10 Hilarious Health and Beauty Products From the ‘90s

Jager Weatherby on 30 Jul 2014 at 9:00am

Written by Adele Rayburn

90s Beauty Products

Ready to hop into a time machine and take a trip back to the ‘90s? We're right there with you. This was a magical era where bedazzled butterfly belly rings reigned supreme, frosted tips were considered sexy, and hi-larious health and beauty products ruled the world — many of which were "cucumber melon" scented.

Sure, the ‘90s was an epic decade for fashion and boy bands, but beauty products? Not so much. (Unless your favorite lipstick is Dr. Pepper flavored.) That being said, RealSelf has a soft spot for all things ‘90s, so check out our roundup of the top 10 most amazing health and beauty products from this totally rad decade! Also, feel free to read this list while clutching a packet of Bath and Body Works soap bombs.

1. Oxy 10

Who doesn't remember slathering good ol' Oxy 10 on their pimples every morning? More importantly, who doesn't remember this amazing commercial in which the most ‘90s-looking teens ever wake up with horrifying zits on their faces and "oxecute 'em." Sigh, if only hair tendrils were still in vogue...

2. Sun-In

Sun In Highlights
Back in the 1990s, Sun-In was everyone's go-to beauty trick for "natural" blond highlights. Sure, we had a love/hate relationship with the product thanks to that time it turned our hair orange, but this brand definitely has the best packaging ever.

3. Teen Spirit

This classic deodorant will forever be associated with Nirvana, and nothing beats that evocative smell. We'd take Teen Spirit over Old Spice any day — but only if it comes in totally righteous ‘90s packaging.

4. Bonne Bell No Shine Powder

No Shine Powder
Apparently, everyone in the ‘90s was super worried about being shiny, because we slathered Bonne Bell No Shine on our faces like it was our job. This pressed powder smelled great, worked wonders — and just look at that funky font! How can you resist its ‘90s siren call?

5. Noxzema

The Noxzema Girl (aka Rebecca Gayheart) is doing what she does best, ladies: aka looking flawless with permed hair and perfect skin courtesy of Noxzema, which (in case you need a reminder) claimed to be "better than soap." Yes, you can still buy Noxzema today… although Rebecca Gayheart has moved onto greener, less ‘90s pastures. (Namely, poppin’ out adorable babies with McSteamy hubby Eric Dane.)

6. Aqua Net Hair Spray

AquaNet Spray
Back in the 1990s, there was only one product we could rely on while styling our hair into a perfect prom pony: Aqua Net. Who knows what they put in the stuff, but Aqua Net held our feathered bangs in place for hours. And hours. And hours.

7. Sea Breeze Astringent

Sea Breeze Astringent
Sea Breeze astringent came in super handy after a long night of partying (aka listening to Now That's What I Call Music!), when you just wanted your face to feel fresh before snuggling in your *NSync bedsheets. Yeah, rubbing Sea Breeze on your skin left you with a mild burning sensation, but it was most definitely "the bomb."

8. Clearasil Clearstick

Picture this: You're at a ‘90s rave and suddenly feel a pimple erupting on your forehead. The horror! Luckily, you have your Clearasil Clearstick on hand. Just whip that bad boy out of your mini backpack, slather it on your skin, and you're good to go!

9. L.A. Looks

LA Gel
Our favorite ‘90s styling gel by far. This mysterious goo really came in handy when trying to coif our hair into mini buns and cornrows.

10. Lip Smackers

No ‘90s roundup would be complete without Lip Smackers, the delectable lip balm that moistened our kissers throughout fashion's most iconic decade. Our favorite flavors included 7Up, A&W Root Beer, and — of course — Dr. Pepper. All the flavor of being a girl.

What were your favorite products from the 1990s? Did we wish anything amazing on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credits: We Love the 90s Film Fest on Facebook; Sun-In via Amazon.com; Bonne Bell via ebay.com; Aqua Net via ChristopherHuffer.com; Sea Breeze via Amazon.com; L.A. Looks via HelloGiggles.com; Courtesy of LipSmacker.com