Girl's Getaway: Spa + Shooting Range

MakenzieR on 10 Nov 2011 at 9:00am

Nothing says relaxing and rejuvenating girl's weekend like a medi-spa, right? Facials, massages, nails, maybe a little Botox or filler, then -- BANG -- off to the shooting range!...?

You read that right -- In Your Face brings us the tale of a Texas ranch offering a "Botox and Bullets Get Away" for you and 3-7 of your closest gal pals.  

The promo for ”Just for girls” weekends at the Dry Hollow Ranch near Junction, Texas says: "Now women can enjoy a pampered weekend of Gourmet-Tex food and drink, and a complete range of spa services, gently combined with handgun instruction."

It seems like an unusual pairing, but the same woman who will teach you how to handle a handgun is a registered nurse who co-operates the local medi-spa.  

Botox and bullets girls getaway

With this special, she'll bring the treatments right to the ranch.

So ladies, if you have a fantasy of looking smoking hot while packing heat in your hidden garter belt, Ranch Goddess Kathy can help you earn that Texas Conceal Carry Handgun license and beautify at the same time.

Personally, I think this would make an enthralling next "Night of Beauty" episode for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Photo credits: jj.figueroa on flickr; Dry Hollow Ranch

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A lot of girls on my Facebook have said they would do it -- and we're all Northwesterners!

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Makenzie, You are right! We are getting excellent reception to this Just For Girls Weekend. It is a safe, non-threatening and comfortable way to get introduced to handguns, plus have a unique and fun girl weekend. And of course the spa treatments and food are great too! Be sure to go and like the Botox and Bullets facebook page...just do a search.
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I stand corrected. :)

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Do these really appeal to the same demographic? Texas is weird. ;)

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Full disclosure: I totally have that fantasy would be interested in this type of outing. :)

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