7% of UK Parents Give Kids Plastic Surgery Before Prom

MakenzieR on 6 Jul 2012 at 12:30pm

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Some parents will drop hundreds of dollars to beautify their kids for prom, but would you give your child plastic surgery to prepare for the idealized night? According to a survey in the UK publication The Daily Mail, "7% of the parents polled have even forked out for their children to have pre-prom cosmetic surgery." 

That's in a country where prom isn't a longstanding tradition. It was adopted in the past 10 years because of its glamorous portrayal on American TV shows. (Granted, cosmetic procedures seem to be a less taboo topic in England vs. America. The Hills knock-off The Only Way is Essex discusses boob jobs almost every episode -- the surgery is even a story arc for one of the supporting characters.) 

Nonetheless, 7% surprised us. When we ran a poll on giving kids plastic surgery, nearly 1/3 of respondents said they wouldn't do it even if their child was being bullied because of their features. 

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Something to consider: while post-graduation may be a good time to go under the knife, pre-prom might require missing school for recovery (nose jobs and breast implants can put you out for a few days). 

What do you think? Would you give your child pre-prom plastic surgery? What about after graduation? Sound off in the comments below.

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That number seems high. 93% of Brits make a household income of < £45,000 according to the IFS. I doubt most of the country could even afford to spring for surgery as a gift. So either every toff in the UK is buying their kids plastic surgery gifts, or the Mail surveyed a lot of well off people.

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Well it is The Mail... so we can assume their surveying methods might not be the soundest ;) 

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What?! This is brand new information. ;)

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I am shocked by this. I wonder what number is in US.

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