Lip Injections Ruin Model's Life as She Becomes Internet Joke

Princess 19 on 13 Jun 2011 at 3:00pm

What happens when you and your doctor can't say "no?" You could end up horribly embarrassed by your face.

We've all heard of Lisa Rinna's battle with her years of lip injection use.  The actress finally reversed the effects via surgery last year (see below, right).  Recently, one California model discussed how her overzealous use of collagen on her lips ruined her life.

As reported by the Daily Mail, aspiring model Priscilla Caputo started using collagen lip injections to improve her looks and help her modeling career.  She never noticed the blatant changes to her appearance.  She always just thought she needed more and more improvement.

Lisa Rinna's lip reduction

"It's like when some fat people look in the mirror and they don't see a fat person. I'd look in the mirror and see somebody who needed a little more help, " said Priscilla.

As the story continues, she actually blames her plastic surgeon boyfriend for not stopping her from the continued use of the injections.

"He never said, "Stop, it's too much,"' she said. "So I just kept going."

It wasn't until Ms. Caputo, 30, posted pictures online that her obvious "before" and "after" ballooning results made her an internet joke almost overnight.  She became depressed and suicidal after realizing that her injection addiction completely altered her appearance negatively.  The modeling offers stopped.  She eventually went into therapy.

According to some RealSelf doctors, Priscilla's addiction is not uncommon. 

"There are specific psychological disturbances that cause people to seek cosmetic surgery, " says LA oculoplasitc surgeon Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir.  "The best recognized is a condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).  It is characterized by a preoccupation with minor or imagined flaws in appearance that causes severe distress."  He goes on to add, "These individuals often have multiple surgeries to address the problem with little satisfaction."

Priscilla Caputo before collagen  Priscilla Caputo after collagen injections

After all that she went through, would Priscilla do it again?  Her answer is no.

"I can't look at these pictures of myself without crying, but I'm willing for people to see them if it helps just one girl avoid the path that I took," she says. 

"Take it from me - you'll be much happier if you stay with what nature gave you."

Priscilla has since stopped any lip procedures and is slowly regaining her original lip proportion.

Lesson to be learned: know when to stop.

Do you think her surgeon is just as reponsible for her overdone look?

lip augmentation before and after


Photo credits:, Daily Mail