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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts post-weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat injections, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Weighing in at 110 lbs and 5 ft 7 inches. I have ALWAYS been as flat as a wall. I have never felt sexy in lingerie, swim suits or just in normal clothes. I hate being naked and am just uncomfortable in my own skin. When I was pregnant with my girls and just after I had had them and my chest was... READ MORE

I've been diligently reading the experiences of all you lovely ladies over the past few weeks and decided to start a thread here as well. I hope that you will be able to help me along this journey :) Here is some background on me! I've wanted breast implants for AS LONG as I can remember. I... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and a B cup. I'm sure I want 350CC + I'm opting for silicone implants, possibly the gummy bear ones. I prefer something softer and more of a natural feel. I have been contemplating if I should or shouldn't do this. Everyone is telling me to wait until I have kids. My husband... READ MORE

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger... READ MORE

I had my first consultation this morning and I am so excited! I have always had a full chest (D-DD) until now. In the past 3 years my breasts have lost shape and firmness and I am so ready for my new boobs! Thinking 425cc gel silicone over muscle. Today was a big step forward and I'm looking... READ MORE

My story is similar to many of the women here on RS. I'm tackling a few things: I've grown insecure about my breast shape and size, and I'm blossoming into a man with all the hairs on my chest. Before I had my son, I was a struggling 34B, but I was genuinely OK with that. After I finished... READ MORE

Until I hit about 42 years, I was never really bothered by my small breasts. I admired larger breasts but accepted that was not my fate, plus I have always been athletic and they were convenient. And they didn't look too bad. But around 42, everything started deflating. Even my boyfriend,... READ MORE

Hi everyone!! I am excited about going through this process with you all! I was always happy with my breast until I breastfeed my three girls. That is when I started wanting bigger and fuller breast. I have gone to 4 consultations. 3 out of 4 were good. The first doctor basically said whatever... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, My name is Money:). (My baby sis gave me that, love her) Im from Detroit, Mi. Hispanic and French. Im 25 yrs old 5'2 at 105 lbs no kids. Short and Petite. :) So I wanted to right my journey on her because Im super anxious and I dont see many young girls on here so i figure ILL BE... READ MORE

I always had cute perky boobs. Then my 2nd child was born and my body never recovered. I was always petite at 5'2 103 lbs, after baby I was 145lbs. I was a 32c before and after I was a 34d (technically the same cup size). I lost 40 lbs finally with going to the gym but of course I lost the... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my consult with Dr. Lille and it went better than I had expected...but first some background. 24 years old (almost 25/next month) 5'8" 144lbs 32A - 30 - 39.5 Two kids - breastfeed both for approx. a year and a half. I was a 32D the first pregnancy and a 34C the second pregnancy... READ MORE

Exercising, working hard, using our bodies the way they were designed to be used results in overall greater happiness, more energy, and of course a more beautiful appearance. So WHY when you use our breasts for what they were designed for do they do the exact opposite?!After I was done... READ MORE

I went to my doctor and had an annual check up. I had them draw blood and labResults to cg cosmetics. I ammmm scareddd…… i hope all goes well . The lab report came back in a couple of days and my doctor gave me the okay to proceed with the surgery. Now i confirmed the surgery date which... READ MORE

After lurking on real self for so long I'm excited to be finally going through this journey. I'll share about myself for this first post. Hello everyone! I'm 23 years old 5'2 and 170 pounds and a size 38B. For as long as I can remember I've always wanted big boobs. I have wide shoulders and... READ MORE

I came out of surgery shaking and in so much pain I don't like taking perks but I had to . I loved My results I'm tall so he gave me 600 ccs on one side and 610 on the smaller breast . Dr Ortega is a sweetheart and he is very honest. He is an awesome surgeon And told me everything exactly how it... READ MORE

My surgery day is almost here and I can't believe I'll have boobs in 1 week! I'm an A cup looking to go to C cup. I've always been active my entire life and never disliked my boobs but three years ago my desire to have bigger boobs spurred me to research breast augmentation and I considered it... READ MORE

I have always wanted bigger boobies. I'm 4'11 and weight 124 ( on average). Prior to pregnancy (I'm 38 and my oldest is 22 and my youngest 15) I was a small 34c, I was a young mother I only weighed 88 pounds prior. Through out the years and married life :) I've stayed steady at 125 ish and still... READ MORE

My entire 'adulthood', I have been obsessed with having 'boobs'. There are a few factors that made me wait so long to do it: religion/beliefs, I wanted to have kids first but then I also wanted it to not 'disrupt' my kids lives (mainly with confusion), and even though I am an adult, I was... READ MORE

Dr. Struck is amazing he made me feel really comfortable at my consultation and listened to exactly what I want. I totally trust everything he says and I know they are going to look great I can't wait..2 more weeks!!! I'm planning on getting anywhere from 400-500cc silicone implants under the... READ MORE

I am very excited/nervous/dazed that I am finally ready to go for bigger boobies! And it is about 2 weeks away. Can't wait to see the outcome. I am also less than 2 weeks from my consultation for rhinoplasty. I have a deviated septum from a trampoline incident when I was younger. Let's see how... READ MORE

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