Tuberous Breasts: The Debate on Fixing "Snoopy Boobs"

Cathy Enns on 23 Dec 2012 at 9:00am

Any time plastic surgery comes up in the media it sparks a lot of passionate discussion. After writing an article on the subject, I discovered that a hot button issue for some women is whether or not tuberous breasts should be "fixed." 

Many with the condition suffer great distress and want nothing more than to achieve a “normal” look through breast augmentation.  Others feel that women should accept themselves as they are, and refuse to be influenced by media-promoted notions of the way we “ought” to look.

tuberous breast surgery

What are “Snoopy Breasts”?

Tuberous breasts form when “the skin of the lower half of the breast remains attached to the chest wall [and] does not grow with the remainder of the breast during puberty,” says Dr. Aaron Stone. As it develops, breast tissue is forced outward and downward in the shape of a tuber, or as some have pointed out, the nose of a certain lovable, cartoon beagle.

What’s the debate?

The anti-surgery side is fueled by terms the medical profession uses to discuss this condition.  Many plastic surgeons refer to tuberous breasts as “a deformity,” and given that the word means a deviation from the norm, it applies. But some women are understandably disturbed to hear their breasts referred to as “deformed” and the procedure that could change them defined as a “correction.”

Plastic surgeons agree that the appearance of so-called “Snoopy” breasts can be greatly improved through cosmetic surgery. In most cases, the surgeon releases constricting tissue and places breast implants below the chest muscle. Some women benefit from a breast lift as well, and some elect areola reduction as part of the procedure.

before and after breast lift

Negative reactions to my previous article ranged from irritation to outrage. Women wrote that surgery amounts to inserting devices into their bodies and pretending they have breasts. Some assert that the condition has been invented by plastic surgeons as a moneymaker.

Those who have chosen breast augmentation have much different comments. They share that their tuberous breasts caused them great pain, damaging their self-esteem and impacting their personal lives.  The most common input from these patients is something along the lines of, “I wish I would have had surgery sooner.”


There is no right answer, and it varies for everyone, but we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


Photo credits: Dr. Tom Pousti; Dr. Michael Law

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Tubular or tuberous breast deformity affects some young women during puberty, in one or both breasts.Women should know that tuberous breasts are more common than most people realize.Get the best consulting by Dr Kouerosh Tavakoli and read reviews about tuberous breast surgery in Australia, including case study, before and after photos, surgery and other necessary details. Dr Tavakoli
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I have snoopy boobs and I HATE THEM!! I've been insecure about my breasts since high school and after having our daughter, they are even worse. I'm only 29 years old and the thought of going the rest of my life with things getting even "droopier" is kind of sad. If a breast lift with implants can help me feel more feminine and happier with my body, then that's my choice. I would never tell anyone else what to do with their bodies, and I would appreciate the same respect. Bravo to the doctor's who want to help a woman love her body, but shame on the ones who begin to point out every thing else about her body that they think she should change!
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Tubular breast is not a deformity, just a different shape of breasts. That said, many women feel uncomfortable with the shape and in some cases it can be painful. I work for a cosmetic surgery company as a personal assistant and I meet women every step of the way from their first appointment through their recovery. I have met quite a few women who have had tubular breast and have been very unhappy with their bodies. It is one of the perks of my job; seeing the patient after their surgery/recover feeling happier, more confident and with a great sense of self esteem. Who cares that you are putting something foreign into your body, these days reputable implants are very safe and if having the shape of breasts you want helps you feel happier and more confident then heres to a better you!
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I just wish there were a way to "correct" it without using implants. People should be aware there are degrees of the deformity ranging from downward-pointing "Snoopy" breasts that have some fullness around the top, to "banana breasts" that are literally as narrow as bananas or even marker pens. I had the latter type of extremely narrow banana shape. There also tends to be a great difference in size between the two breasts and also size of the aereoli between the two breasts in women with this condition. I had the correction done almost 20 years ago and I do wish I could have avoided implants. I'm wondering now if I ever have the implants removed if fat transfer to the breast area has improved enough that it would be an option to giving me some breasts. I had very small breasts and the one that was larger had some tissue reduction by the surgeon, since all of the tissue was very poorly formed and in a bad location that it needed to be removed to get a rounder shape when an implant was inserted. I fear that if my implants are removed, I will be pretty much completely flat and possibly will even have some relapse to tubular form. The surgeon used tear drop implants to make them "work" better with the anatomic form of someone with a previously tuberous breast. It's not a fun condition to have. You feel very self-conscious and deformed before surgery, and self-conscious about having implants afterwards. Breast implants simply do not feel like natural breasts, particularly since most tubular patients require placement above the muscle.
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For tuberous breasts cosmetic surgery is best solution as tuberous breast seem odd and really there is need to plan cosmetic surgery to correct it Breast augmentation orange county
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While I would never have breast surgery for aesthetic reasons,I sure would if I had this condition and it was painful. I spent most of my life being teased (mostly by girls) about being flat chested. Really hard on the ego. Over the years I eventually morphed into a DD. Sadly it is a fact of life that women with larger breasts are treated differently.I can see why this condition might be an emotional issue not a vanity one. I'm totally in agreement with the "Who are we to judge" comment.
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It's funny, I think, how in school the developed girls sometimes tease those of us in the "itty bitty titty committee," but all my large-chested friends now complain about their size.

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It's nobody's business except for the woman. It's personal and if she is confident with herself with "snoopy boobs" great. If not, get 'em done. Who are we to judge?

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Good point, Alicia!

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