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Breast augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Ever since I was 16 I remember reading and studying everything to know about breast augmentation surgeries. All the girls in my family all we more "gifted" than I. I guess those genes decided to skip me. I had told my fiancé how I was dreading our wedding photos because I was flat chested. He... READ MORE

I've thinking about the having this procedure for a couple of years and am now ready. The kids are grown and out of house. Time to get back to me. Nervous and excited for my BA date! Very comfortable and feeling confident with Dr. Ewart! He and his staff are great! My hubby is very... READ MORE

1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself all day. I basically stayed on the couch and stayed medicated. 2nd and 3rd were a little better. Now I'm on day 14 and I still have major nerve pain. They are still hard and sensitive. At least I don't have to wear that band any longer. My under... READ MORE

40 years old, 3 kids, 5'4", 102lbs - Getting 300 - 350cc Mentor High Profile Silicone under the muscle implants! After three beautiful daughters and spending the last 21 years doing everything for them, it's finally time for myself :) I've always been the one person in our family that get's made... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm 27 years old 5'5 135 lbs. Im a mother of two, which i nursed both for 2 yrs each. i lost quite a bit of volume up top and am sagging a bit. I've decided its now time to upgrade the boobies. i had my consultation with dr knoetgen yesterday. all the staff was very friendly, during... READ MORE

I have been going back and forth on whether to get my boobs done in Toronto or travel to Miami to get them done. I have had some fears about going out of the country to get them done. I knew that if I were to get them done any where else it would be Florida. They pump out those breasts! I had my... READ MORE

Thanks to all of your incredible reviews, I have probably gotten about 2 hours less of sleep per night for the past week or so. I just can't stop reading! I've had a conflicted view on breast augmentation in the past, which has changed over the years for may reasons. And this community has... READ MORE

Finally getting sound to doing a post! My husband said as much as this site as helped me, I should return the favor :-) Original stats 43 yrs old, breastfeed two kids (now 9 &11), very active, 126lbs, about 5'6, originally 32A. In my pics you may or may not notice a line from under my belly... READ MORE

I lost significant breast volume after my third child. Pre babies I was a small D, at 5'3" 123 lbs, with a fit hourglass physique. I was looking to fill a C cup, gaining back the upper pole volume I lost. I was very concerned about needing a lift, but if needed would have gone through with it. I... READ MORE

I have been doing plenty of research in the past year, very nervous.. I'm the type that needs to know everything and anything about stuff before I go forth with something.... I am 5'2" 120 pounds 34 b..... I am a mother of 2 and with weight gain and loss, the girls have a mind of their own... I... READ MORE

I am scheduled for my BA & lift in two months. I will be 38 by the time I get them. I've had two children and we are done having kiddos. I wear a 34A in VS bras and still don't fill the cup up all the way. I gained and lost 60lbs with both my babies and now the girls are on the soggy side.... READ MORE

Wow, how to even start? This has been such a long time in the making. I've always felt really underdeveloped. I didn't have ANYTHING until around 17 or so, and even then it wasn't much. It got worse because I developed severe anorexia around then and I never developed anything more. It's a... READ MORE

A long time coming... (5'2", 116lbs) I've always been small up top but before children my breast were not a major issue that I felt needing fixing right away...they were small but perky and I felt comfortable with them. Fast forward a few years and two years total of breast feeding...and now my... READ MORE

I am 29, 5'6", 125 lbs, with a slender athletic build and small natural breasts (barely a 32A). No children. I have consulted with 10 surgeons in the Philadelphia area over the past two months and have finally made a decision to have the breast augmentation I've wanted since puberty! I've... READ MORE

425 Teardrop Silicone implants, under the muscle. I'm 5'3 138, was a dropping 36C. Measuring now 36D Over all great experience. My surgery was Oct 24 2014, first few days I was sore, hard time sleeping, I found sleeping in my recliner was wonderful, perfect support. Day after surgery pain was 6... READ MORE

When I was pregnant I gained a lot weight, 56lbs. to be exact. Yikes! Yup... I know! Within the first month after having my daughter I lost 31lbs., the other 20-25lbs have always sorta stuck around (I "Yoyo" weight a lot). I'm thankful that I was able to breast feed my daughter for almost a... READ MORE

I am a very active and athletic lady but, have never felt much like a "lady" until after my surgery. I loved my body before and was a very confident person even with next to nothing boobs! I just want to be able to fill out my clothes on top and surgery was the only way! I love them! My surgery... READ MORE

Hellooooo ladies!!!! I haven't posted on here before but have been following a few journeys! So for all of my life I have had very small (non-existent) breasts! When my girlfriends were getting bra measured, I was feeling sorry for myself in padded bras! My breasts were their biggest whilst I... READ MORE

When I intially went to see the doctor, I had heard so many good things and hoped for similar results. I was 23 years old and has lost a lot of volume since motherhood. I had very deflated looking c's and wanted her to restore me to my former dd's from High school. She was very thoughtful and... READ MORE

I've always wanted to change my breast size. Equipped with my 32A I visited Dr. Darrow in June of 2013. He was the first Surgeon I saw for this procedure and left there knowing he was the guy. I booked my surgery for September and decided on a size of 300cc Moderate plus silicone. Dr. Darrow was... READ MORE

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