Plastic Surgeon Injects His Own Face [VIDEO]

A. Foley on 17 Aug 2012 at 9:00am


Dr. Rian A. Maercks, a Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon, recently took a new approach to try to prove his point. And we warn you, there are a lot of needles involved. Dr. Maercks is spreading his philosophy of “aesthetic facial balancing,” a procedure which uses a high volume of fillers like Juvederm to achieve a youthful, smooth look. Instead of using the typical one to two vials of filler that most procedures use, Dr. Maercks advocates using no less than eight to 10, and often more.

Recently, Dr. Maercks  decided to take matters (and results) into his own hands – literally. In an attempt to show that what’s often considered “overdone,” doesn’t have to look overdone, Dr. Maercks injected an alarming 35 vials of filler into his own face in the video below. The feat aims to support his claim that, with proper technique and appreciation for light and facial structure, doctors can wind the clock back on faces.

Beyond seeing what the face can sustain, one of the key takeaways from the clip is his line, “I now understand…” Going above and beyond proving a point about what fillers have the potential to do, Dr. Maercks had undergone a lesson in empathy – putting himself in the patients’ shoes, and understanding about the psychological and physical associations (like completely numb eyes) of the procedure.

Even with receiving standard amounts of injectables, RealSelf community members have experienced complications, such as eye bruising and extended swelling.


What are your thoughts on "aesthetic facial balancing?" Do you think higher doses are OK in the hands of professionals? Share your thoughts below!


video credit: the maercks institute 


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Hi, I am Angeline. It was great reading your blog. I think this is a very good service for the patients who had done surgeries in their face. This make them confident with their personality. So, in my opinion, it will be a great service to this generation.Thank you.
I just had juvederm injected into my "tear troughs" and dispite the small bruising under each eye- which is fading away now after four days- and my face looks more youthful, I don't have the tired, eyes sunken in and then that dark eyed look bcus of the contouring & less dramatic shadowing created between that curvature from the very inner eye corner that kind of slopes down & out with the downward fall/slant/sloping of the same inner side of the nose. Gosh it's hard to explain- I'm not a doctor but point is the filler smoothed out not just some of those little fine under eye lines... BUT it decreased that light to dark contrast from where light hits your nose to where the more hollowed in (or even sunken) under eye area appears more dark since it has the lesser prominence & further back in depth, does that make any sense to someone out there? Anyhow, dark eyes no more as before and my face overall looks more symmetrical & just naturally happy & healthy:))

A syringe of Juvederm tends to run about $500.

8 to 10 syringes would cost between $4,000 - $5,000.

Curious how long that will last you? In this Q&A you will see most doctors state the time varies from person to person, and what area was injected, but most say 4-6 months for the lips, and under a year for other areas.

To me, this idea seems it would be cost prohibitive to the vast majority of people.

Megan, You are correct, using Juvederm Ultra of restylane would not be very wise. I only use Juvederm Ultra Plus or Perlane which I consider to be analogous formulations of HA. These have a reported absorbtion of about 70% at one year. continuing this halflife curve you will see product is present for years. Newer evidence suggests what many of us have suspected for a long time, that large volume hyaluronic treatment actually has profound long term results. In slowly resorbed hyaluronic acid products, a large bulk of new healthy vascularity needs to develop in order to access and resorb product. This process now it seems involves local stem cell activation and vasculogenisis. I personally do not make big claims on this preliminary information however I will say that in patients I treat with 6-12 or more mL of HA product, their one year follow up still reveals a more youthful appearance then their pre-procedure pictures a year earlier. It is recommendations that my happy hyaluronic acid patients convert to fat grafting for a more complete, affordable and permanent intervention. Many of my patients, however, prefer to touch up here and there several times a year and take small steps without recovery accepting increased cost. Thank you for your comment! All the best, Rian A. Maerck M.D.