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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hi, I am due to have breast augmentation in 15 days and am sooooo nervous!! I think I'm scared of the outcome as don't want to go too big or for them to look like they've been done?? I'm very much for the natural look and for them to look like they are my own. I am a 32a now, (32b/c before I had... READ MORE

For years I have been on the fence about getting a breast augmentation. For a while I had myself convinced that I wasn't going to get one because "they don't look or feel the same" and "if someone doesn't love me for who I am, then to hell with them". While the second still holds true, I have... READ MORE

I have been unsure about surgery but now I know I want this. I am having a hard time choosing a Doctor... How do you choose?? All of the doctors I have been researching have some good and some bad reviews... I really don't care a whole lot about bedside service. As long as the result is perfect... READ MORE

Im a size 32A and I've pretty much have had saggy boobs for half my life. I had my daughter at the age of 16 which happens to have been 17 years ago. I can't even remember what my breast looked like prior to giving birth. But i do remember how awful it made me feel to have saggy boobs while most... READ MORE

Hello Dolls, So just an update (long update, bare with me)... After consulting with a fews Plastic Surgeons (literally from everywhere around the globe lol), I've finally made my decision to either go through those procedures (BBL+ BA w/implants and Lipo of my stomach, flanks, waist & back)... READ MORE

Countless internet searches led me to finally trust my instinct and make a consultation with Dr. Pousti, of Pousti Plastic Surgery in the San Diego area of California. I was motivated to make the call due to his expansive knowledge in Breast Augmentation, XL Breast Augmentation and countless... READ MORE

I just booked my surgery date for November 5th!! I'm so excited and anxious! I have been thinking about getting a breast aug for a while now, and for some reason, I've just finally said, I'm getting it done! Once I set my mind on something, there's no turning back for me! LOL. I cannot wait to... READ MORE

At my consultation between what I wanted and the Dr's recommendations I chose Allergan Natrelle Style 15 286cc's. I am a very petite size, 5'3" and about 98lbs. I have 4 kids and just lost all volume after breastfeeding feeding my 3rd, up until then I was very happy with what I had naturally. My... READ MORE

I'm new to this site, so this may take me a minute to get used to. I wasn't always interested in getting a BA. I actually was quite happy with my chest until recently. Around age 20/21 I was a 32DD, and on the verge of needing a larger bra. After quitting birth control and losing weight... READ MORE

Finally getting sound to doing a post! My husband said as much as this site as helped me, I should return the favor :-) Original stats 43 yrs old, breastfeed two kids (now 9 &11), very active, 126lbs, about 5'6, originally 32A. In my pics you may or may not notice a line from under my belly... READ MORE

I'm having my procedure done this Friday and I'm so exited! I've been waiting a looooong time for this. I was a year ahead in school so I started middle school when I was 10 (and completely flat-chested) and I saw some 14-15 year old girls with like DDs. Ever since then I knew I was gonna have... READ MORE

Should have done this sooner but I wasn't planing on doin this. I spent hours on this website and it helped me a lot so I thought I should give back. I hope to help at least one person in their journey. My stats: 24 yrs 5'4,130lbs 0 kids Pre 34B Post 34DD? Too early to tell, but what I asked... READ MORE

My advice to you never I mean never go to a doctor that have seasonal specials! I had a ba and I have hated it with a passion since I got them. I went in With beautiful perky breast that fit my small frame. Now I am left with 500 cc now sagging breast that are so far apart they make me look... READ MORE

I have thought about this for years now because I have always been flat chested. I have no children at 27yrs old. I consulted At Grossman plastic surgery, Dr. Raskin, Dr. Spiers, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Millard. Finally I found Dr, Buford. I listened to each different surgeons, each had their own... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Born and his staff was nothing less than perfect. I recently had a breast augmentation and am extremely satisfied with the results as well as my quick recovery. Dr. Born answered all my questions throughout our consultation and thoroughly explained all the risks associated... READ MORE

The one thing that I love the most after doing the breast augmentation was the the 2nd day after I just did anything I wanted. No pain didn't take any pills after the 1st day. Walking around as if I didn't do anything to my body. Very fast recovery. Very proud of this. Went out and showed some... READ MORE

I'm an A cup hoping to get a full c small D. I'm a mother of 6 and breasfeed my last two kids. I've always been small chested and I'm so excited about going thru with this BA. I'm really scared about this whole procedure but hoping I have no complications and everything goes smooth... 2 more... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs about 2 1/2 years ago & with my weight loss I loss my breast.. I have been considering this for about 1 year now & just recently started my consults..I'm 32B ish & want a full D.. I have done 3 so far & am in love with the second doctor. I... READ MORE

I have been researching breast augmentation since the beginning of this year. I have never had a surgery and am a little hesitant to sign myself up for one voluntarily. However a part of me thinks why the hell not?! Life's short and I am not planning on having kids. I've never hated my boobs but... READ MORE

I am a 28 yr old mother of two beautiful boys, whom I both nursed. 5 ft 128 lbs 34 B pre-op. I had my oldest as a teenager and have missed my young, full breasts since then. I was a 34 C in high school. I have a two year old whom I nursed until His second birthday in April, then cut him from the... READ MORE

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