Plastic Surgery to Look Like Superman

MakenzieR on 3 Oct 2011 at 1:00pm

A man in the Philippines has had multiple cosmetic surgeries in order to look like Superman. 

Reporter Marie Lozano of Bandila news Tweeted this picture earlier as a teaser to her upcoming story:

plastic surgery to look like superman

With the translating help of Maureen F. from our doctor advisory team, we’ve been able to suss out some of the details of this story.  We’ll continue to update as we understand more.

According to the report, Superman wannabe Herbert Chavez, 35, has been going under the knife since 1995 to achieve his heroic appearance.  So far he’s had:


Speculated (just look at the before and after!)

In the segment, a psychiatrist (who has not treated Chavez) suggests he has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, meaning he's obsessed with making cosmetic changes to his body.

Chavez is said to be a pageant trainer -- though we’re not sure exactly what that means.  Our best guess is beauty pageants -- he does seem to have a thing about perfect looks.  He's also obsessed with all things Superman, as further evidenced by the memorabilia in and outside of his house. 

It’s not too uncommon for plastic surgery patients to request celeb faces or features.  But asking to look like a fictional character is different story.  However there are real actors who’ve portrayed Superman, and Chavez’s look seems to be an amalgamation of a few of them. 

Extreme plastic surgery like this has always been controversial.  Based on this photo, do you think Chavez took plastic surgery too far in his attempt to look like his fictional hero? 

superman plastic surgery

Photo credit: Bandila and Marie Lozano 

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He looks more like Michael Jackson.
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it looks like he just apply thick make up (remind me of promise phan), and maybe this news is made up by him...
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Thanks for nothing.
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He looks fine.

Does he look like Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill?


Does he look like Superman of the comic books? That is ... opinion.
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yes correct!:-)
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I think it's pretty amazing how people can completely alter their appearance. He looks nothing like he did before plastic surgery. I don't judge him one way or the other, but I think he has accomplished what he set out to accomplish, which was get everyone's attention. I honestly don't think he looks that bad.
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Mga ingit lang kayo is Lois.

He writes like a woman.
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I'm pretty sure he's happy or else he would have never gone through with it. He got the money to pay for it, he got it done, now he's happy. So don't worry for people who wants to be happy. :-) Don't even mention other people like Michael Jackson if he was happy or what psychologist might think is wrong with him because that's all irrelevant. Stick with the person who's happy to be like his idol Superman and just be happy for him. If you're not happy for him then maybe you have the problem. Maybe you need to see a psychologist or maybe you just envy him because he looks better than you or you just don't have the money to pay for a plastic surgeon. If not, then just be happy for him.
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I said, If he is happy, then fine.

Most people who undergo multiple cosmetic surgery are looking for happiness in the wrong places.
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You apparently know nothing or care nothing about body dysmorphia.

How on Earth do you know if this man is happy ... or not?
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Are you his Lois Lane? Why were you so defensive?
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He looks like Michael Jackson circa History album
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Clark Kent 2011,

And you're not Clark Kent ... 2011 or any year.

The man above is a human being. Why not try remembering that.

OK Lois?
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If the man is happy with himself, great.

But if a person continues to go to a cosmetic surgeon endlessly, then he or she is trying to fix something that cannot be fixed ... cosmetically.

The problem then is in the ... head.

The brain.

Body dysmorphia is a real mental disorder. People who suffer from it cannot help it anymore than a person with a brain tumor can.

Beyond that, what do you think about surgeons that continued to work on MJ's nose even when he had almost no cartilage left.

The first rule of medicine is: Do no harm. Many of these cosmetic surgeons know their patients suffer from body dysmorphia and should receive psychiatric help rather than an operation.
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By the way, Clark Kent is not an illegal alien.

He was legally adopted by the Jonathan and Martha Kent after he arrived from the planet Krypton.

Some might consider that Superman, his alter ego, is an illegal alien. But that do not know that he is Clark Kent who enjoys all the rights and privileges of an American citizen,

Clark Kent/Superman is as all American as apple pie.
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Michael Jackson never had Surgery....LOL It was skin bleaching because of alopechia. Or maybe just skin bleaching, which according to Kaypo is used to bleach little "liver" spots.... RIGHT?... Im gay but dont dress in drag. However, somewhere, more people do then you may think. This is the same fro almost anything you can imagine. Don't limmit the your thought of what people will do to themselves. It s scary just what can be imagined.
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If he is happy ... that's the question.

If he suffers from body dysmorphia, I doubt he is happy.

We don't that he has that disorder, but it is a fair assumption.

Was Michael Jackson ever happy despite going the surgeon over and over again?

Textbook case of body dysmorphia.
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Let him be what he wants to be. Judging the man is not your right. If it makes him happy then we should be happy for him. Anyway he's not hurting anyone.
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Then stay far away from cosmetic surgeons.
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Wow! I thought I was obsessed! I love superman, I have the bed sheets and covers too, but I don't want to look like the man.
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He looks like a woman in male drag.
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isnt superman white ???
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His skin color is depicted as white in the comics and in films.

But he is not a member of any human race because he was born on the planet Krypton.

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You can look like him as close as you can but if you can't fly your just wasting your time.
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