Can a Pillow for Breasts Fight Chest Wrinkles?

MakenzieR on 16 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

As the editor for the RealSelf blog, I get a lot of interesting press releases.  So when one came in for a breast pillow that reduces chest wrinkles, I had to ask our doctor community about it.

That's right -- you put the Intimia Breast Pillow on at night and wake up with a smoother, less-wrinkled decollete.  Sounds fantastic right? Well, don't get too excited. 

"If a product seems to good to be true then it probably is," says Cleveland plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Medalie"The pillow may be comfortable, so buy it for that reason. It is unlikely, however, that it will make much of difference in whether your breasts get wrinkles or not."

Intimia breast pillow chest wrinkles

The satin-y pillow-bra is also marketed with a wrinkle cream -- sold separately, of course.  Is it required for a noticeable difference? 

"The use of our cream is strictly complementary to the benefits of the Intimia Breast Pillow," Intimia creator Irene Komsky, R.N.  told RealSelf.  "As many women use a cream on their face, our cream is used to moisturize and revitalize the skin below the face."

So let's say the wrinkle-fighting aspect of this pillow (+ cream) might work.  Why would a woman strap this on in front of her significant other?

Komsky says it's worth the lack-of-sexiness: "Women already use ear plugs, teeth retainers, eye and face masks, and other types of health/beauty accessories at night. Women all over the world are using the Intimia Breast Pillow in front of their husbands and boyfriends. If she truly cares about her appearance or is seeking sleep comfort and/or pain relief, she wouldn’t be thinking twice about using [it]."

Hopefully we'll get a sample and have someone test it out.  At the very least, I'm sure my boyfriend would enjoy resting his head on it since I wasn't blessed with poofy pillows of my own.  Until then, consider this comment from Dr. Ernesto Hayn:

"Wrinkles come from loss of dermal and muscular thickness and volume. There are many ways to restore these with procedures; i.e. lasers and or therapeutic cosmeceuticals. It is unlikely that this bra does either of those things."

Do you think this pillow is worth the $70 price tag (not including the $30 cream)? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

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I think Intimia Pillow bra is worth $60 and more (the $70 price tag is incorrect). I've been using this product for more than two months now and I love it. My cleavage wrinkles has gradually disappeared and I sleep much better with the pillow on. What a great idea!
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I have been an Aesthetician for 34 years. Lines on the decollete area have always been an issue for many women. First of all, lines form on any area of the body due to constant compression which breaks down collagen. A smoker will develop lines around the mouth. Laughing, over time, causes wrinkles around the eyes. Frowning will cause lines between the brows...etc. Yes, Collagen will rebuild itself with the use of Lasers, Retinol products, Microdermabrasion, Glycolics and fillers. Collagen is a triple helical molecule...somewhat like three bed springs intertwined. Constant pressure will break collagen down. This pillow, which I purchased and use all the time, prevents the lines from forming. The pillow supports my breasts and keeps them from falling together which causes the wrinkles. As for "the lack of sexiness", don't confuse Sex with Prevention ! Have Sex and then put the pillow on for the night. I have never received anything but cute responses about the pillow. I have missed a few nights in a row and my decollete still looks smooth. Men are used to women doing all sorts of female things. This pillow is one of the BEST tricks you will ever have in your bag ! What is sexier ? Wrinkles on your decollete or a smooth youthful one ? Try's comfortable, washable and it WORKS !! This pillow has become the only gift I give my girlfriends !!
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Thank you for sharing, Silky & Smooth. I'm glad to hear this is actually working for people! If any of your friends love it like you do, we'd love for them to come on and tell us, too. 

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The best way to remove wrinkles - laser
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Chest Wrinkles?  Man, so much to think about....

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