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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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I've had three kids and with each I gained a lot of weight, and lost it pretty quickly after and it definitely took a toll on my breast. I decided to get a consult for breast implants as I have ALWAYS been small chested, even when breastfeeding I only got to a C cup. I went to Dr. Fakher in... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I have finally decided to get my BA done. I have always wanted this and I am finally getting it done! YAYYY! I have set my BA date for Oct 7th with Dr. Eberbach in Hudson, FL. Has anyone had work done by him. I've heard lots of great things! I am 22 years old, 5'3 and 135 lbs. I... READ MORE

After spending the last few day's reading other posts and watching one of my friends go through the procedure, I am scheduled!! This isn't something that I take lightly and certainly not something that I decided about over night, it's been yrs of research and waiting for the right time. My... READ MORE

I have always wanted bigger breasts. I have larger hips and butt, but was missing the matching top. I did a lot of research, and picked Dr. Brown. Every person that works at his office was professional and friendly. Everything was explained and I felt perfectly at ease scheduling surgery the... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I got my implants on Monday, 280cc anatomicals under the muscle. I was always flat chested and wanted this like 15 years ago already. Finally I did it! But I think I got the boobie blues... I was so happy to get them done like already months ago, RS helped me a lot to and the... READ MORE

H 5'1/2" (156 cm) W 113lb (51.3 kg). Band measurement 31" (78 cm). BWD 11.5 cm. IMPLANT Mentor CPG 323 345cc tear drop (anatomical), high profile. When I was twelve, I asked Mum when I would need to wear a bra. She said "in a few months". 39 years later, I'm still flat chested. I learnt... READ MORE

I decided on a breast augmentation, because as you get older is not as perky and firm anymore :( . I found Dr. Kim from a friend of a friend. My sugary was on 10/24/14 I decided on saline 500cc moderate plus, he ended up having to use 400 bag and put 450cc in on one side and a 450 bag with... READ MORE

I have been flat chested all my life - currently I don't even fill out an A. I was never depressed or self conscious but was always wishing I was more womanly/curvy. Its NEVER crossed my mind that going through BA would be an option to 'normal' people like me. I always assumed only... READ MORE

I assumed breasts would be waiting for me on the other side of puberty, but I was wrong! Always felt embarrassed of my non-boobs, as I hardly have enough breast tissue to wear a push up bra to get cleavage. I live in Australia, and will be travelling to Phuket, Thailand for the surgery. Having... READ MORE

I have a question for you guys... Do you think I look fat? I feel so fat :( I'm having a Breast augmentation surgery at October and I'm very excited about it! I want 400cc hp implants but my doctor advised 350cc tops. I hope he'll be able to satisfy my expectations... I'm a bit nervous! I'm also... READ MORE

Hi everybody, I'm posting a lot of pics because I am nervous as crap. The first two pics are my befores, and I have my pre-op on Friday. I'm super nervous about everything from asking for time off work, taking time off work, my mom helping me through recovery, the anesthesia, the recovery,... READ MORE

I'm booked in to receive my breast augmentation on Friday, March 27th, 2015. I found these reviews really helpful when making the decision to go through with the surgery, so I figured I better write my own! I've always been self conscious of the size of my breasts, and decided at a young age... READ MORE

Hey All, So I made the decision to get some boob because I have mostly hips and hardy any breast. I want to be more curvy at the top too so I decided to do 500cc Mentor saline moderate plus. At first I was nervous about going to big because I am a grad student and I didn't want it to be... READ MORE

I'm just starting this journey after wanting to do it for years. I've said since I was 16 I would get my boobs done when I was done having children! Well it's seems that time has come! I've been wavering for the last 2 years if I want to do it or not. After trying bras on the other day and... READ MORE

Ever since puberty I have felt inadequate as far as being womanly... 21 Aug 2015  - 18 days pre Ever since puberty I have felt inadequate as far as looking womanly. I come from a long family of women with f or even g cups. Before kids I was an A cup now I'm a small C cup. I have breast fed 5... READ MORE

Hello! My surgery is on 09/30/2015 at Coral Gables in Miami Florida with Dr. Ary Krau. I have had such a terrible time with finding answers to all my questions so I am hoping I can make this to help others like me. Here goes... ABOUT ME: I am 21 years old, I have never had any children or... READ MORE

So I'm 38 years old and married with one daughter. I have always been very small. Pretty much flat. I'm 36A and the only bras I wear are the bombshell bras from VS. That's the only way I feel comfy in clothes. Of course after the bra comes off I am once again left looking in the mirror, wishing... READ MORE

Yay, Im super excited and nervouse fo this whole process!! After breastfeeding my two wonderful kids I am finally ready for full perky boobs again!! I have always been a pretty average 36 B but after pregnancy, nursing and losing 35 lbs I'm a pretty deflated 34 B. My PS is pretty much a boobie... READ MORE

Hi All. I have just booked my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Tavakoli. I am really nervous. I am an A cup now and have always said I wanted a boob job, but am really nervous now that I am actually getting it done. Can you guys please tell me about your experience post op? I am looking to go... READ MORE

Just identifying the look I want to inform upcoming consult with surgeon. Currently 12A going to a full B. Trying to avoid "fried eggs"/"half coconut" look with minimal gap between breasts. Establishing whether submammary or subglandular placement would be better and what size implants to go... READ MORE

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