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WORTH IT RATING based on 4,782 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi Ladies! I'm a little nervous about doing a BA. I've never been put to sleep (other than having my wisdom teeth out @ 22 yrs old - and it was painless). So it's freaking me out a little. A little about myself...5ft 2in tall - 116 lbs - 34 A (on a good day) and no children. I feel very... READ MORE

Breast augmentation changed my life! Dr. Terrasse used the Vectra and I was able to work with him to see exactly how I would look with different size implants. It made me feel at ease before the surgery that I had chosen the right size implants. He is a fabulous doctor with great bedside manner.... READ MORE

Hello beautiful ladies! I'd like to first start of by thanking all the ladies on here who have posted their stories. You have helped me immensely! Thanks to you wonderful ladies i feel prepared and ready! Hoping to help somebody in the same position as me with young children or to help choose... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old married to my best friend with 3 wonderful kids. I have wanted a breast augmentation since as far back as I can remember. I'm a 34 A in hopes of obtaining a C or small D cup. I started my research about a year ago and had several consultations. It wasn't until I had my final... READ MORE

So far, so good! I love having boobs and I love my doctors work. Many repeated positive affirmations later, the whole recovery process hasn't been HALF as bad as I anticipated or was told. I am weening off of my drugs slowly but surely because I am trying to regulate my digestive system again.... READ MORE

I'm 26 years old and I am more then ready for my BA surgery!!! I have done tons of research and finally found the right doctor for me... I think I am a big B small C now.. And extremely saggy and flat:( I am planning on doing silicone HP under the muscle... I still have to do my consultation... READ MORE

I am 24 years old and after 5 years of thinking of breast augmentation, I decided to go trough with the procedure. Before the procedure I was a 32A and now I am 36D and feeling so great about it. I looked up so many doctors online and after months of searching I came across Dr. Tom Pousti,... READ MORE

Ever since I was 13 years old I have wanted to have breast augmentation! My boobs just never grew! In fact, I was always an A cup, but after putting on weight, I am now a small B cup. I was concerned about getting surgery due to my weight. I was nervous of any complications I may have because... READ MORE

Just like a lot of the posts I read, I have wanted bigger boobs since I was in middle school. I had always been really thin growing up and worn a 34B, but in college I gained weight and with that my boobs only got slightly bigger, 36C. I have finally started to lose all the weight and am... READ MORE

After giving birth and breastfeeding 3 children my breasts have almost completely deflated. I also lost 25lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, after my last baby. While pregnant and breastfeeding my breasts were a nice full C cup. Now they area full A cup. I've always had much smaller breast in... READ MORE

Surgery is 2 weeks away and I still can't decide what size and where the incision will be. I am not sure if I should do 425cc or larger! I have a tall frame and can easily carry large breasts. I have a lot of extra skin and stretch marks on my breasts and was a D while breastfeeding. Not... READ MORE

So I am finally going through with it! I can't say that I have been wanting to get a boob job for years or anything like that. Generally I am pretty secure with my body and I have never been to concerned with what other people thought about it. Over the past few years I have managed to lose a... READ MORE

I'm so excited I finally got them!! So I was like al of u I reached and look up review on doctor too the size I wanted! I got 550 silicon I was very worried about the size at first but love the results! If u are in between a smaller size too bigger go big u won't regret it! I could not decide... READ MORE

It took me years to finally decide to go through with it. Wish I had done years ago. Results perfect. Staff amazing. Doctor amazing. Scar is minimal and no issues or problems. For those hesitate go for free consultation. Dr. Raniere was patient. It was difficult for me to be patient through... READ MORE

I was a 32 A/AA all my life and always felt insecure about my boobs. I always used makeup and wore double push-up bras (sometimes even two) to make it seem like I had something going on. I modeled throughout high school also, so I always felt as though I needed more to feel more confident and... READ MORE

Hello all! First off, RealSelf is AWESOME. It is so great to hear all of the comments and experiences. is my experience thus far. I would love to hear words of wisdom & encouragement, similar stories, etc. I have been small busted my entire life. I have always been skinny or lean or... READ MORE

I never wanted any surgery but after having my daughter my boobs became flat and saggy. I finally met with Salama and went through with the procedure. It was very scary being as that I never had a surgery before but it turned out great. Woke up with no nausea just crying and starving! Ate a... READ MORE

I went for my consultation yesterday. I think that I'm a little more confused than I was before I went in. I want a conservative look and after trying on sizers etc was told I could go for 375, even 400. Now I'm really scared! My surgery is in 2 weeks. I told my surgeon my life style and what I... READ MORE

I have been considering a breast augmentation for six years. I had my first consultation when I was 18 years old. After meeting with a few doctors I decided it wasn't the right time to go through with the surgery. Six years later I have graduated college and got married in April and I still... READ MORE

After 15 years of wanting larger breasts it is finally time for me to have some new boobies! I breastfed two wonderful baby girls but they sucked the life right out of me! I was a 36B pre children. I went down to a 34A after breastfeeding and getting into triathlons and marathons (getting much... READ MORE

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