Thin Skin + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation with Minimal Natural Breast Tissue?

My fiance is Asian and has little or no breast tissue. She wears a bra that is essentially all foam, as there is no need to wear one. She is very... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift with a Breast Augmentation

For several reasons I really do not want a lift and I just had my first consultation and the surgeon recommended a lift for me and really didn't... READ MORE

BA 3 Weeks Post Op. Now Right Incision Looks Infected, Weeping & Protruding Outward. What Should I Do?

The skin is extremely thin over that scar and it feels as though I can push my finger right in. There is no mass behind it, as if it was a pocket. I... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Paper Thin Skin?

I had implant replacement done 02/14/13, from 330cc to 540 ccs saline unders- the skin under the right breast toward the middle of my body by the... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Have Extrusion or Tissue Necrosis After Breast Augmentation?

I just had breast augmentation 10 days ago. I went from an A to C cup. I am worried about how thin my skin is laterally and close to my armpit. My... READ MORE

Small Implants After Breast Lift Two Years Ago?

I am 57 and wear a women's size small in not real petite. 5'4" 140 pds. My breast lift is good with much lower breast tissue wearing a... READ MORE

What size & type of implant would be the best option for a girl with very thin skin, wanting a natural look?

I'm 5'7, 116 lbs & considering 350 cc or 375 cc saline implants. I was told that taller frames can hold larger sizes & he measured my chest &... READ MORE

If you have thin skin with stretch marks are implants a bad idea? (Photo)

So I have went to 3 consultations now one has said he wont do a lift with implants as the two surgerys contradict each other and i have bad skin... READ MORE

One breast is significantly higher than the other and different shaped. Is it swelling?

I had a breast augmentation done in November of 2013. It Is now March and one breast is still really high up and different shaped. I have very thin... READ MORE

Breast fullness high, my skin is very thin, what are the specific procedures that will help me achieve this look? (photo)

39 y/o breast fed, had previous implants that were heavy. I had anchor lift 10 yrs ago and had the implants removed. Now breast are small c cup... READ MORE

What could be the cause of my pain behind my shoulder blade? Could my implant be shifting and pulling on a muscle?

I had my 3rd breast procedure 08/13. Lift/smaller implants. PS told me the skin on my R breast was very thin and I had to go smaller. I have had a... READ MORE

Capsular contracture and repeat occurrence with using Alloderm.

I have capsular contracture in my left breast. I'm trying to decide to have an explant or a revision. My new surgeon wants to use Alloderm because of... READ MORE

What would you recommend with my loose chest and low BF?

Please help 30. healthy, active never over-weight or lost weight.I eat healthy and strength train. Am a low bf% but chest skin is very thin and loose.... READ MORE

Are there any doctor who are familiar with the split muscle technique for muscle flexion?

Looking for a surgeon (preferably in Texas) who has successfully done the muscle splitting technique to correct animation and deformity caused by... READ MORE

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