Tips for Men About Breast Implants

15 Nov 2011 at 9:00am

Guest Post by Dr. John W. Bass

If your wife or girlfriend is considering getting breast implants, you most likely have a lot of concerns and questions. You may wonder who she’s really doing this for, how her breasts will feel, when you will be able to touch them, how will her recovery be and what you can do to help her through the process.

To help your lady through her breast augmentation, below are some tips we think you will find useful:

  • Offer to go to the consultation with your wife or girlfriend to support her and to get answers to specific questions you may have for the surgeon. Be sure to ask the surgeon how you can help make her recovery as comfortable as possible.
  • Research breast augmentation on your own so that you better understand the process. (Be sure your research is obtained from reputable sources.)
  • Remember that most women have breast augmentation to feel better about themselves. Try to curb your jealousy and do not assume your wife or girlfriend wants to get breast implants just to attract other men.
  • Do not ask questions about scarring. It's insensitive to fuss about scars that will fade over time.
  • Encourage your significant other to talk openly about getting breast implants if she wants to, even if it makes you uncomfortable.
  • Do not discuss breast size with her. For this decision, it’s best to keep your comments and opinions to yourself.
  • breast implant before and after photosDo not talk about how her breasts look right after surgery. The implants may be very firm and high right after the procedure is completed, but they will drop to a normal position.
  • Breasts will be sore after surgery, so don’t touch them until she says it’s okay to do so.
  • Be as kind as possible to her after surgery – a thoughtful get-well gift can go a long way!
  • Be aware of her mood following surgery. She may appear to be subdued rather than excited, but this is often due to reactions to the anesthesia, side effects from medication or anxiety.
  • Be as supportive as you can and tell her she looks amazing!
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Comments (7)

Nice tips I like this point many of these tips to help people to be careful ... But it looks to block their ability to ask specific questions (such as scars or normal breast), couples can fully open for talks on the process of prevention. That time I did this, and invited my husband or friends involved in the consultation and I want to ask him questions to see what was true, and not feel the least suggestion to her wife or girlfriend to use some creams Breast actives for breast enlargement it increase your breast naturally.
This is all good information except: "Do not ask questions about scarring. It's insensitive to fuss about scars that will fade over time." It's optimistic to assume that all scars will fade over time--some don't. It's important to ask questions about all risks and complications, including scarring, capsular contracture, and breast sensitivity changes. To consider any of these somehow taboo would mean not doing your best to make sure your loved one is making an informed decision.

Really good point, Dinocaddy. I would guess that Dr. Bass is coming at it more from the "don't act overly concerned that she will have scars there." But yes, if the patient-to-be has missed important questions, a significant other should definitely bring them up tactfully! 

Can you get a breast augmentation without health insurance? I planned on getting surgery in December but just lost my health insurance. I know it shouldn't matter but now I am unsure what my Dr. will day.
Sure. You can contact your local hospital or clinic to see where you can get amammogram without insurance. Most plastic surgeons will prefer you get a baseline done prior to implants. You will also need bloodwork done, my PS did it right at his office. Depending on your age, doc may request EKG. These are all things that can be paid out of pocket without insurance.

I like that the point of many of these tips is to help men be sensitive...however it seems restricting their ability to ask certain questions (such as about scarring or breast size) could prevent the couple from having a fully open dialogue about the procedure. If I were to be having this done, and invited my husband or boyfriend to be involved in the consultation I would want him to ask whatever questions he actually had, and not feel restricted about expressing his concerns.


Thank you Dr. Bass:)  Excellent tips for our men to read up and learn.  I really enjoyed the tip about being aware of our moods following surgery.  It's a crazy ride...