Will a Sheet a Day Make the Scar Go Away? [PHOTOS]

Maureen Francisco on 27 Apr 2012 at 12:00pm

ScarAway silicone scar sheetsIt looks like a thick Band-Aid, but ScarAway is a silicone scar sheet.

According to manufacturers, this sheet is supposed to “minimize formation of new scars and shrink, flatten, and fades new and old scars.”  Well, I’m not the world’s most graceful person (except when I’m flying), which means I certainly have more than my fair share of scars.

So, I put the sheet to the test to see if ScarAway lives up to its promise.

I couldn't think of a better place to test the product then putting the scar sheet on my stubborn scar on my left foot. I got it when I scraped my foot at the bottom of the pool during an “educational” trip in Australia more than 10 years ago. You can still see the discoloring of the scar.

Now I don’t use an entire sheet. I cut it to fit my scar. There’s no point on wasting an entire sheet since ScarAway ain’t cheap ($25+ on Amazon.com)

The first week, like with any new program, diet, or [fill in the blanks], I was excited and committed. I followed the instructions and routinely put ScarAway on before I went to bed.

ScarAway review

The good:

  • It’s easy to use
  • You can cut the sheet to fit the size of your scar, so the sheet goes a long way
  • There’s not much maintenance
  • The light brown color blends nicely with my skin tone
  • The sheets are washable! But for this test, I used a fresh one each time

The bad:

The sheet can come off. Granted, mine is placed at an awkward spot – my foot. I find that it comes off by the next morning or when I’m walking.

The verdict:

Worth it! While the scar doesn’t go entirely away, it definitely faded (even though I wasn’t religious about using it daily).

ScarAway before and afterScarAway before and after

So, a sheet a day doesn’t make the scar completely go away. But, it does make it pretty forgettable. After two months of using ScarAway, I’m convinced that it works and will make room for it in my medicine cabinet. Knowing me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to use it again.

Have you had success with any OTC scar treatments? Let us know in the comments.

Photo credits: ScarAway; Maureen Francisco

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How old was the scar when you apply the sheets???
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hi how can i get scaraway im in east africa
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Ebay, amazon
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I've used this before on my bunionectomy scar. I'd have the sheet on literally 14hrs a day while at work. It will flatten the scar, but I didn't see much difference in lightening it at all. It was still dark. I'm using BioCoreum now to see if that will work.
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Was this result after just 1 week? With a sheet a day? So good :) x
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You should see your doctor
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Hi, I have 3 claw scratches from my cat on my wrist, its was to deep but still left a ugly scar. Will scar away help fade it away
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Gel strips were recommended by my surgeon and so was the Dr Max Powers Scar Serum. Teh Strips did NOT work, but the Dr Max Serum did work. The scar does look better, and I could see a difference when I would remove the gel strip. Also, I would feel a faint stinging when it was on, which I felt meant it was doing its magic. IMPORTANT TO KNOW - you should use the serum TWICE per day. I saw a big difference when i used the dr max serum TWICE per day, not once per day.
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Hi Jack, you are supposed to leave the strip on for hours. However, with the scar being an awkward place on my foot, it would often come off without me knowing it.


I'm not sure how many strips come in a pack but, I have tons left. I don't have the packets with me anymore. 

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Wow nice work

How long do you have to leave the strip on?
How many strips do you get with the packet?

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Hi Tamie5, sorry to hear about your experience. I don't know what is or isn't normal as my experience with ScarAway was positive. From what I read in your response, you may want to see your doctor.

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I just stated useing the scar away sheets. The first morning when i removed it, i was freaked out. The scars were more noticeable for about an hour then my face went back to how it was. I don't know if i should keep useing them, is this normal? I have 2nd - to 3rd. Degree chemical burn on my face from a 30% tca peel. They look like rolling scars or like shallow marked acne spots. Should i keep using them. I have some red on my face but alot of white.
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