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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Monday is the big day! I was originally planning a mid April surgery, but now I'm scheduled for THIS coming Monday! I will be also getting vaser lipo on flanks, abdomin, and inner thigh. Vaser costs is not included in what I posted because my PS gave me a great deal since I know at least 4 girls... READ MORE

I am 26, 5'1", 100lbs. I have wanted a breast augmentation since after the birth of my first child 10 years ago when I was just 16. Prior to childbirth I was the same weight but a 32C. Since having four kids I am left with a deflated 32B and wear Victoria's Secret add 2 cup size bras everyday.... READ MORE

I have been researching getting a breast augmentation for about three years now. After three plastic surgeons and four consultations (I went to one doctor twice) I found the doctor for me Dr. Kendall Roehl of HPRS. I went to my consultation on Friday the 6th of March and after the weekend I knew... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old and extremely petite, 5'5" and 96lbs. Needless to say that I have little, to no breasts (I hardly know what size bra I wear because I never buy them. I have the same ones since high school). I'm writing this because it was hard for me to find profiles with my same stats to... READ MORE

Pre-op appt 3/17 to try on sizers. PS rec smooth, not sure yet if HP or MP will work best to redesign my breasts the best. I want full, perky breasts. I want to go as large as possible aesthetically and physically. Hopefully I will be happy with my final results. I will update next Tuesday on... READ MORE

So I had my first appointment yesterday, January 8 , and it went very well. My surgeon said under the muscle would be the best because I'm skinny. I'm 5 ft, 6inch and 114lb, or as we say in Norway 52kg and 170cm. He said I should go between 280cc and 310cc. I'm not sure what to choose, I'm a... READ MORE

Its been four days now since surgery. I had so many questions and researched till I was absolutely sure about the direction I would take. I found an image of my ideal boobs, showed Dr Rai and asked how he would go about making those boobs my reality. After trying on several sizers I decided to... READ MORE

I am so excited for my upcoming surgery! One week pre-op and I have been spending too many hours looking at boobs online (when I really thought about it, I felt like that should probably feel a little weird). I am currently a 34AA and would like to be a full-C or small-D in the end. I am 5'8"... READ MORE

I went from a respectable C cup pre-pregnancy to a D during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and deflated to a saggy, small B. I wanted my old breast back (or slightly larger) and get rid of the sag. After deliberating for several months, I decided to go for it. After some review, I chose Sientra... READ MORE

Hi there! First off id like to start by saying that I have been obsessed with Real Self for a few months now and have found several reviews very helpful. My hope is to help and answer as many questions to women looking to get a breast augmentation. Iam a 23 year old mother of one and also a... READ MORE

I had been losing volume over time due to my musculature from working out and just my age. I had always thought I'd wait until I was 50 to do anything, but I started to feel like my body was disproportionate. I had a decent chest but once I hit 40 I felt like it really disappeared. I felt like... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am soon to be 24, I have been considering a boob job for about 3 years now it was never something that bothered me until I started to loose a lot of weight from my top section (from diet change and fitness) now my body is really un proportioned. Everyday I feel my boobs are... READ MORE

Hi I just a few weeks away from operation 'improve boob'. I've never had much - a small b cup at most and perhaps a generous b cup when breast feeding. As I approach 40 I feel like it's the tight time for me to do this for myself. I ' a slim build ( with a bit extra around the middle - I'm... READ MORE

I decided on a breast augmentation, because as you get older is not as perky and firm anymore :( . I found Dr. Kim from a friend of a friend. My sugary was on 10/24/14 I decided on saline 500cc moderate plus, he ended up having to use 400 bag and put 450cc in on one side and a 450 bag with... READ MORE

Hi I'm Ella. I get a breat augmentation in 4 weeks. I had anorexia in my puberty what influenced my breast growth. There was a A or already B cup but my eating disorder destroyed everything. My current size is 34AA. My BS chose a 305CC anatomical implant. My wish were round implants but... READ MORE

Age: 26 Height: 5’5” Weight: Around 125lbs, somewhat pear shaped Dress Size: 4 or 6 depending on the brand Current Bra Size: AA/A, pretty much flat Post-op Wish: big B cup to small C cup Implant Info: Allergen Natrelle Silicone, Smooth Textured, Moderate Profile, Sub-muscular, 300 something... READ MORE

I had my breast augmentation exactly one week ago. I loved my breasts my whole life but after having a child, aging and exercising has left my breasts looking deflated. I have been obsessed with this site so thought it was only fair to pay it forward. Before surgery I was wearing a 32C in VS... READ MORE

Since my first bra I have always been trying to find a way to make my boobs look bigger! Starting with the classic tissue/sock stuffing, to adding pads, then adding pads to padded pushup bras, those little water filled padding thingies for bikinis (wired push up bikini of course) and now only... READ MORE

So after over 6 months of researching, I have chosen a doctor, and finally had my pre-op! I decided to go with Dr. Don Revis in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After many consultations and research, I feel confident in my decision. His work is seriously amazing and I couldn't be more excited! I am... READ MORE

Hello Lovely Ladies! It is exactly one week until my surgery and I am getting more anxious/excited as I get closer. I live in the Orlando area but am traveling to Miami to Coral Gables Cosmetic surgery center to have Dr. Mel Ortega perform my BA.. From what I understand he is the and a... READ MORE

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