Get a Biodegradable Sunscreen

 Biodegradable sunscreens, that is sunscreens whose ingredients will decompose naturally with the help of bacteria, are becoming more popular among nature enthusiasts and the environmentally conscious.

While there have been no conclusive studies regarding damage caused by sunscreen on underwater habitats, more and more marine sanctuaries are demanding that visitors wear biodegradable sunscreen.

The reason? Because sunscreens are viscous liquids that don’t really break down in water. They will disperse over time but not disappear completely, and in theory may block sunlight from reaching coral and other marine life that needs a certain amount of sunlight to thrive.


Eczema treatment by BEAM

Eczema drives my friend Olivia nuts. She swears her itchy skin will send her into near convulsions. She hates taking steroids, which is the typical med for eczema, fearing after effects like cataracts. I feel so helpless trying to offer her help. My anti-aging research is useless to her...she could care less about wrinkles at this point.

Then today I tripped over two eczema new items I passed on to Olivia and thought it could be relevant to you.


6 Free Tricks for Whiter Teeth


Hate your stained teeth but professional teeth whitening is too expensive?  Or maybe you've tried teeth whitening and it didn't work out as planned.  Here are 6 ways to give your smile a brighter appearance without bleaching:

1. Say no to yellow or orange lipstick

Older woman with white teeth

Darker colored lipsticks make your teeth look whiter, but they also make you look older so choose your lipstick colors wisely. Red lipsticks and those with cool blue tones will make your teeth look whiter.

Stay away from yellow and orange toned lipsticks that make your teeth look yellow. Pale, frosted shades tend to make your teeth look dull as do matte finishes.bright white outfit

2. Avoid bright white clothes

 A bright white shirt or dress will only accentuate your less-than-white teeth. Try wearing off-white or cream and always choose colors that are a shade lighter than your teeth.

3. Go bronze

Golden and darker skin tones make your teeth look whiter. Instead of heading to the beach or tanning salon, try a bronzing lotion on your face.


Awful plastic surgery stories sell papers

Tragic and awful plastic surgery events are headline grabbers. These stories get attention much like afternoon talk shows attract an audience. If you don't know what I mean, today you can watch Oprah's segment "Her husband tried to kill her three times."awful plastic surgery sells


Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

Who doesn’t want a dazzling, brighter, whiter smile? But if you’re like me, maybe you’ve wondered if there’s any danger in whitening your teeth. The answer is no.

Not if it’s done properly. Unfortunately there are those who take it too far, using over the counter teeth whitening products every day instead of once or twice a year or at recommended intervals.


Faith Hill: "I'm in my prime"

On paper (and, in articles and photos and red carpets, etc.), Faith Hill has it all. Phenomenal career, handsome devoted husband, healthy kids, beauty, fame, riches – the polar opposite of what most country western songs detail.

Thing is that she’s so darn sweet and giving (she’s super-active in many charities) that you hardly even hate her for it! Quite the opposite, in fact. Faith hill is downright inspirational, I’d say.

At 38 and the top of her game, this is not some star that’s just going to hit the road and leave her kids to be reared by Nanny. Nope. Faith’s not having any of that Hollywood BS.


Cindy Crawford; "I'm not perfect, but this is who I am"

“You can't turn 40 and say: 'Screw it!'” says supermodel Cindy Crawford. “[Especially] in Los Angeles, because you look around at everyone else who is 40 and they all look good so there is a lot of pressure. You see women here in their fifties and sixties who still look great because they take care of themselves.”

The Botox Breast Lift

Until now, Botox has been relegated to the forehead and sweat glands.

Apparently, a Botox Breast Lift is ideal for those small-breasted ladies with slouchy shoulders. The effect of the Botox breast lift may, however, be a perceived change and not an actual one. The procedure, which originated in Mexico has only been tried on a small number of women in Canada, but not in the United States. No clinical trials have taken place yet.


Psoriasis treatment: let fish eat away your skin

No, I'm not kidding. In Japan you can pay to get flesh eating fish--ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating, let's say "skin eating"-- to chew off your flaky and dry skin caused by psoriasis outbreaks, eczema, or calluses.


Michelle Pfeiffer: "I'm hoping I'm courageous enough to age gracefully."

When I got my mail yesterday, a radiant Michelle Pfeiffer smiled at me from the cover of In Style magazine. It was kind of a surprise (albeit a pleasant once since I’ve been a fan from the moment she donned the satin “Pink Ladies” jacket in Grease 2) because Mrs. David Kelley hasn’t been in the spotlight for what seems like ages.

In fact, her last movie, White Oleander, came and went in 2002, the same year she and her family left Los Angeles for Northern California in an attempt to slow down a bit.

Just a bit.