Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hello, hoping to start this process into my BA, have my consult next week 8/27/15, and hope I am happy with this one (its my 4 consult with the 4 Dr.) I just get the feeling I don't know what to do. Looking at silicone and Sientra only 1 Dr. I have met with dones Sientra and hes a bit more. I... READ MORE

Hello Dolls, So just an update (long update, bare with me)... After consulting with a fews Plastic Surgeons (literally from everywhere around the globe lol), I've finally made my decision to either go through those procedures (BBL+ BA w/implants and Lipo of my stomach, flanks, waist & back)... READ MORE

Im 23 barely 5"0 and about 101lbs! Ive been thinking of getting implants for a very long time now, I have definitely already found my doctor and had a quick consult with him, im not seeing him for surgery until early november... I know that's late but I still have a lilll more to save, and i... READ MORE

I had my consultation last week with Dr. khorsandi. I was not planning on scheduling my surgery that day I had been to one other plastic surgeon for consultation. He is a really down to earth person who will make you feel comfortable to express all your insecurities. I ended up scheduling my BA... READ MORE

I had a consult with DR. Kaye Riolo yesterday. She is amazing. So personable and open. She went over everything and answered all my questions. My husband went with me, since I really wanted his input about what he though of the doctor. He felt the same way as me. The staff was friendly and... READ MORE

Age: 20 Height: 5'7" Weight: 125-130 lbs Current bra size: 34A Goal bra size: 34C or 34D (undecided) Why am I doing this? For myself! I'm not terribly self-conscious of the fact that I'm flat chested, but I've always wished I had more going on. 75% of my life is spent in a bathing suit so it's... READ MORE

I initially wanted a BA before kids- I'm naturally small. I waited till after kids and still wanted the procedure done but I wanted to wait until I was over my self-loathing; I wanted to accept myself and not care what other people at the nude beach thought. Two years ago I came to that point.... READ MORE

Looking to get some advice for my BA this Friday. This is the first time I will ever have had surgery done so any advice for pre and post care would be greatly appreciated. I've followed the list of things my Dr has provided me to prep for surgery. I've read so much online I'm a little... READ MORE

So, after pumping and breastfeeding my son for 13 months I am so ready to get my boobs fixed. I went for my consultation in June and originally thought I wanted to go with the moderate plus 371-397cc, but after looking at more before and after photos I decided to go with high profile. So at my... READ MORE

I have always been small chested. I am 5'6 and 127 pounds. I am constantly on the water and I want to fill out my bikini. I also want to wear the really cute tops and dresses. Right now I am a full A / small B. I want to be a full C/ small D. I have chosen to do the saline implants using the... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site since before my surgery, so I've decidedto go ahead and add my journey so far. I just hit the Big 30 and wanted to embrace my 30's so I decided to get Boobs!!! I was a 36B maybe small C. I have 4 children, did not breast feed. My oldest is 12 my youngest 1. I decided... READ MORE

My story is similar to many of the women here on RS. I'm tackling a few things: I've grown insecure about my breast shape and size, and I'm blossoming into a man with all the hairs on my chest. Before I had my son, I was a struggling 34B, but I was genuinely OK with that. After I finished... READ MORE

Hiiii. So after reading several reviews I have decided to post about my surgery. I am scheduled for my BA on September 10th. I've always struggled with my body image since I was a child. I was anorexic, depressed, and just hated my body image overall. I am very nervous just due to the fact that... READ MORE

It's been approximately 5 years that i've wanted a breast augmentation because I always found my boobs to be too small for my figure and thought that getting a BA would be complementing. Why did i wait 5 years to finally book my consultation though? I believe that at the time i had first thought... READ MORE

I had my consultation about 6 months ago, but since I am financing the entire amount I had to wait until all of that had been sorted out until I could book my surgery date. Now that it's all set, August 31st is the day! I couldn't be more excited. After talking to my surgeon and the nurse who... READ MORE

When I was younger, my mom always told me to be patient and that my breasts would grow. They were an A cup, then I got pregnant with my 1st son (who is now 5) and my breasts filled out, but after pregnancy were even smaller than they started! Fast forward, I got pregnant with my 2nd son (1 1/2... READ MORE

I'm 26years old. 1 child. H- 5'2 W-134(hopefully less by surgery date). I'm currently a 34a looking to be a full C small D. I've always been so uncomfortable with my body and very insecure. I can't fit into any bikini I've always had to add padding to fill them in :/ luckly my fiancé never... READ MORE

It never bothered me having a small bust, but after I stopped nursing my baby things changed. I started talking about someday having breast augmentation. At first I said I'll do it "when I'm 40", then it was "when I'm 35". I finally decided that I wasn't going to wait to be happy with the way... READ MORE

I was always been flat chested my entire life and always envied women with boobs. I have never been happy with my body because of the size and knew I wanted to get it one day since I was young. I turned 30 this year and I wanted something for myself finally. I was tired of seeing myself not... READ MORE

I'm a 26 year old, 5ft11 (1.81M), Athletic, 141lb (64kg's), White South African Woman. I have booked Breast Augmentation for the 17th of September. The Doctor has recommended a 300cc Med Projection Anatomical Implant to achieve my goal of a Full C Cup and I'm concerned given my height and frame... READ MORE

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