Heidi Montag Voted "Most Changed" Due to Plastic Surgery

MakenzieR on 27 Oct 2011 at 10:00am

Heidi Montag has been voted the "most changed" celeb after her massive amount of plastic surgery.

We ran a poll last week to find out who readers thing looks the least like their former pre-surgical self, and Montag came in first with Carrot Top and Donatella Versace close behind.  Check out the other nominees here.

At one point, Heidi may have been happy with the title -- with over 10 procedures done in a day she freely admitted she did not want to look like her former self, but rather her conception of the Hollywood ideal.

Heidi now regrets her surgeries and wishes she could go back to how she looked before.  While her facial procedures may be harder to undo, she has already stated she'll remove her large implants. While 67% of women on RealSelf say it's a worthwhile procedure, who knows if it will help Heidi feel like herself again.

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Photo credits: heidimontagfan.com and taloorswift.blogspot.com; People magazine

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She was sooo pretty in her before picture. She didn't need any work done. I think she just wanted to feel sexier, but she went overboard into the realms of Ice T's girlfriend...Coco, I think her name is. She looked naturally pretty before and wholesome...but ended up looking like a porn actresses. Who is going to take her seriously now?
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she looks ridiculous
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As the saying goes: Regret always come at the end... Well at least she can have her implants reduced. But for sure she wont be looking like her old self again.
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It's interesting that the person who "won" really didn't need any work, whereas most of the other nominees were older and trying to maintain the way they looked when they were younger. I personally didn't think Heidi looked "Most Changed" but she is definitely the "Most Unnecessary."

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She just went overboard with her surgeries, a clear body dysmorphia situation.

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