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Retroclined Upper Central Incisors Affecting Face Profile? (photo)

Here is my previous post which may help explain things: 'http://www.realself... READ MORE

Did the Orthodontist Screw Up? Narrow Smile and Teeth Tilted in? (photo)

My daughter had her braces taken off. It appears that the orthodontist just crowded the teeth in for some reason. They weren't like this before in... READ MORE

Slight Bimaxillary Protrusion (My Unofficial Diagnosis) Treatment Options? (photo)

I had braces at age 13, but I've noticed recently that my teeth slant forwards a bit. I am now almost 19. Is it possible that my retainer (which I... READ MORE

To Get Braces or Not to Get Braces: Second Round For My Teeth? (photo)

I had braces when I was 17, I had them for a total of 2 1/2 years. I of course like many did not heed the advice of my ortho and get my wisdom teeth... READ MORE

Why is my top jaw top row of teeth slanting to the right? (photo)

We'll my teeth seem to be pretty straight but I just noticed this my top row of teeth slant to the right side of my mouth and my gums stick more ext.... READ MORE

Palate Expander for a 24 year old, Will it work?

I have a condition where my front 4 teeth of the upper jaw slant outwards like \ (away from the mouth). The lower jaw has straight teeth. I visited... READ MORE

Do you think I could get braces back on my top and bottom teeth without charge?

I had braces on my top row only, and now my top teeth slant forward. I got them off 4 months ago and I really dislike my teeth.   READ MORE

I Have Slanted Top Teeth, and a Bottom Lip That Slants Downward? (photo)

I am 25 years old and I had braces 4 years ago to correct spacing in my teeth, the braces were left on for 12 months then came off, however my teeth... READ MORE

What Treatment is Best for Teeth That Tilt Inward Whilst Having Braces?

I have had braces in for a year now and I had two teeth removed from both the top and bottom row of teeth. Now my teeth tilt inward. I have outlined... READ MORE

Will "shaving" teeth help with my flaring? (photo)

I recently got off braces and was disappointed to see my front teeth flare out. I talked to my ortho and he said that I could file down each tooth... READ MORE

Braces for over three years and my teeth are still not finished and jaw is slanted- can this be fixed with braces? (photo)

I've had braces for over 3 years now and after all this time my teeth now look worse than when we started? My teeth were not bad at all at the... READ MORE

How to fix my flared teeth and narrow smile? (photo)

My teeth slant outward and there are dark corners when I smile. I'm thinking that I need to expand my arches somehow but would like to know what the... READ MORE

Class 1 Scissors Bite - Recommended Treatment? (photo)

I am 31 years old and have a scissor bite. I've been treated for this issue when I was around 19, but it has grown back to the way it was before.... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces?

My front top teeth are strait but the two teeth in the very back on both sides up top don't line up with the rest of the top teeth. And all my bottom... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Just Use Retainer Instead of Braces?

I haven't used an braces at all and my teeth are not that bad, they are just slanted a little bit, If I use a retainer, is it possible that my teeth... READ MORE

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