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WORTH IT RATING based on 5,240 reviews
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From implants to fat injections to lifting the post-baby sag, breast augmentation gives the girls a whole new look. LEARN MORE ›
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Very excited to finally have my appointment booked! After several consultations, my husband and I definitely knew we had found the right fit in Dr. Scott. He was so friendly and real, we felt so comfortable from the beginning. We booked the procedure that day! I'm 5'3, 135lbs. I have two kids,... READ MORE

1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself all day. I basically stayed on the couch and stayed medicated. 2nd and 3rd were a little better. Now I'm on day 14 and I still have major nerve pain. They are still hard and sensitive. At least I don't have to wear that band any longer. My under... READ MORE

I have never been well endowed and have wanted breast implants since I was a teenager. I'm 5'3" and 104lbs. Before I nursed my 3 children I was a 34b, every time I get measured for bras they still measure me at a 34b, however there is a lot of room left in the bras especially if I wear one with... READ MORE

So far, there has been a lot of information to read about Breast Augmentation! I am hoping to go from an A CUP to a Full C Cup. I am 165cm tall and 52kgs, the surgeon (Dr. Worapong @ Bangpakok 9 International hospital) has recommended that I have Round Silicone Implants, high profile, dual plane... READ MORE

Quite nervous, got my pre-op assessment Wednesday, then it's all happening next Tuesday! I'm currently about 9 1/2 stone, size 8-10 in clothes and after childbirth now a 34b. I'm booked in at a BMI hospital in Kent and hoping to achieve a DD. I've always said to myself getting this done I would... READ MORE

I am scheduled on the 21st for b.a. In Montreal with chen lee. Great consults, very professional and caring. Met me with my hubby. Finally, I've decided on 435 cc silicone unders because i got a skinny chest and no tissue. I'm scared of high profile because I don't want very round ball-like... READ MORE

Not happy that I have to wear one or two sizes up because blouses don't close they don't compliment my body and my small waist other friends had told me that their doctors explained how to compliment body with the adequate proportions and this doctor gave me more than a asked for he kept saying... READ MORE

I've been thinking about this since my 17 year old was a baby. Before kids i was a perky 34C and now i can only say I don't have a true size because Im all skin. After finding the PS I want and trust and having the consultation i learned i have to have a breast lift along with the saline... READ MORE

Today is 3 weeks since my surgery and the girls are definitely feeling like they're mine and not some foreign object on my body. During those first 2 weeks, I didn't think there would ever be an end to the pain and discomfort. I haven't taken very many pictures at all of my new boobs because of... READ MORE

I am super excited for this new me I have lost 95 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery 9 months ago and with that I lost a lot of my breasts. I met with Dr. Hankins in Las 'Vegas and he was great he answered all mine and my husbands questions and made me feel comfortable in my decision. I... READ MORE

Surgery is less then a week away. Very very nervous. Picked saline over the muscle. 300 cc in one breast and 350 cc in the other. I am 5'2 and weight 180lbs. I'm very bottom heavy. All butt and hips. Would like to be more portioned. Scared of rippling. My PS says I have adequate coverage but I'm... READ MORE

I've been considering a breast augmentation for quite some time now. I breastfed my daughter for over a year, and never pumped/bottle fed. This took a major toll on the shape of my breast. They were a deflated 34B, and I wanted a full C/small B. Initially I selected 375cc, but changed my mind... READ MORE

46 year old mom, great looking, intelligent, and educated professional standing at 5'4" and 120lbs., seeking high profile smooth round silicon implants. Must be in the range of 400 to 450 and able to rock some cleavage. Small implants need not reply. Pre-op today. No concerns and no issues.... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be posting my own story after months of reading everyone else's. I'm still in the exploratory stage of my surgeon search. A little bit about me: I have 2 beautiful children a 4 yr old boy and an almost 2 yr old little girl. I breastfed both for over a year... READ MORE

I'm 5'2" 110 lbs. I'm not interested in large breast just filling out what I have. Breast feeding has taken a toll and I'd like to fill out a bikini top and boost my confidence. My hubby is super supportive and would be happy either way. My biggest fear is them turning out much bigger than I had... READ MORE

Hello to everyone who is involved with RealSelf. My BA is booked for October 10, 2014. I have only been planning my BA for 3 months & honestly feel like I know everything I have to know thanks to this site! it's great! every night I read over people's reviews & it makes me more & more excited... READ MORE

My ideal boob now because I'm a small B cup I'm guessing is a full D. 550CC, silicone, HP and that's just going off of other's reviews. Right now, I'm searching for the most natural and realistic size for my height and weight, I'm 5'5, 167LBS, B cup. Something that says, realistic and voluptuous... READ MORE

My deposit is down and I'm counting down the days until my pre-op and surgery 2wks following that. I chose my doctor bc he's more of an artist than anything else; his work is symmetrical and will be very honest with you about desired results. Stats: Height: 5'3" Weight: 123 (active, recently... READ MORE

Stats: I am 25 years old, 5'4, 115 lbs My journey has been quite fast! I started my consultations about 6 weeks ago and went to 3 different doctors before making my choice. My surgery is now scheduled for Oct 30th at 1:30pm (def not looking forward to not eating all day) As things stand I... READ MORE

I have wanted a BA for a long time! Prior to my 2 kiddos I probably had a small C, post nursing both kids and losing weight before #2 I am now a 36A/34B. The tissue i do have is very small and sad looking! I went in thinking i would end up wanting 350/375. I met with two plastic surgeons and... READ MORE

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