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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›
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Looking to increase breast size. My breasts never felt proportionate to my body (hips/butt) and I barely fit a 34A. Bathing suits and cute dresses/tops leave me frustrated. I wear padded bras and bathing suits all the time, but they are hot and I still can't achieve cleavage with them. I've been... READ MORE

Hi, I'm booked in to have my ba next month and I'm so confused right now! I am currently a 32b but would love to be a full D, look very natural eg..natural slope, natural gap, natural feel, not fake looking at all. I just had my second consultation and my ps gave me 345cc high profile Allergan... READ MORE

My husband and I have finally made the decision to go ahead with breast augmentation. After breastfeeding two kids my boobs have more skin and tissue than before and I'm hoping I can go from an A up to a small D. I have 3 consultations scheduled in the next month. Anyone have any... READ MORE

I'm still in the consultation phase with different doctors. My story is the same as most women on here. Was small to begin with....nursed 3 babies and got up to a D and then actually became smaller AND saggy as a special gift from mother nature :( Husband is on board as far as he will pay for... READ MORE

So my journey begins. Just went to my pre op and picked my size implant. Dr thought hp's, but I didn't like the projection. I have been walking around for 2 weeks with rice sizers on. I really liked 275cc, so going with 304cc since I will loose a little going under the muscle. I really... READ MORE

Was not going to write a review but I'm so delighted with how my procedure went yesterday I had to share. Have want breast augmentation for last 10 yrs as soon as I stopped breast feeding. I had also lost a lot of weight so this added to the saggy ness. My doc re-assured me I could get a way... READ MORE

Hey there everyone! I'm 23 no kids and I wear a 32/B (which is really the same as an A cup) I have wanted a breast augmentation for years as I knew in my teens I wasn't going to get them naturally. I have had a couple consultations and I am confident I have found a great doctor to do my surgery.... READ MORE

Just starting to seriously consider implants and seeing doctors. After hitting my 30's, having 2 kids and recently losing 50lbs, my boobs are GONE! Starting at a small B. I'm not sure what to expect or if I will be brave enough to actually go through with it! I posted some pics to show what I... READ MORE

Just a little over a week until my BA. I'm hoping my final result will be a full C cup small D cup. I've had my consult and am still on the fence about implant size and profile. I know for sure I will be getting Mentor silicone unders. My amazingly talented PS and I both liked the look of 350 cc... READ MORE

I decided to travel to Miami for an augmentation by Dr. Jacob Freiman on August 14. I'm less than 2 weeks post op and it gets better everyday. I started a small 36B and I knew I wanted large implants. I feel like my body type would look so much better and I was so happy that my ps agreed. I went... READ MORE

I am barely a 32A right now. 5'3 105 lbs. I have always been small and never had boobs besides when i was breast feeding. Maybe went up a cup size and loved it. I always am self conscious about my body and what i wear. I want boobs to feel like a woman. I have always wanted them. I tell my... READ MORE

First, this is something I would never have considered doing prior to children. I have had both larger and smaller breasts due to weight changes (32 A to 32 full C) but have always been athletic. However, after nursing for 28 months with 32 DD while nursing, my breasts were deflated and... READ MORE

Mother of three finally deciding to take the plunge. I have always had a small chest 34 except when pregnant and breast-feeding they were a double D , I swore I would never stop breast-feeding just to keep those babies. I'm tired of padded bras gapping bathing suits and not feeling proportioned.... READ MORE

Seriously considering BA...have had 4 consults; one more scheduled next week. Thinking I want to be small to full C. As a brown girl tho, I am seriously worried about scarring. All consult suggest gummy or traditional silicone unders with incision under the fold. Worries are about scarring and... READ MORE

I have been wanting fuller breasts since 18. Just turned 30 years old and I am going to take a leap of faith and do it. I believe I have the right doctor but my hold up is all the options that are involved with breast implants. The first doctor I went to for a consultation left me confused and... READ MORE

Day 2 of BA feeling excited but sore. They are riding high. I started with a wobbly b. Got 525cc under muscle. So anticipating how they will look when they drop and soften. My PS called to check on me today, I was very impressed with him. I have been slowly moving around, showered today also. I... READ MORE

From the time I was 11, I could always remember looking at my grandmother hoping -and often praying- that I had breasts like hers. One day, I decided to ask for her eternal wisdom on how to grow breasts as large as hers and heard the following: IF YOU WANT BIG BOOBS---- "Eat your... READ MORE

Age: 26 Height: 5’5” Weight: Around 125lbs, somewhat pear shaped Dress Size: 4 or 6 depending on the brand Current Bra Size: AA/A, pretty much flat Post-op Wish: big B cup to small C cup Implant Info: Allergen Natrelle Silicone, Smooth Textured, Moderate Profile, Sub-muscular, 300 something... READ MORE

Finally got the last little push I needed to commit to having breast augmentation surgery. I've always felt like I needed more on top to balance out my hips/butt. My plastic surgeon has measured me as a 34A (although I've been wearing a 34B with Victoria's Secret forever). I'm 5'7", 135 lbs, 33... READ MORE

I am excited and nervous a week away today. I recently started teaching Zumba which helped with the weight loss and a bit afraid of being able to continue after. I have done lots of research but my Zumba is pretty high impact. I am a small B now going with 500cc under muscle plus lift. Is there... READ MORE

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