but got scared and changed my mind , regret not doing it then when I had my tummy tuck, as time passes by.. I felt disappointed in the way I looked in certain clothing, swimwear etc... I spend a lot in high end padded bra which looks fine.. But... READ MORE

I have always wanted bigger boobies. I'm 4'11 and weight 124 ( on average). Prior to pregnancy (I'm 38 and my oldest is 22 and my youngest 15) I was a small 34c, I was a young mother I only weighed 88 pounds prior. Through out the years and married life :) I've stayed steady at 125 ish and still... READ MORE

So before my son was born I had very nice breasts I was a full C and always had cleavage and compliments from my close girlfriends. I had my little guy in 2013 . I was very serious about breast feeding him because I wanted to give him a good start to life , something I can actually give my child... READ MORE

Mom of 3 boys did not breastfeed because my milk just never came in right.......... I am obsessed with this site been looking at all the reviews all the pictures (but only the worth it ones do not not want to scare myself out of it ;)) I wanted to post my journey getting my breast done I am so... READ MORE

I'm currently 2 days post-op! Everything has been going well. I had my surgery at 7:30am this past Wednesday, and was home before 11 :) Before meeting with my surgeon, I assumed I would get at least 300ccs, based on online browsing. But as you all know, that's not exactly how this works!... READ MORE

Since I was 16-17 I wanted to do a breast augmentation. I have a thin waist, big thighs, hips and butt, so I always felt my breasts were small and they looked so small in bikini etc. My bra's were always the "adds two cup sizes" ones from Victorias Secret, so wearing my clothes they looked how I... READ MORE

First thing first. Bra size 34A, 5'7", 135 lbs, measure 30 around. I was in between sizes for a while. My other option was 425 mod+ mentor 13.4. My goal is to fill my chest and have a "natural" outcome but don't mind them being on the larger size if both goals are accomplished. Given that the... READ MORE

I just wasn't happy about how my breast looked while not in a $50 push up bra, before my procedure. The procedure was quick, and recovery time was amazingly fast. Cons on the procedure... Well, there aren't any. I'm just mad that I didn't do this sooner. Dr. Prada knew exactly what I wanted, and... READ MORE

Borderline needing a lift I decided to go bigger implants with no lift and got a pretty good result :) lets hope the girls stay like this for awhile without future lifting needed. I originally was booked for 397 cc round cohesive gel implants and went with 421 cc round. I couldn't be happier!... READ MORE

Im 5' 2" 115 lbs and I am a 32AA cup. Me and my doctor have decided under the muscle imframammary incision 250-300cc implants. Had my first consultation about a month ago and decided it was finally time for me to get them done. My pro-op is tomorrow and I can't wait! Ive been wanting a breast... READ MORE

I had my consultation and scheduled my surgery today! I met with Dr. Khalil who was highly recommended by a friend of mine. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Westminster, but the surgery is only done in Beverly Hills. He was straight forward and listened to what I wanted. He agreed with my... READ MORE

Have been thinking on and off for years about breast augmentation. Looking to get a consult very soon. I am looking to go up a cup size to a C. Im currently about a medium 32B. I desire a more fuller look but still want them to look very natural on my frame. I've seen a lot of great natural... READ MORE

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