Heather Locklear keeps SPIN-ing

Healther Locklear looks lovely at any ageOn the heels of her ex-rocker-hubby publicly shacking up with Charlie Sheen’s? ex-former-Fleiss-girl-wife, Heather Locklear has gotten a new tattoo on the outside of her 44 year-old right ankle. It’s a heart/rose rendering that has the word “finch” etched in scrip above it. Finch?

As in, Dennis Finch, David Spade’s character on “Just Shoot Me?”

Could be. Or maybe she’s just a fan of those little peep-y birds that hop around on the sidewalk.


Avoid facial wrinkles by sleeping on your back. Yeah right.

One of the year's best Oprah shows of 2006 had to be "How to stop the clock on aging".

Shelby, a stunning 55-year old salsa dancer, offered up her key secret for how she takes care of herself: "I sleep on my back."

In a classic Oprah non-judgmental way, Oprah responded with a "whatever works for you. Whatever works for you."

What a silly notion. As if sleeping position affects our physical appearance. Except that today another story suggested I was wrong to scoff.

London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Karidis stated that:


Celebrity Beauty: Diane Keaton

Dianne Keaton ageless beauty''I can't keep up with the things that you can do to your head or your body. I'm just shocked,'' says Diane Keaton, who, at 60 (!) is the new face of L’Oreal Age Perfect cosmetics. (Jane Fonda has the same gig – but will only do her share of the shilling overseas.)


Revlon's Vital Radiance Flop

One of Revlon's most important product launches has been a total failure.

Revlon Vital Radiance is a color cosmetics line for women over 50 (the fact I'm explaining this probably tells you the magnitude of the problems with the brand).

Consumers haven't flocked to it in droves. Instead it sat on store shelves this Spring which, in part, led the company to report very disappointing financial results for the past quarter.


New skin resurfacing technology: ActiveFX laser

I just coerced my friend Denise to writeup her positive Fraxel laser results which inspired me to investigate new facial resurfacing and skin renewal options. In this research I ran across a new "fractional" laser system called ActiveFX.


Beauty is a mathematical formula. And other lies.

Math equation for beautyLike we needed scientists to work on the creation of software that measures someone's beauty based on a mathematical formula.

"Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder. It is just a mathematical formula" was the conclusion of computer scientist Gideon Dror of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

He concludes that perfection is a woman with blonde hair, "clear skin, larger-than-average eyes and lush lips closer to the chin than average".

Dan Fishel grabs the bait and writes in Forbes that this "digital plastic surgery" software may make its way into cameras and photoshop. I'm just wondering if Dan fell for a prank. This can't be real.

See: Look Prettier Now, Forbes {requires registration}

plastic surgery before and afters


Celebrity Beauty: Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a natural beauty“I refuse to be intimidated by aging. I refuse to be afraid of it. I refuse to be ashamed of it. I refuse!"

Hear that people? Salma Hayek is having none of that “Woe is me, I’m old” crap.

"Society tells you to get old, and everybody settles for what they're told. What makes you old is repeating yourself. I say, 'Your glands get stimulation from new experiences.’”

Take that society!

And, the feisty Mexican actress, who turns 40 on September 2nd, puts her pesos where her boca is. Her glands get plenty of stimulation.


Tips for dark eye circles

Ever get one of those dreaded comments: "you look tired"? While the right response should be "who isn't tired?", that doesn't address the fact your fatigue is showing. So often the giveaway are the dark circles and eyebags beneath the eyes. If you're like most people, the dark eye circles are the result of thinning under eye skin and small broken blood vessels.Under eye circles and products to help


Celebrity Beauty: Courteney Cox Arquette

Courtney Cox Arquette a beautyLast week, Courteney Cox Arquette made headlines – the likes of which she hasn’t since she and her friends inked that ground-breaking $1 million per episode deal a bunch of years back.

The excitment this time? Nearly as mind-boggling…

42 year-old Ce-Ce (as her pals call her) is bummed about getting old.

Now there’s a news flash.

“I have issues with getting older” she spills in this month’s Marie Claire cover story. “It’s hard not being the young one anymore.”

Well, YEAH.


Celebrity Beauty: Ann Curry

A few months back, you couldn’t turn on a TV or turn a magazine page without being bombarded about Katie Couric’s departure from the “Today” show.

But the real “Today” show story (beside the fact that ratings since Queen Couric’s departure haven’t slipped one little bit) is Ann Curry.