Discharge + Breast Augmentation

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Green, Red, Yellow Discharge Normal 1 Week Post Breast Aug/Lift?

I had surgery a week ago today(breast agumentation and lift on one side) I had some blood and a lil yellow fluid I went to see my doctor 3days ago he... READ MORE

19 Days After Breast Lift/ Breast Augmentation Notice a Foul Smell?

Two days ago i noticed a foul smell and a tiny bit of brownish/reddish discharge on my right incision at the bottom of my areola. Called my doctor and... READ MORE

Why Did a Pinhole with Discharge Appear Along Areola Incision Scar?

Help! I had breast reaugment May/2011. All went fine. Few mnths ago noticed R arm/shlder getting weak. Then noticed pin-sized hole appeared on R... READ MORE

Sister Had Breast Augmentation on May 24th; Having Discharge. Causes? (photo)

Since 28th May she is having small discharge like 2 drops per day from one side. She was given IV antibiotics for this for 4 days. She developed... READ MORE

Yellow Discharge After BA Stitch Removed, Normal?

Hi, I am 13 post op. the yellow discharge appear on day 8 after stitch removal. Today which is day 13, the yellow discharge stained my clothes, not... READ MORE

B/L yellow areola discharge, What can this possibly be? (photo)

I had a BA perfomed in June and 3 months ago I started developing a rash, my breasts became red, the nipple and areola were tender and super sensitive... READ MORE

Could this be an infection or is it normal 3 weeks after Breast Implants? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op silicone implants under the muscle w incision under breast. I have noticed that there is a little bit of yellow substance coming... READ MORE

How do I stop my breasts from leaking milk?

I stopped a year & a half ago, but I'm still spontaneously secreting breast milk from both my breasts, so now I wear breast pads. My breasts leak... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, I have a huge hole in my breast. Does this look like an infections? (photos)

5 weeks post op mommy make over- breast lift with a reduction on my right breast- NO IMPLANTS. a week ago I noticed a thick yellow discharge draining... READ MORE

Breasts asymmetrical after lift as well as possible infection?

So last night my sports bra was rubbing against my incision in my sleep. i had no idea till i woke up and realized it was semi irritated. since then i... READ MORE

Bloody Discharge on Incision Site Around my Right Breast?

I am 2 weeks post op today and woke up with bloody discharge on one side of my right nipple incicion, I took a shower and it still continues to leak... READ MORE

There is Clear Liquid Coming out of my Nipple 2 Months Po of Capsular Contracture Removal. What Can This Be? (photo)

I am 2 months po capsular contracture removal from my left breast and it is still slightly hard and has not dropped yet. My right breast is 9 month po... READ MORE

Yellowish Discharge, Pinkish Breast 6 Days Post Breast Aug?

I am 6 days post op. I have a small amount of yellowish discharge out of my crease incision. Also my breast seems to be a little pink. Just slightly... READ MORE

Breast lift & implant 6 weeks PO, my incision is leaking discharge. Is this serious? (photo)

I had breast lift and implant about 6 weeks ago and my incision is leaking discharge its not sore. I went to my gp and am now antibiotics is this a... READ MORE

Leaking Incision After Breast Lift and Augumentation?

I had a breast lift/augmentation on Thursday and today (Monday) I am seeing a wet spot on my surgical bra. The color on my bra is a yellow and brown... READ MORE

Scars Splitting After Breast lift w/ silicone implants 215cc Surgery, What Can I Do to Speed Up Closing/Healing Process? (photo)

I am 13 days post op, Everything was fine until day 10 when I noticed splits along the nipple. The right breast is worse then the left, but both are... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post-op mastoplexy, why has my right breast healed but not my left? (photos)

My left breast incision has not healed yet, sores have clear and yellowish drainage. My ps's goal is at 8 weeks post-op to have my bilateral... READ MORE

Leak after breast implants, should I seek follow up care?

I had a change of breast implants in September 2013 in another country. I have been noticing a discharge from the aureola. It is oily clear no smell... READ MORE

I started to do my boob massage today? And I have white discharge

I started to do my boob massage today and it's been already 1 week and 1 day as I started doing it I got discharge It look like white discharge my... READ MORE

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