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Breast augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved through implants, fat injections, or a breast lift. LEARN MORE ›
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I've always been curious about getting breast implants. In my late 20's after my first child I researched it a bit and decided that since I wasn't done having babies that I should wait. Then my second baby came, and she's now 5. I have always been very, very athletic, 3 sport athlete in high... READ MORE

I am a very active and athletic lady but, have never felt much like a "lady" until after my surgery. I loved my body before and was a very confident person even with next to nothing boobs! I just want to be able to fill out my clothes on top and surgery was the only way! I love them! My surgery... READ MORE

I'm 5'2" 110 lbs. I'm not interested in large breast just filling out what I have. Breast feeding has taken a toll and I'd like to fill out a bikini top and boost my confidence. My hubby is super supportive and would be happy either way. My biggest fear is them turning out much bigger than I had... READ MORE

My stats: 5 feet tall even, 120 lbs, I say I'm a 34AA but that's mostly for band measurement as I have almost no breast mass. I have 2 kids and breastfeed both for a total of 4.5 years. Before pregnancy, I tried all the pills and creams and hoped my breasts would grow but the Boob Fairy not only... READ MORE

I'm 5'7 and 130 pounds and I think I'm 34 AA/AAA?. I'm a mother of 3 crazy boys 4,3 and 1. I nursed all three of them and I finally weaned my 15 month old and I'm starting to research getting a BA and I CAN'T wait. I'm waiting to get mine done till November to make sure that I'm producing milk... READ MORE

I am having breast augmentation surgery in two days. I am super excited nervous anxious and all of the above lol I have been a 32a for most of my life after having my last two children and nursing them I have had the luck of fitting a 34b just barley. My breast have lost thier fitness and... READ MORE

Where do I start? I always knew that I wanted a BA but somehow never made a "real" approach towards it up until now. I think looking at my holiday pictures made me finally take the step. After that, everything went real fast. I had my consultation on Nov 10th, another meeting on Nov 12th and my... READ MORE

Well I've decided to bite the bullet and go through with a breast augmentation. Something I've been wanting to do since I was 18. I am currently 5'5" about 170 and can wear a 38a/b depending on the bra. I am looking to have my surgery early 2015 as I am trying to knock down some weight before I... READ MORE

Nov. 11,2014 its my surgery, finally here very exited after it was reschedule due to my blood work came back out of no normal due to my Thyroid, now I got my thyroid in control , I'm ready to go through this journey of having this procedures done, and to have my body back since I couldn't... READ MORE

Today is my pre- op appointment and I am feeling some anxiety ! I've wanted this for years and finally in a position to do it! I'm an empty a and really want to be a d cup . My PS said 495 cc sientra implants and that's the largest he will do. I'm super excited. I'm 5ft 9in and 135 lbs.... READ MORE

I had an awful experience with my lipo doctor and I didn't do enough research. I paid over $4k for not an inch difference! I wasn't going to make that mistake again. I have been researching doctors and really want to make the right choice the first time. I choose Dr Tholen for my breast... READ MORE

I have gone on many consultations, and I have finally found the surgeon to do my procedure! I am all booked for November 20th!! I am going with 550cc round, smooth, silicone unders. I am somewhat worried about size, but I needed the volume to help with some of my sagging. I do not scar well, so... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants since before I had kids. I have always been a small B cup. I have a curvy body and always felt like I was missing the curves on top. When I nursed my kids my breasts got to be a full C small D and I absolutely loved them. It surprised me how much better it made... READ MORE

I am 26. I've never been happy with my boobs. I've considered getting them reduced. It's not that I don't like big boobs, I love big boobs. I've just always felt like they could be so much more. So I decided to enhance them. In March I scheduled my consultation and surgery for October and paid... READ MORE

Hello all, this site Has been so informative I thought I would start my review. I'm 31 mother of 5, ages 14-2. Breastfed all my children with 18 months being the longest. I'm on the tal side 5'11 weighing 180lbs. I've lost roughly 80lbs over the last 2years. I've never really had large breast... READ MORE

Since I was in college, I always said that I would get a breast lift if I needed it after having children one day. I even told this to my husband before we got married. Now, we're done having kids and I finished breast feeding 7 months ago. The month I stopped breast feeding, I decided I'm... READ MORE

All my life i always wanted some boobs. I was typically flat chested and was a topic of laughter growing up. So at 30, i decided to just do it because YOLO!! Did all my research online and decided to fly to bangkok for my breast augmentation as it was way too expensive to do it in Singapore.... READ MORE

I just had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago and loving my results so far . My pre op size: 32 full A /small b and wanted to be a small D . I had my breast augmentation done by Dr. Kim . He put 397cc silicone gel mod + on both of my breast . I've been wanting to do this for such a long time but I... READ MORE

So i have been wanting to get breast implant since I was 17 I just never thought I would be able to get them. Well the opportunity came and now I have a set date which is coming up in 13 Days!!!! I'm nervous and excited to finally get a full chest and feel like a woman! I've been reading many... READ MORE

Dr suggested 475CC on the right side and 500CC on the left he even advise to go bigger but I'm unsure I just want to be a D so my old bras fit me again. Anyways my dilemma is if this is gonna fit my frame fine I don't want my bobs sticking out or too separated I just want a happy medium, also I... READ MORE

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