Body Lift Videos

Do You Have To Wear Your Compression Garment?

Dr. Taranow discusses why it's important to wear your garment for the recommended time by your surgeon after your procedure. VIEW NOW

Body Lift With Breast Implants — See This Woman's 360 Before & After

Dr. Bradley A. Hubbard performed surgery on this woman after she lost a great deal of weight through diet and exercise. See the doctor's markings prior to surgery and her results from an extended tummy tuck to tighten her flanks and lateral thigh. VIEW NOW

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I've Lost the Weight — Now What? The Doctor Explains Different Lifts

Learn what lifts are available following massive weight loss, as explained by Dr. Robert Frank. VIEW NOW

After Weight Loss the Doctor Performs an Upper Back Lift on this Woman — See the Procedure (GRAPHIC)

J. Timothy Katzen performs an upper back lift with a horizontal incision around this woman's bra line. VIEW NOW


After Weight Loss Sara Had a Body Lift and Facelift in Mexico — See Her Before & Afters

Sara Kelly Keenan, a life coach, talks about her decision to travel from the US to Mexico to have a body lift and facelift. VIEW NOW

Medical Tourism: This Registered Nurse Shares Her Experience Having Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Maria Stone, a registered nurse, had a facelift and a body lift with Dr. Alejandro J. Quiroz. She talks about her experience having cosmetic surgery abroad. VIEW NOW

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Body Contouring After Weight Loss: Here's What the Doctor Recommends

Tightening and lifting are key when it comes to body contouring after weight loss, says Dr. Brian K. Brzowski. Learn more. VIEW NOW

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Bra Line Back Lift: Lifting and Tightening of the Upper and Middle Back (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remis Repta performs a bra line back lift on this woman. The procedure is designed to lift and tighten the upper and middle back while removing any bra folds or bra bulge. It is essentially an upper body lift. VIEW NOW

Body Lift and Breast Implants After Gastric Bypass and 160 Pounds — See Amy's Transformation

Dr. Cynthia Mizgala performed a Body Lift and Breast Implants on Amy after she had gastric bypass at 28 years of age and lost 160 pounds. VIEW NOW

All About Tummy Tucks: The Doctor Explains What's Included

Dr. Marc DuPere explains the various tummy tuck techniques available and what procedures can be combined during surgery for women after pregnancy and weight loss. VIEW NOW


3 Important Tips When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, According to This Doctor

Dr. Christian Subbio talks about what you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon and what questions to ask. VIEW NOW


Cirugia Plastica Despues de Bajar de Peso (SPANISH)

Dr. Jaime Campos Leon offers his advice on getting plastic surgery after massive weight loss. VIEW NOW


Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: Which Procedure Should I Do First?

Where do you begin when it comes to losing that excess skin after massive weight loss? Dr. Jaime Campos Leon offers his suggestion. VIEW NOW

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How Do I Tell My Partner About My Surgery?

Dr. Heather J. Furnas talks about the importance of telling your partner about your upcoming surgery. VIEW NOW

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Polenta and Pizza Dough: This Doctor Demonstrates How a Tummy Tuck Works

Dr. Heather J. Furnas explains the steps of a tummy tuck procedure using polenta and pizza dough. VIEW NOW