Is Megan Fox Lying About Botox? Photo Challenge

MakenzieR on 13 Jul 2011 at 3:45pm

Last week Megan Fox posted photos to her Facebook titled "Things You Can’t Do with Your Face When You Have Botox," likely to combat claims the 25-year-old is using the injectable to maintain her china-doll visage. 

Now doctors are disputing the legitimacy of said photos, and say the wrinkles she has are as "natural" as her pout. To me, they look pretty realistic, but there is that weird arc shape... 

So I thought "Gee, I'm 24, have taken great care of my skin (moisturizer and sunscreen since my early teens), have no wrinkles at rest and have never injected anything in my face... I wonder if I can make the same expressions she does?"


Taken with the front lens of an AT&T iPhone 4:

Megan fox Botox challenge

To be fair, my forehead lines were more prominent in the camera screen than in this picture. 

Megan Fox botox challenge

Hers looks legit. I need more lip gloss. 

Megan Fox Botox

My face wrinkles above the brow when I do this... again, not as visible in the picture as in real life.
+1 for Megan's defense?

And finally, the photo causing all the doubt:

Megan Fox Botox debate

Look closely -- I definitely have some curvy-square lines, but nothing as arced as Megan's. This face was me furrowing AND lifting my brows. Quite difficult, actually (you know you're trying it right now).

Botox before and after photosSo, fake or not fake? 

My guess is she had Botox, and it's wearing off. Particularly in the last photo, I could not make that face without my brows moving in weird ways, and hers stay firmly in place...

What do you think? Were Megan Fox's photos altered?

As a side note, photos taken with the back camera on my iPhone4 were much better quality, and highlighted more wrinkles. Based on Fox's grainy images, I'm guessing she used the front cam of a similar phone -- perhaps hiding some more lines. If so, you'd think she would've thought that through to prove her case...

Megan Fox botox debate


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I can't get past staring at her PERFECT eyebrows!  Haha.

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Thanks! Oh.. wait... ;)

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I agree with Maureen that she has probably had something done, but I don't know what it is. She seems to have a really tight face with a line running from her mouth up to above her ears, but I can't believe she'd have had a facelift at 25. Maybe that's just her weird, super-smooth facial structure.

Great research, Makenzie! Now stop making faces. You'll get lines at rest soon enough. :)

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The press just loves to try to catch people at getting cosmetic procedures done.  I doubt she has enough wrinkles at 25 to need Botox, but maybe it was for preventative maintenance??

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Yes, one thing I didn't mention... While doing this, it made me very self-conscious about my wrinkles when I make faces!!! Now, I don't care that much in the end, but I can sort of see why an actress who is photographed at every moment doing EVERYTHING might choose to have a face that makes NO expressions, rather than one that is over expressive and accused of wrinkles too young.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, I guess!

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I don't know if she's had Botox but I feel like she's had something done - not sure if it's fillers or Dysport or what - but her face doesn't look as natural as I've seen in the past.  In the end, does it really matter?  If she wants to do Botox - power to her!  And if she doesn't want to tell anyone, that's ok too!  But if she wants to come clean....she should use your blog as a platform!  :-)  afterall your pics are proving her point, right? 

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LMAO.  They should be!

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Oddly, interesting facial expressions have always attracted me to girls. ; ) I even decided against breaking up with my girlfriend once because I remembered this ridiculous look she would do (and I realized I wanted to see it again).
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; ) I have always been attracted to girls with "interesting" facial expressions. I even decided not to break up with my Girlfriend once because I remembered this goofy look she makes and it made me realize she's a great person.
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Wow, according to the date on this I managed to post it 2 decades before I was born.
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First off, I am REALLY jealous that I can't lift one eyebrow on its own.  I bet I could get so many more dates if I could do that. :/

Honestly, its a tough call.  I say YES though, I think she has had Botox.  Even with Botox, if you scrunch your face enough you will get some lines.  The small amount of lines she does have are not the natural lines showing up on your face. 

I found this article that mentions, as you stated, her Botox is probably wearing off in some areas.

Good lookin' out Makenzie!

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Well I can lift BOTH eyebrows alternately... and I still couldn't get a date in high school! Odd, guys don't seem too impressed with bizarre facial expressions.

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