Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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I was really nervous the day of the surgery. Dr Eugene Kim and his staff did a wonderful job keeping me calm. Everything happened pretty quickly. I got in - changed into my gown, nurse asked a few health related questions, dr Kim came by to do his markings and asked a few questions. He did a... READ MORE

I decided that a lift and implant was right for me because I was looking for the fullness in my breasts that I no longer had, I am 36 years old. I just had my augmentation procedure (lift, implant and axillary lipo) yesterday and I feel great. My PS, Dr Law was fantastic he says he... READ MORE

Hi ladies! Just a little background..I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 19 yrs, have 3 beautiful babies, ages 8, 11 and 18. (She may be a legal adult, but she's still my baby! : ) I have always wanted boobies, especially since I realized they weren't coming. Being lean &... READ MORE

Hi everyone! First I want to say a HUGE thank you for this site and the ladies that share their experience. I've been discreet on this site, not wanting to put any info out about myself because many people I know personally don't know I'm having this procedure (I wear padded, push up bras lol).... READ MORE

Hi All. I have just booked my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Tavakoli. I am really nervous. I am an A cup now and have always said I wanted a boob job, but am really nervous now that I am actually getting it done. Can you guys please tell me about your experience post op? I am looking to go... READ MORE

I have always felt like I was very small chested..(32 a/b). I have wanted a breast augmentation for 3 years and this year I finally got the balls to do it !! Surgery has always been my biggest fear ! I got saline implants. Because of my age silicone would not be under warranty. I got unders left... READ MORE

It's been a topic of conversation between me and my sweet husband for a decade....the first time taking place after I finished nursing my first baby and my beautiful C cup breasts disappeared. With 3 more babies and exercising becoming a hobby of mine, the results only exaggerated. Here we are,... READ MORE

I am 35 years old , mommy of two and active. I am 5'6 and usually somewhere between 125-135 . I was a D cup when younger and after my first baby a C, then after baby number 2 a B. I had went to a plastic surgeon in 2011 for implants and she felt I needed a lift and wait on implants to see if I... READ MORE

I was 34B, having one baby made me reduce to 34A. Had consultation with Doctor Aug 12. Surgery decided on this Oct 1st. Doctor recommend me 355, 375. I'm not sure what size it gonna be? C? Anyone who has same body about my size give me your idea please. Been hesitate or should I get 375, 400?... READ MORE

So yeah, I'm 34 with two elementary school aged kids. Work out regularly and have a rather high stress work/home life. Ready to do something exclusively for me! Been wearing push up bras, push up swimsuits, padded sports bras, cutlets for too long after breastfeeding and I just want to feel... READ MORE

Everyone wishes they can change something about themselves for many different reasons. I finally reached the point in my life where I wanted to and could make the change I wanted, for me. Not for anyone else in my life or the people I thought I wanted in my life. I included the minimal amount of... READ MORE

My breasts have been stretched out and deflated from the hard work they put in breastfeeding 2 babies. Now in my 30's I am officially done having babies and decided to revive my breasts with augmentation. I was not sure if I would need a lift due to extra skin and not much volume. But I was... READ MORE

Hello, like a lot of you I've always had smaller breasts (unless I was preggos and breastfeeding). My sister used to call me a carpenters dream lol. I always wanted a BA but ended up putting everything else first (like a lot of Mom's do!). I finally decided it was time to do this for myself. I... READ MORE

I've always been satisfied with my body (I'm on the slender side), but I always wished I had more curves, aka boobs. I researched for doctors in Charlotte for a long time and Dr. Hunstad always came up as one of the best plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the area. I scheduled a... READ MORE

I have always been small chested. I am 5'6 and 127 pounds. I am constantly on the water and I want to fill out my bikini. I also want to wear the really cute tops and dresses. Right now I am a full A / small B. I want to be a full C/ small D. I have chosen to do the saline implants using the... READ MORE

My surgery day is almost here and I can't believe I'll have boobs in 1 week! I'm an A cup looking to go to C cup. I've always been active my entire life and never disliked my boobs but three years ago my desire to have bigger boobs spurred me to research breast augmentation and I considered it... READ MORE

My breast have been bothering me since about 6 months after the birth of my son. They have only gotten worse over time. I decided to start losing weight since I was slightly heavier than I was pre baby and that has only made my breast look worse. I'm hoping to start seeing doctors soon to get... READ MORE

I'm about 5 weeks post op, I was a 32a.. I had 350cc's placed. . I love the way my breasts look but most important I love that I don't have to wear bra and longer.. they have dropped tremendously since the first week post op.. I'm hoping they don't change much at all I'm very pleased and happy... READ MORE

I have spent the last 6 months researching surgeons, procedure types, various implants styles, manufacturers, patient experiences and reviews. I will be vacationing in Costa Rica this December and have decided to schedule with Dr. Victor Urzola to perform my surgery. I am very anxious but I'm... READ MORE

I had my first consultation with dr wiener today. He was very quick to go through everything although at the end he had covered basically any question I had had. I am currently a 36b (I think) hoping for a full c or small d. Any one that has had a BA with him please feel free to tell me your... READ MORE

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