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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs about 2 1/2 years ago & with my weight loss I loss my breast.. I have been considering this for about 1 year now & just recently started my consults..I'm 32B ish & want a full D.. I have done 3 so far & am in love with the second doctor. I... READ MORE

I have never felt like i have fully developed amd after breast feeding well i am deflated lol but now am booked in for my op with dr vivek sivarajan 23rd nov 350cc but going back in 2moro to check bigger size make my mind up i am also having my surgery under local and sedation which i am nervous... READ MORE

Hello everyone, first let me say that I'm sooooooo happy I found this site! I've been wanting a BA for some time now but my husband wasn't on board, naturally I wanted him to be supportive of this decision. Well....... He has finally decided to stop being selfish, his words, and be supportive of... READ MORE

I've always wanted to do it, but was worried about the impact it would have on my multiple sclerosis. My daughter had a very nice consultation with Dr. Schneider for herself and convinced me to go talk to him. So my husband and I finally decided we're not getting any younger and to go for it. ... READ MORE

I was always a small A cup and although I'm athletic and work hard on having a fit, healthy body, that was one area I was never happy with and couldn't change. My husband always told me I was beautiful and didn't need it, and as awesome as that is, it was how I felt about ME. He finally agreed.... READ MORE

I am a (flat/deflated) 34C (sometimes B) as of now. After breastfeeding 1 child & many weight fluctuations I am finally to a steady weight and have been for a while so I finally made the jump! I am hoping to be a full D, possibly DD! My doctor has suggested Moderate Plus Profile but in worried... READ MORE

I am looking to do breast augmentation as I feel it is time. I have been wanting to do this for many years now and I have my consultation with Dr. Haupt in October. Does anyone know what I can expect? I mean I have read a ton of reviews but am still lost. What kinds of questions should I ask? I... READ MORE

I Would 100% recommend Dr Ces, very professional, and very easy to talk to. He guided me in the right direction to what I wanted to achieve. As I don't live near the Gold Coast so all my consultations were done over the phone, and I really didn't know what I was lookin to achieve.. Ces and his... READ MORE

I originally wasn't going to write a review, but I am so happy with my results and I'm still addicted to reading this site lol I'm now 1 week tomorrow post op and absolutely loving my results I started off a small 34a :-( I'm 31yo 5'6" and weigh 9st4 approx 140 lbs, after bf both my 2 children... READ MORE

Hi guys, I've read a couple of reviews on here and just wanted to let you know how my journey goes. So I have my consultation on 2nd April and I've put a reserve on the 9th may for my operation. I'm going with dr ullens as I haven't heard any bad reviews on her.. I've been wanting this since I... READ MORE

I am a 32 year old mother of two. I had a hard time convincing my husband to get this done, but I won in the long run. I wanted to repair my sad boobs back to their youthful state. After breastfeeding two kids and losing 20 pounds my boobs have become deflated and sad. I was a perfect size b... READ MORE

I am 37 years old, well after my BA, 38 ????. Birthday present to Moi! I have been surfing the site for major inspiration as some encouragement. My breast are beautiful, but can look fuller and sexier in a bikini or hot top. Contemplating between 350cc-375cc. Thinking of going with the bigger... READ MORE

Hey peeps! Thought it was finally time to write something here since I have been looking at this site on and off for the past 4 years (creeper i know right). Basically I have wanted a BA since i was 16 and discovered I wasn't growing anymore. I've been pretty definite about the decision the... READ MORE

Had 400cc for 11yrs. Yes I may need a lift. Just like the look of natural big boobs. And love the feeling in my nipples. Don't want to risk that. 400cc recovery was nothing. 755cc a lot more painful recovery like almost a month to feel the way I did with the 400cc after 3days. Under... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I've been lurking around this site for months before my BA and found it really useful, so now that I've had my surgery I thought I'd write about my own experience in case it helps anyone in the future! A little about me: Like many others, I've wanted bigger boobs since I hit puberty... READ MORE

I just booked my surgery date for November 5th!! I'm so excited and anxious! I have been thinking about getting a breast aug for a while now, and for some reason, I've just finally said, I'm getting it done! Once I set my mind on something, there's no turning back for me! LOL. I cannot wait to... READ MORE

Today 12 November 2015 I received 275 cc moderate height round allergen textured implants at The Cosmetic Institute in Southport Qld by Dr. Jim Kenny. From the beginning- For the last 2 years i've wanted implants but the timing and my finances never lined up correctly. After a few... READ MORE

I've always been active, gymnastics,track.. Proud of every part of my body except my breasts. I'm older now and sick of little boy immature feeling when it comes to being naked or on the beach! I am seeing dr davila in new haven and am super excited for this surgery tomorrow . Hoping to be a... READ MORE

Hello fellow boobers! I've always wanted a breast augmentation, ever since I realized I would never grow any myself, but I recently got serious about it. A girl at my work got hers done, and that's when I knew it was time for me. I figure while I'm single and somewhat young I should go ahead and... READ MORE

This has to be the best site I could have stumbled across in my researching of breast augmentation information! I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and getting an idea of what to expect when I finally go in! So, a bit about myself...Currently 5'8", 128lbs with a 32b cup size. No kids. I'm... READ MORE

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