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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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I'm a busy working mom who loves to lift heavy weight. I just started CrossFit about a year ago and my B/C breasts went bye-bye along with 10 lbs. I'm very petite -- 5', 108-110 lbs -- so I knew I didn't want to go big. I'm also in tv news so I didn want my viewers to be completely distracted... READ MORE

I'm booked in to receive my breast augmentation on Friday, March 27th, 2015. I found these reviews really helpful when making the decision to go through with the surgery, so I figured I better write my own! I've always been self conscious of the size of my breasts, and decided at a young age... READ MORE

Hi everyone, just beginning my journey to getting my boobies that I so desire! After doing extensive online research looking at UK surgeons, I believe I have found 'the one'. This just so happens to be a surgeon who works in my town. I have my consultation booked for next month however I am... READ MORE

Today was my pre op appointment. I'm super excited/scared/nervous/anxious! So many different feelings it's getting stressful, can't wait for this to be over. Dr Obaid and his staff have been great so far. I did a whole lot of research before hand so I didn't really have too many questions to ask... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, size 8 and around 9stone. I am currently a B cup and hoping to become a full C cup. I have always struggled a little with my weight and up until about 4/5 years ago I was a big size 12 and a 34DD. After loosing weight my boobs shrank right down to a B and after getting more... READ MORE

I have had one appointment and at the time I was not completely sure this it what I wanted to do. We did go over size but I think my fear of being too big held me back. Anyway, I have an appointment scheduled a month out and I am hoping my PS can help me decide on a size that is appropriate... READ MORE

Hello, I've been a member since February but just recently decided to make my profile and jot down my story. For as long as I can remember I was a member of "ibtc" I was always at The end of some awful joke and was always so envious of all the girls who were developing and I just never did. I... READ MORE

I've finally (after 15 years of wishing) made the decision to get a breast augmentation. I'm currently a 34B. I want to be a full C, but from what I hear people always wish they went a tad bigger. Has anyone experienced this? My husband is fully supportive...which is always a great thing! I hope... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I am so glad to have found this site! I have always pondered getting a boob job since I was in high school, but the older I got the more this pondering became a desire. Now that I can finally afford it, I'm taking the plunge! A little about my story, when I was in middle school, I... READ MORE

I am so excited for my upcoming surgery! One week pre-op and I have been spending too many hours looking at boobs online (when I really thought about it, I felt like that should probably feel a little weird). I am currently a 34AA and would like to be a full-C or small-D in the end. I am 5'8"... READ MORE

So I had my first appointment yesterday, January 8 , and it went very well. My surgeon said under the muscle would be the best because I'm skinny. I'm 5 ft, 6inch and 114lb, or as we say in Norway 52kg and 170cm. He said I should go between 280cc and 310cc. I'm not sure what to choose, I'm a... READ MORE

I'm living in Australia, everyone seems to have fake boobs and because of that I've spent almost 5 years wondering if it's just a trend or if it's something I really want. I booked a few weeks ago. I'm worried about complications and really want natural looking boobs or I'll keep what I have.... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am soon to be 24, I have been considering a boob job for about 3 years now it was never something that bothered me until I started to loose a lot of weight from my top section (from diet change and fitness) now my body is really un proportioned. Everyday I feel my boobs are... READ MORE

I have had the same breast size since 9 years old! Everyone thought they would be huge, so I think they jinxed me! I stayed at a 32A or AA. My ribcage is actually 27 inches, and I have 38 inch hips. I wanted to balance my out shape. My surgery was today, took about 5 hours and I am in some... READ MORE

So after years of wishing I had boobs, I'm finally making it happen. I've been researching BA for several months, and was looking at 3 PS in the Scottsdale, AZ area. I decided to go with Dr. Aldo Guerra, simply based on reviews, experience, his training, etc. I had been emailing his office,... READ MORE

Ok so after seeing this sight and combing through all the reviews and before and afters which i find the most helpful here i am am posting my own.I am 30 yrs old have 4 kiddos breastfeed all, Im 5'0 107 34a pre op and my bwd is 12.5 my stats, my 1st ps was nice the staff was wonderful though i... READ MORE

I'm currently 5' 71/5" weighing 130 (when I'm going to castings and modeling more I'm 120 which is ideal) My stats are: 32a bust 24 waist 37 hips. I ideally would wake up and have beautiful 32ds under my shirt ;) I really am looking for any advice from someone who has done this before... READ MORE

So I heard about dr Gonzales through my cousin, who know like 4 people who have had their breasts done by him and I decided to check him out. I had originally planned on going to a few consultations with different doctors, but I felt so comfortable with him. He was very patient and explained... READ MORE

I have started to post a million times and never post. So finally, here we are. I'm 5'8" 125lbs Mommy of 1 I've graduated past the consultation phase and decided on my P.S. Now I just need to save $1100 more, and the anticipation is killing me! I am really good with money and I know I can... READ MORE

Pre-op appt 3/17 to try on sizers. PS rec smooth, not sure yet if HP or MP will work best to redesign my breasts the best. I want full, perky breasts. I want to go as large as possible aesthetically and physically. Hopefully I will be happy with my final results. I will update next Tuesday on... READ MORE

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