New Filler Claims Better Lips and Smoother Skin

K. Mathews on 10 Jun 2012 at 9:00am

Belotero basic

Look out, Juvederm and Restalyne, there’s a new filler on the block. Belotero, which has already been approved for use in several European countries, recently received FDA approval for the United States as well. As the latest product in a growing market of fillers, here’s what you need to know:

What is it?

Beletero is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that temporarily treats wrinkles and fine lines, or adds volume to various body parts.

What makes it different from other fillers?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, who trains other doctors to use Belotero, says it is a smoother substance than its competitors, making it ideal for fine lines and lips. He says this also makes the injection less traumatic to surrounding tissue.

Moreover, the company says this filler mixes into the tissue so well that the treated region cannot be as easily felt as other products.

Where can it be injected?

Because of it’s smooth texture, dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer say Belotero is “well suited for very fine lines and wrinkles such as those above the lips or crows feet.”

It can be used for other lines as well. In fact, Dr. Beer has found that by layering it with heavier fillers he can produce a very natural result in deeper wrinkles.

How long does it last?

In the FDA double blind study, two out of three of the test subjects who used Belotero still had visible effects on the wrinkles 9 months after the injection. Most patients tend to schedule follow-up appointments six months to a year later.

As for how long the procedure lasts, a typical treatment takes about 20 minutes to administer.

Are there any side effects?

In test studies, patients did not suffer from any major side effects. However, minor side effects such as moderate bruising and swelling, which are not uncommon with filler use, were noted in some cases.

What does it look like?

Although it is too early to have many American doctors’ before-and-after photos, Dr. Beer shared this with us to show the results of Belotero to plump lips:

Belotero fillerbelotero filler

So far Belotero has two positive reviews from the UK -- if you've tried it, let us know!

Photo credits: Aleksandr Markin/Deposit Photos; Kenneth Beer, MD

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On 12/31/12 I had my tear troughs/sunken eye area done, what was left of the syringe was applied to my smile lines around my mouth, outer lower lip and the dreaded depressor anguli oris...those creases get deeper and more pronounced when I sleep on my side squishing my cheek and jaw. The sunken eye area has lasted and still looks great, however the other areas seemed to dissipate within a month. The depressor anguli areas "slid" out of the wrinkle and know I have a only noticeable to me lump under each crease. The lower lip was a lot softer than juvederm but again it seems the product has disappeared.
just got this today in plano at the american institute of plastic surgery in plano road in texas. soft, supple, no bruising, looks wonderful immediately. did i say soft and supple? i feel like scarlett johanssen

Where did you go in Plano?

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Do you happen to know if they actually got FDA approval for use around the eyes, or was it approved for the nasolabial folds and then will be used off label for other areas like other fillers?


Good question! From what I can tell from their press info, it was only tested on nasolabial folds (smile lines). I've reached out to the company for more info, and will post here when they get back to me. 

Interesting, since it sounds like the benefit from the doctor perspective is that it's differentiating factors are in lips and fine lines - smile lines seem pretty deep to me.

A Medspa in my hometown of Alexandria, VA is hosting an OpenHouse this Sat. June 16, with Belotero the featured "guest", with special pricing-buy 1 syringe, get the other 1/2 off. The photo accompanying the invitation shows 3 different levels that can be used - intense, basic, soft - wondering which product is best for the different areas, particularly the lips-which is where I want to have it injected

Hi maria51va-

I think that's a question best left for the doctors administering the product -- you can click here to submit it to our doctor community.

Thanks, Makenzie, for that suggestion - I've submitted my question to your docs!
Changes Plastic Surgery had the opportunity to preview this product. Belotero offers a great alternative for filling around the eyes and fine wrinkles of the face. The nature of the product allows spreading of the product without fear of lumpiness, one of the common complications of fillers. We're looking forward to being able to offer this to our patients.

Thanks for letting us know, Dr. Lee! It seems like only a few US docs are using it so far. Do you have any idea when it'll be more widely available?