5 Plastic Surgery Records You Probably Don't Know

Anonymous_1 on 15 Apr 2011 at 3:00pm

For your education and preparation for your next trivia night, check out five World records in plastic surgery you should know...

1. First Plastic Surgery Performed

Although India was undertaking reconstructive surgery in 800 BC*, the first documented advanced plastic surgery was in 1917 -- a facial reconstruction. British Soldier Walter Yeo sustained terrible disfiguration after being wounded on a battleship, losing his upper and lower eyelids. Surgeon Sir Harold Gillies performed a skin graft. The surgery seemed to be worth it -- Walter returned to active duty after the surgery, at least for a while, until he received a medical discharge. 

2. Biggest Breast Implants

Sheyla Hershey biggest breast implantsSheyla Hershey biggest breast implants

A Brazilian-born Texas housewife held the distinction of largest breast implants ever. Sheyla Hershey went up to a 38KKK bra size (she had to go out of the country to get it). To her disappointment, she had to remove them in January 2011 due to infection. But she plans to reclaim her record after the infection heals (see video). 


3. Most Cosmetic Procedures (Barbie vs. Barbie)

Cindy Jackson most plastic surgerySarah Burge most plastic surgery

It’s debatable.

The official Guinness World Record holder is American Cindy Jackson (left), with over 52 procedures to date. But Britain’s “Real Life Barbie”, Sarah Burge (right), has had over 100 procedures and spent over £500,000. She has yet to be officially recognized, so we’ll let the ladies duke it out. At least they'll have good plastic surgeons to fix the damage!

4. Oldest Person to Have a Sex Change

Richard Ramsey oldest sex change Renee Ramsey oldest sex change

This distinction belongs to 77-year-old Renee Ramsey of New Jersey (born Richard). In 2009 she became the oldest recipient of gender reassignment surgery, transitioning to the gender she had felt since childhood.

5. Most Boob Jobs Performed by a Surgeon

Dr. Ted Eisenberg most breast augmentations

Congrats to Philly surgeon Dr. Ted Eisenberg, who holds the Guinness World Record for most breast augmentation surgeries performed in a lifetime -- nearly 3,500 [as of March]. Oh, and as a hobby, he’s taken up knife throwing.

Interesting fact: Dr Eisenberg doesn't meet the standards on RealSelf.com to participate in our expert plastic surgery Q&A.

Photo credits: (1) Wiki Commons (2) www.SheylaHershey.net (3) www.CindyJackson.Com, www.RealLifeBarbie.com (4) www.icpress.cn (5) www.worldamazingrecords.com 

Note from RealSelf:
We received a message that the previous statement about Renee Ramsey's sex change was seen as flippant and offensive, and would like to offer our sincere apologies for the lack of better judgement. RealSelf is a community powered by people who share a spirit of openness, compassion, and aspiration to be their best self. We applaud anyone's decision to realize their true self.

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#1 is frightening....we sure have come a long way!
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Oh come on, that is so ridiculous!!! However, I guess, to each is own......
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No thanks!!! Natural all the way 4 me... & my humps are lovely... to think that in my profesion this is the norm..I'm the only Aesthetician I know that hasn't got anything done not even lip fillers.
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Ok I'll find it....


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Hmmmmm there is a 1750 CC breast implant picture on our site that is pretty comparable...... ;)

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Gurrr you need to post a link to that! 

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I don't think either of these women has the largest implants, I was under the impression that Zena Fulsom owned that record, although I don't know if she still has them. Google her pictures, there's no way either of these chicks breasts come close to Zena's
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I'd never heard of her, but after seeing some very sketchy looking pictures this is what I could find, via Boobpedia 

"At first glance of photos Zena's ZZZ cup boobs, most would suspect that the photos had been "morphed", digitally manipulated for enthusiasts of the breast expansion fetish. In fact, not only are her photos not digitally manipulated, but her ZZZ cup breasts are not implants either. Rather, they don't quite belong to Zena - being latex moldings that she wears over her actual chest, comparable to movie props that actors wear in films. Soon after the word was spread about her breasts being confirmed to be prosthetic, her career was almost instantly over amidst massive disapproval and disdain from her audience, especially in Gent Magazine."

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Sheyla Hershey is apparantly NOT the record holder for largest breasts! I give you... 

Maxi Mounds (42M)

Maxi Mounds

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