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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hi Ladies, It's been really great reading through everyone else's experiences. My BA is booked for Oct 5/15. I'm a small framed petite mom of 2 (breastfed both). I am 5'1", 101 lbs and currently a 32AA size. I've never been big but it never bothered me once I got past high school. I never... READ MORE

I will update this later, I am getting breast augmentation with silicone but it won't let me put that for some reason, so I had to put breast fat transfer. I need 137 characters more,, so before pregnancy I had a 34B, I always wanted bigger breast but never considered surgery because the shape... READ MORE

It's been several years i'm thinking about doing a breast job, i was waiting to finish school, start my career and pay my car. Now that all of that is done, i'm starting my researches and putting money aside :D Since i paid my car (3 weeks ago), i think of my breast EVERY SINGLE DAY, i just... READ MORE

Hi ladies...I am scheduled for BA on Oct 21!!! I am 38, 5'4" 112lbs 32AA wanting to be a full C. I am the mom of 4, ages 13, 11, 10 & 6, breastfeed all of them for 12-14 months each. I have always had a small chest and can't wait to be able to buy bras in a store!! I have to order everything!! I... READ MORE

I have cried over my small chest for years and final after this November getting ready for my husband 7 TH Xmas party and my dress laid across the room and he said honey why don't you like it you like wonderful.. I said they don't make formal dresses for flat chested girls! So on Christmas... READ MORE

H 5'1/2" (156 cm) W 113lb (51.3 kg). Band measurement 31" (78 cm). BWD 11.5 cm. IMPLANT Mentor CPG 323 345cc tear drop (anatomical), high profile. When I was twelve, I asked Mum when I would need to wear a bra. She said "in a few months". 39 years later, I'm still flat chested. I learnt... READ MORE

Finally. After my second child, I had lost all my baby weight extremely fast, and was left with beautiful large C breasts while I nursed. Then.....I stopped. And they went away. Disappeared - poof! I had been enjoying being fit and tiny with beautiful full breasts, and then wham, they were... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! I am a 30 year old woman ready for change! I always considered myself flat chested (32B) and felt self conscious about this. I am 5ft5in and 140lbs. I had my consult on 7/14 with Dr. Prada and I was amazed at my potential! He is a very kind and patient man who took his time and... READ MORE

Planning to buy my way to bigger breasts next year! Planning to do a consultation this month & another next year--about a month out. I'm excited. I thought about doing this many times over a few years, but now I'm ready. I'm planning to document significant events starting now. More info to come... READ MORE

I had my BA surgery on October 1st. I wanted to write a review since I haven't seen too many with my size implant. I went with the Natrelle smooth round 371 CC silicone gel implants under the muscle. My incisions are in the intramammary fold. I am a single working mom and my entire family lives... READ MORE

After 25 years of feeling like my breasts are out of place on me, I'm pursuing the option of an augmentation. I have one child and breastfed only 6 wks, so was lucky that my breasts never suffered too badly as a result. However, I've always been unhappy with their size and feel it's time to fix... READ MORE

I've wanted breast implant for as long as I can remember as I've always been very self concious about my upper half and always had such a hard time feeling comfortable in anything without having to wear super padded bras, and not feeling my best naked. I did months and months of research... READ MORE

Hi everyone! Will have surgery tomorrow, very nurvous and exited! I have 3 kids , 9 years old and 1,5 years old twins;) decided to go for High profile based on reviews. Now I am size 34 a or 32 a, so really want to have bigger and fuller breast. All my family relatives on women side have size D... READ MORE

I've been stalking this website for a while now and finally decided to make a profile as all of hours have helped me.. I've wanted a BA for as long as I can remember and finally decided to do it. I'm all booked in for the 13th of October and I'm going with poly tech implants (has anyone else... READ MORE

I am so shocked that I'm finely at the place where I've had a consultation, put down a deposit, and booked a date! No going back now! Not so long ago I was just reviewing all the other best augmentations on this site. I recently had my consultation on the 8th of October, and it went really well... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I love this site! I have finally decided to post in hopes that maybe I can help someone else in my similar situation. I have never been really sad about my breast size until I seen what happen to them after 2 kids, breastfeeding an rapid weight loss due to Crohns. I used to be a... READ MORE

I am a 34yr old mother to 3 breast fed babies, the last being almost 2 yrs old. I am 5'7" and currently weigh 131lbs. The day before having baby 3 I weighed in at 198lbs. I literally worked my ass off to lose over 60 pounds and 20 inches all over. Unfortunately my boobies paid a price and went... READ MORE

Hello! My surgery is on 09/30/2015 at Coral Gables in Miami Florida with Dr. Ary Krau. I have had such a terrible time with finding answers to all my questions so I am hoping I can make this to help others like me. Here goes... ABOUT ME: I am 21 years old, I have never had any children or... READ MORE

I met Dr Ghurani the day before my surgery, where he then advised that I would be needing a breast lift aside from the breast augmentation I wanted, he answered all my questions and educated me on things i did not know. I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor than i did with Dr.... READ MORE

I have been seeing Dr Russo for about 8 plus years now! Thought these years I have had two children, with that being said weight gain an weight loss, an the of course getting "older" , I have had breast augmentation,donut lift,liposuction,Botox,filler under my eyes an lip filler!! With every... READ MORE

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