Breast Augmentation Guides

A to C Cup Breast Augmentation - Photos

A Cup to C Cup Breast Implants

What does it look like to go from a A to C cup breasts? Check it out here!

B to D Cup Breast Augmentation - Photos

B to D Cup BA photo guide

What does it look like to go from a B to D cup breasts? Check it out here!

How do Breasts Implants Look From The Side? - 12 After Surgery Silhouettes

breast implants side view

Here's some before-and-afters featuring saline, silicone, a variety of profiles and some varying volumes.  

Just Got Here? An Urban Glossary For Breast Augmentation Terminology

urban glossary to breast augmentation and implant terms

We put together a vocabulary list so you can navigate your breast augmentation with educated ease.

13 Things To Do (Or Buy) Before Your Breast Aug

list of what to buy before breast augmentation surgery

Check out our short "to-do" list -- co-written with the office of plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner.

The Biggest Breast Augmentation Myths (By Someone Who’s Had One!)

breast augmentation myths explained by journalist Grace Gold

Journalist Grace Gold shares what she uncovered while on her own surgical transformation.