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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Hello! I am currently awaiting my surgery date and am still undecided on my size. I am a 34b right now 135, 5'5 and am looking at doing 400ccs natrelle silicone unders. My doctor let me bring a pair home and I believe I am going to love them. I see pictures of girls who went bigger and I... READ MORE

Today I had my pre-op vist at Dr. Marchant's office. I am scheduled to have my surgery on march 11th 2015. I had to feel out alot of paperwork, I recieved some antibiotic soap to wash with on the day of the surgery, i recieved my prescriptions for pain medication, and a doctors note for when I... READ MORE

I have two boys and dont plan on having anymore. I breastfed my son for about 8mths i do believe that had alot to do with my boobs sagiing a little. I recently lost 30lbs and now my boobs are almost non existent.... I have my first appointment tomorrow with dr reynolds, i researched alot of... READ MORE

Was not going to write a review but I'm so delighted with how my procedure went yesterday I had to share. Have want breast augmentation for last 10 yrs as soon as I stopped breast feeding. I had also lost a lot of weight so this added to the saggy ness. My doc re-assured me I could get a way... READ MORE

I have always wanted a boobs since High School, and now that I'm done having kids I can make my dreams come true! I met with my Dr. almost two years ago and now I'm finally getting it done. Do to finances I had to wait a little while but now my day has come:) 3/19/2015! Can't Waite!! 4 weeks to... READ MORE

Very anxiously waiting for my surgery. 3 weeks to go!! I am currently a 32 A, want to be a full C. Not too heavy, just enough cleavage. I originally just got here to have a better idea on how I would look. A lot of girls like going too big and have been questioning the amount I choose. Doctor... READ MORE

After a severe reaction to a medical dye contrast, I lost 20 pds and ended up with permanent pancreas damage that limits my fat intake to 20 grams a day total. This weight loss (combined with breastfeeding my children years ago and getting older) left me very thin and boobless. I thought over... READ MORE

I am 5'6'', 127 lbs and currently a 34A and sometimes a small 34B. I've grown up watching all of my girlfriends develop beautiful breasts and have been waiting and waiting... AND waiting... for mine to come in. My mom wanted me to focus on who I was as a person instead of just outer beauty. She... READ MORE

Day 2 of BA feeling excited but sore. They are riding high. I started with a wobbly b. Got 525cc under muscle. So anticipating how they will look when they drop and soften. My PS called to check on me today, I was very impressed with him. I have been slowly moving around, showered today also. I... READ MORE

I'm 42 year old female. I just got my breast implant surgery from Dr. Gabriel. I must say that, I'm very happy and satisfied with the result. I'm using the latest gummy bear implant, they look and feel very natural, so amazing. Dr. Gabriel listens to what I need and he always make sure what he... READ MORE

Only a day and a half to go! My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am on Friday Dec 5. I'm really nervous at this point because I have no idea how I am going to look with larger breasts. I feel like my breasts haven't changed much since I was in my early teens. They've always been a bit conical... READ MORE

I have cried over my small chest for years and final after this November getting ready for my husband 7 TH Xmas party and my dress laid across the room and he said honey why don't you like it you like wonderful.. I said they don't make formal dresses for flat chested girls! So on Christmas... READ MORE

For years I have been wanting to do my Breast but something always came up. This year I decided it was time. After researching and asking around for recommendations and going to a couple of consultations I chose Dr. S. From when I walked in the vibe from everyone was incredible I felt so... READ MORE

I'm 63 inches, 115 lbs, 12% body fat. I'm nervous because of how little body fat I have and since I'm a fitness model I need these boobs to look natural. (most women are at 20 - 35% body fat) My PS just did a fitness trainer 8 weeks ago and she looks great, but she's only at 25% body fat. My... READ MORE

Looking to increase breast size. My breasts never felt proportionate to my body (hips/butt) and I barely fit a 34A. Bathing suits and cute dresses/tops leave me frustrated. I wear padded bras and bathing suits all the time, but they are hot and I still can't achieve cleavage with them. I've been... READ MORE

I have looked a reviews here and have settled on Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami, Florida. Looking at his reviews, it seems his results are good as any and his cost 1/2 of that of those equal. I expect that I will get less communication and follow up, but I have watched a number of others go through... READ MORE

Wasn't sure I was going to upload photos but this site was soooo helpful during my entire breast augmentation journey that I hope to also be helpful to others! Stats: 29 years old No kids 5 foot 115 lbs Before: In between an 32A and 32B cup Wish: Full C cup BWD: 12 cm Surgery:... READ MORE

So excited to finally do this after wanting this for so long. I have booked my procedure with Dr. Frank Lista on March 16... I've bedn obsessing over whether I need a lift as well as implants.. I have a bit of ptosis and one ps suggested a lift (lollipop) but current ps stated I didn't need... READ MORE

I've always had a big butt but very small breasts. I thought about implants for years and finally decided to go for it after what was probably the roughest year of my life. I am 5'6" 140 lbs with a slightly broader build. I went with 370 mod profile silicon under the muscle. I am so pleased, I... READ MORE

Mom of 3 boys did not breastfeed because my milk just never came in right.......... I am obsessed with this site been looking at all the reviews all the pictures (but only the worth it ones do not not want to scare myself out of it ;)) I wanted to post my journey getting my breast done I am so... READ MORE

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