6 Big Myths About Boob Jobs (By Someone Who’s Had One!)

BethH on 30 Oct 2013 at 9:00am

woman in black leather jacket and bra six big myths about boob jobs breast augmentation
This post by Grace Gold, journalist and author of The Boob Job Bible: How To Get A Safe, Sexy Breast Augmentation
When it comes to breast augmentation, one thing is certain: there’s loads of misinformation out there about the procedure. But after spending copious amounts of time studying before-and-after photos and thoroughly doing my research, I finally decided to take the plunge – and I can tell you that I’m still thrilled with the results five years later. Here’s what I learned along the way!

Myth #1: All Breast Implants Look Fake

barbie even my good friends and family didn't know i had breast augmentation
My biggest fear was looking like I had obviously “fake” breast implants – but if you choose a good board-certified plastic surgeon, pick a natural-looking size (I went from a small B to a small D) and placement (for example, under the muscle), people will be none the wiser. Even my good friends and family didn’t know I had a breast augmentation – guess I already fooled them with the push-up bras I used to wear!

Myth #2: Recovery Is Painful

woman in pain i thought my recovery from wisdom tooth removal was worse than breast augmentation
Breast augmentation recovery time and pain can vary from one woman to another. Some feel little to no pain (particularly moms who have already had larger breasts during pregnancy and women who have gained and lost weight), while others may feel some pain for the first few days that can be managed with prescribed painkillers. I was in the latter group, and yet I thought my recovery from wisdom tooth removal was much worse. What I personally found the most challenging was not being allowed to lift things or workout for four weeks afterwards though I was allowed to walk everyday – but the time passed quickly, and the results were sure worth it!

Myth #3: Breast Implants Are For Women Who Want Big Racks

watermelons often women with breast augmentation just want to fill out their clothing
Breast implants come in all sizes, and the majority of women who get breast augmentation in the United States actually opt for super subtle augmentations – like from an A to a B or C cup. (Our sisters in the sunshine states of California, Florida and Texas tend to go a bit larger on average.) Many of these women are working professionals – from lawyers and doctors to school teachers and stay-at-home moms. Often, they just want to “fill out” their clothing, or feel more confident. With the right size and a good plastic surgeon, results can look “appropriate” for even the most conservative environments.

Myth #4: Breast Augmentation Will Last a Lifetime

birthday cake major implant manufacturers reccomend that you replace your breast implants every 10 years
When I first decided that I wanted a breast augmentation, I thought it was a one-time surgery – but not necessarily so. The truth is, breast implants (whether silicone or saline) aren’t designed to last your entire lifetime. Major implant manufacturers recommend that you replace them every 10 years to preempt a rupture. It’s not a requirement you do this, and some plastic surgeons even say it’s not necessary unless you have an issue – but future surgeries down the road are certainly something you need to be “ok” with when considering implants, especially since breast augmentation cost can be several thousand dollars.

Myth #5: You'll Look Awesome Right Away

calendar give yourself some time don't plan breast augmentation before a wedding
During breast augmentation surgery, your muscles react by tightening up. As a result, your new implants will initially start out resting higher on your chest, and may look swollen. As you heal over the next several weeks to months (depending on the patient), your breasts will slowly settle into a more natural position on your chest. This means that you should give yourself some time to look amazing afterwards – don’t plan a breast augmentation right before a wedding, pageant, milestone reunion, or other special occasion!

Myth #6: Breast Augmentation Will Give Me The "Perfect Body"

A breast augmentation will give you a bigger version of what you already have – unless you’re having some corrective work done, like evening out the size of your breasts or getting a lift. And while a larger bust can make your waist appear smaller and hips more shapely, it doesn’t give you a new body. Some women expect to suddenly look like a Victoria’s Secret model after surgery, then feel letdown and disappointed. There is only so much a boob job can do – having realistic expectations means you’ll be happier with your results, too.

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I am booked In on the 18th dec and very nervous but excited to, I am 33 in dec and decided after 10 years of research and no children it's time I take the plunge. I am going from a A to (hopfully A large D. I read something about breast implants all the time and more than anything the pain after is what I am worrid about. I have researched my surgeon and hospital and feel she will do a great job I just worry now that a 365 under muscle implant might be far to big, but if I walk around the house one more time with rice my bra looking at my self I think the other half might scream at me. If any one can offer advise on how to get through the pain after surgery please shout now.
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I had a 'boob job' aged 49 to take up the slack caused by gravity and 6 years of breast feeding. I wish I had had it done when I was younger. I thought about it A LOT but it took me fifteen years to gather up the courage to go for it. I have to admit that I was horrified by both the size and the absolute agony. Every vibration in every step I took was hellishly painful. But they settled down the size became much more what I had hoped for as the selling subsided and after 3 months I was virtually pain free. No one noticed, padded push up bras had been convincing enough. I'm not sure I would go through it again in ten years time when they need replacing. I'm glad I've had them done, the results are awesome. Saggy C's to pretty pert DD's. But by the time I'm 64 I think it might look a bit odd, so no I think I'll just have them removed and perhaps if I'm up to it have them augmented so I'm not left with two empty bags!
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I had a lift and silicone augmentation under the muscle four months ago and it was the best money I've ever spent on myself! It has given me a whole new lease on life! It feels so wonderful for the first time in my life to be able to walk into a store, buy a bra, and take it home knowing that it will be filled out! No more padded bras! No more cutlets inside my bathing suits! No more pulling up bra straps all day long! No more pulling down my bra under my breasts all day long! Clothing fits better, I have a tremendous amount of confidence now and I am no longer embarrassed about my body now! So much of my daily stresses were caused by my sagging, small breasts. Although I love my children more than anything, pregnancy and breast feeding completely destroyed my breasts. Thank goodness I made the decision to go for it and have the surgery! I never thought it would change my life so much! I love the new "girls"! :)
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So glad you've had a wonderful experience! There are so many cons and pros.....at least there was for me!
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I had breast implants and they felt bad because of scar tissue. Had them in when I was 22 after 2 children & breastfeeding. 30 years later they ruptured (40% & 70%) without me even knowing it. I have silicone poisoning along with many symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, liver problems, dry eyes, dry mouth, tooth decay, headaches. Do not mess with your body, there will be repercussions now &/or in the future. This is no joke. This is a fair warning to all women to not suffer as I am & have been & there are millions of other women, too! Be smart, look at the other side of wanting to look good & filling out your bra, bathing suit & other clothing. I just wanted to be "normal". They never felt normal…because they are not! Never mess with your body; take this loving advice from someone who knows.
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"Silicone poison" was used years ago and now has been reconstituted to be safe....lots of myths out there yet but read the research from company that has produced the "natureles"...progress is remarkable with new technology. I am a registered nurse researcher and wanted to suggest some other resources that are truly unbiased. Best to you and good health
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I would love to add my comments to this article as I too have had saline breast augmentation. My surgery is coming up on five years and I have to admit, in my case, I would not go through the surgery IF I had it to do over. I was turning 50.....had just re-married after a four year divorce.....and I wanted to do this for me. I was a size B and went to a small D and they were placed under the muscle. The results were great! I was very pleased with the surgeon and would strongly recommend him. Now for the part that was not pleasant at all: I thought the pain would kill me! Now, maybe it was my age but will never know. I can tolerate pain as I have had surgeries before including two C-sections so I expected pain but not like I had. It lasted SIX months!!! I literally hurt and I mean HURT for six long months. In the meantime, my breasts were settling in, the doctor said I was doing fine so I knew I was going to live. The second comment I have is EVERYBODY (well, maybe not everybody but it seemed to be that way) noticed my breasts and some even asked me if I had had surgery! Now, if I have to give one thought to replacing these implants, I will not hesitate to say NO! I think if you are 25 to maybe 40....great. If one would rupture, they are both coming OUT! For me, I just wouldn't do it again...period! For some others, I'm sure they would disagree me but it just depends on the person.
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Perhaps more on the artistry of the doctor and what you have for him/her to work with..I have seen beautiful jobs and then some watermelons that everyone knows are implants...RESEARCH needed before you attempt to change anything about your appearance...also honest self evaluation....that's a tough one huh? Sorry about your negative feelings and appearance....does not have to stay so....
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People from all walks of life get them. People in my real life have no idea that I've had them done. I went for a natural look to fill out what I had lost after major weight loss.
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I had mine done 6 months ago and I didn't tell but a select few. No one even noticed, my push up bra did an awesome job before. Now I can use a regular bra and fill out my shirts beautifully! The pain wasn't great greatest for the first few days but ibuprophen was my best friend along with the pain killers. I love the way I look and feel. Even if no one knows their fake ;)
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Yes....of course. You had a good surgeon no doubt and realistic expectations....thank you for sharing your positiveness
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